Would Ben Matlock or Perry Mason defend you?

It's a journey to find your attorney.

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Two famous defense attorneys from two separate decades, each with his own unique interpretation of the law. One practiced in Atlanta, while the other set up shop in Los Angeles. Despite their differences in setting, both Matlock and Perry Mason featured attorneys who went above and beyond their job descriptions.

Let's pretend, for a moment, that you've been caught up in some great scandal and now stand accused of a crime. Of course, you know you didn't do it, but you still face possible conviction in a trial of your peers. So, which attorney do you want to defend you? Find out which lawyer you should consider having on retainer!

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  1. First of all, can you afford your defense attorney?
  2. Where would you prefer your lawyer focus his efforts?
  3. Which personality type do you prefer?
  4. How would you like your attorney to approach your case?
  5. Would you be impressed if your lawyer had also appeared in movies?
  6. How important is your attorney's record?
  7. What appeals to you more in a mystery?
  8. How important is a familiar face?
  9. How important is a diploma?
  10. Would you prefer a team leading your case, or a singular advocate?
  11. Last question: What are your feelings regarding the ukelele banjo?

Would Ben Matlock or Perry Mason defend you?

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Dario 2 months ago
Matlock, eh? I rather have Perry Mason and Andy Taylor defend me than Ben. 😜😝😆
trogg888 3 months ago
Of course mason.ive lived in tenn most of my life and i could not stand to have a home spun mouthpiece.sorry ang.
BorisK 3 months ago
Perry, and only Perry. If I need a homespun ol' dude to tell me stories by the cracker barrel I'll hire Matlock.
graceful1970 3 months ago
You'll be out of here in no time, because you're being defended by Mason!
Jacki 3 months ago
Matlock; I would have preferred Perry Mason.
wanderer2575 Jacki 3 months ago
Same with me. I'd better start writing out my will and last rites.
Zip 3 months ago
I got Perry Mason.
By some of my answers I thought I might get Ben Matlock.
But I think it was the "professional" answer that got me Perry.
kkvegas Zip 3 months ago
I said "professional" and I got Matlock. I would have preferred Perry.
obectionoverruled 3 months ago
Sorry but after 10 years or so of playing set up man for Barney Fife and his crazy antics, I never bought the Matlock role for Andy and dismissed it as pap. No comparison in his miscast effort to dethrone or update Perry Mason. Raymond Burr had Erle Stanley Gardner’s super lawyer PM down pat. Thjs show had fans dying to know if Perry was sleeping with his go to paralegal and numero uno assistant Della Street, who was always immaculately styled and wearing the latest Paris fashions in their high class LA skyscraper office. Or was it Paul Drake who was making the score? What a stiff, decked out in those checked sportscoats, smoking Winstons like a chimney and always hopping in or out of a convertible Thunderbird. Perpetually confounding and out dueling the world’s losingest prosecutor ever, Ham(ilton) Burger, Perry always wound up his post-victory huddles with his team in some posh bar or restaurant, recapitulating the clue that broke the case and won the day! The big unknown it seems in almost every episode was: who took Della home, Perry or Paul?
Bapa1 obectionoverruled 3 months ago
Lt. Tragg. It was always Lt. tragg.
I read somewhere recently that the guy playing paul drake was originally picked for the part of mason.anybody know anything more of that.
George58 3 months ago
I got Matlock. But I would much prefer Perry Mason & #1 detective, Paul Drake working on my case.
George58 George58 3 months ago
Forgot to mention that at least Perry had different suits to wear. Where as Matlock wore the same damn suit all the time. Couldn't he afford a wardrobe??
Stoney 4 months ago
I got Perry Mason. A little surprising, but oh well.
Runeshaper 4 months ago
You'll be out of here in no time, because you're being defended by Matlock!

Well put my leg in a tea kettle! You get to be defended by good ol' Ben Matlock!
CoreyC 4 months ago
The new Matlock with Kathy Bates as Matlock is a sacrilege.
JHP 4 months ago


If I won - then the $$$ I would get would be spent on a steak din din for the whole gang (hell even H Burger and Tragg) but then a slow dance with Della....
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