Who did it: The Flintstones or the Beatles?

Can you tell the difference between Fred and the Fab Four?

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They were two of the biggest pop culture phenomena to come out of the Sixties — the Beatles and the 'Stones. The Flintstones, that is!

And they have more in common than you think, beyond airing cartoons on the same network.

See if you can tell the two apart!

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  1. They were in a band called The Quarrymen.
  2. Who wrote this rhyme: "Your shell-like ears / Your dainty hands / And eyes so black / Like frying pans"?
  3. Who launched a breakfast cereal in 1969?
  4. Who recorded the song "Rockin' Bird"?
  5. Who had a musical alter ego named "Hi Fye"?
  6. Who had a musical alter ego named "Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington"?
  7. Who recorded the song "Open Up Your Heart (And Let the Sun Shine In)"?
  8. Is this supposed to be the Beatles on 'The Flintstones'?
  9. Which two cartoon characters were voiced by Paul Frees, the cartoon pro famous for voice Boris on "Rocky and Bullwinkle"?
  10. Which cartoon premiered on ABC on September 25, 1965?
  11. Which fellow appeared in a movie set in "One Zillian B.C. - October 9th."

Who did it: The Flintstones or the Beatles?

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gwade_mcg 14 days ago
10/11... Big Beatles fan... Love that you guys brought back the Flintstones too. I remember rushing home after school so I wouldn't miss it. Lol
cperrynaples 16 days ago
Just saw Girl's Night Out and turns out that it links both 4 and 5! Yes, Fred became Hi Fye when he made that recording! I always thought the "square" joke was stupid, but the Col. Parker takeoff saves the show! Also, Fred's pompador is an hoot, sorta a cross between Bill Haley and the Big Bopper!
Moonpie 16 days ago
I'd love to see the Beatles cartoons again!
cperrynaples Moonpie 16 days ago
Yea, they were funny even though it wasn't really the Fab Four's speaking voices!
DIGGER1 20 days ago
Who did it: The Flintstones or the Beatles?
You got 9 out of 11
KellyShort 21 days ago
Who did it: The Flintstones or the Beatles?
You got 11 out of 11
MrBill 21 days ago
9/11; I blew a couple of questions because I went thru it too fast.
MrsPhilHarris 21 days ago
9/11 Thought I would have gotten the all.
RobCertSDSCascap 21 days ago
#3- Bowl in the top right corner. The others are Trix, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks.
Odd releasing a cereal 4 years after the original show ended.

#7- In a dream sequence.
Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm Singing Songs Of Christmas IS a real album.
DouglasMorris 22 days ago
7/11! missed numbers 6,8, 10 and 11.
harlow1313 22 days ago
Does the MeTV writer have rocks in his head? Every hipster in Bedrock knows that they weren't The Beau Brummels, they were the The Beau Brummelstones.
teire 22 days ago
7/11, a few were pretty dumb mistakes on my part. Sorry Fred.
RobCertSDSCascap teire 21 days ago
Just dew what you can dew.
Anybody remember when Welch's jelly jars were also Flintstones glasses? We had a few until they broke!
Yes, and I had the Looney Tunes glasses, too.
John 22 days ago
8/11 I am such a rock head :-(
RobCertSDSCascap John 21 days ago
Cheer up! Have a Rock Ball.

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