Who did it: The Flintstones or the Beatles?

Can you tell the difference between Fred and the Fab Four?

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They were two of the biggest pop culture phenomena to come out of the Sixties — the Beatles and the 'Stones. The Flintstones, that is!

And they have more in common than you think, beyond airing cartoons on the same network.

See if you can tell the two apart!

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  1. They were in a band called The Quarrymen.
  2. Who wrote this rhyme: "Your shell-like ears / Your dainty hands / And eyes so black / Like frying pans"?
  3. Who launched a breakfast cereal in 1969?
  4. Who recorded the song "Rockin' Bird"?
  5. Who had a musical alter ego named "Hi Fye"?
  6. Who had a musical alter ego named "Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington"?
  7. Who recorded the song "Open Up Your Heart (And Let the Sun Shine In)"?
  8. Is this supposed to be the Beatles on 'The Flintstones'?
  9. Which two cartoon characters were voiced by Paul Frees, the cartoon pro famous for voice Boris on "Rocky and Bullwinkle"?
  10. Which cartoon premiered on ABC on September 25, 1965?
  11. Which fellow appeared in a movie set in "One Zillian B.C. - October 9th."

Who did it: The Flintstones or the Beatles?

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