You were the ultimate '80s family if you owned 18/28 of these electronic gadgets

See how much totally '80s stuff you had!

The Eighties were an age of rapid technological advancement. It was also an era of consumerism. Think of all the stuff that was introduced that decade, from video game systems to cordless telephones. Every aspect of our life — entertainment, work, school, dining, whatever — was touched with some form of new technology.

When we think of the following things, we think of the 1980s. Owning all these electronic gadgets did you not make you better, but it certainly made you more Eighties!

Check the following items off the list if they could be found in your home. If you have 18 or more, you were a totally '80s household!

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  1. Did you own a VCR in the 1980s?
  2. How about a camcorder? Did you have one of those in the 1980s?
  3. Did you have a device that did nothing but REWIND VHS tapes? (Give yourself a bonus point if it was shaped like a sports car!)
  4. Did you have an answering machine in the 1980s?
  5. Did you have a cordless phone with a retractable metal antenna in the 1980s?
  6. Did you have a novelty telephone shaped like a hamburger or ketchup bottle or Mickey Mouse in the 1980s?
  7. Did you have a tiny pocket television in the 1980s?
  8. Did you have a pager, a beeper or one of those giant mobile telephones in the 1980s?
  9. Did you have a Nintendo Entertainment System or Atari 2600 in the 1980s?
  10. Bonus point if you owned a Coleco Vision or Intellivision in the 1980s!
  11. Did you own a digital watch that also doubled as a video game, calculator, radio, or something else?
  12. Did you own an alarm clock with faux wood paneling and red LCD digits?
  13. Did you own a radio that did nothing but tell you the weather in the 1980s?
  14. Was there a crimper in your house in the 1980s?
  15. Did you own a microwave in the 1980s? (Give yourself a bonus point if it had a dial or knob.)
  16. Did your house have an electric trash compactor in the 1980s?
  17. Did you have a plug-in air popper to make popcorn in the 1980s?
  18. Did you have a primitive home computer in the 1980s?
  19. Did you own a dot matrix printer in the 1980s?
  20. Did you own a universal remote in the 1980s?
  21. Did you own a Walkman or any kind of portable cassette player in the 1980s?
  22. Did you own a boombox in the 1980s?
  23. Did you own a keyboard in the 1980s?
  24. Clap on! Clap off! Did you The Clapper in the 1980s?
  25. Did anyone in your family have a Power Wheels in the 1980s?
  26. Was there a Speak & Spell in your home in the 1980s?
  27. Did you have radio-controlled toys in the 1980s?
  28. Did you have a Simon game in the 1980s?

You were the ultimate '80s family if you owned 18/28 of these electronic gadgets

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idkwut2use 6 months ago
23. I was only born in '87, but we/I had that many in the 90s. Still have over a dozen. (The novelty phone is Garfield and we used to have a dancing Elvis one that sang Hound Dog. I want a pink Poodle one, omg..!)
WillieLPurifoy 9 months ago
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BrianMoore 9 months ago
Well, it says I'm pretty 80s. Then again, my family wasn't rich, so a lot of these things we couldn't afford.
ELEANOR 9 months ago
You know that alarm clock with faux wood paneling and red LCD digits? We have one -- that probably dates from the 70's. And you guessed it, it's on its last legs. The radio part is doing a Rice Krispies thing, you know a lot of snap, crackle, and pop. After many years of service, it will finally be unplugged and sent off to the dump.
Corey ELEANOR 9 months ago
The 70's most common digital clock was not digital but had rotating numbers on plastic.
anthony 9 months ago
Not many people had Camcorders the 80's.If they did it was probably late 80's.I bought my first one around 1993 and I paid like $900 for it.I did rent one in 1989 on a Disney World vacation.It was like $25 a day,and yeah it was like the one pictured.You had to put it on your shoulder to hold it with one hand.
Runeshaper 9 months ago
You had 16 out of 18
Honestly, even if you just had one of these things, you were pretty '80s.
Barry22 9 months ago
10/18, some of these were toys, and I didn't have kids yet. I will tell you one thing I had, and I bought it in 1987 from K-Mart. A Toshiba CD player. Thought I was so cool.
DaveBunzel 9 months ago
Your daily dose of MeTV idiocy: 12 of 18, but there were 28 questions, and 28 listed in the title. These people can't even count!
Misha 9 months ago
Why are all of these questions written in the past tense? If you owned something in the 1980s, wouldn't you still own it?
RobCertSDSCascap Misha 7 months ago
Not if it's broken or obsolete.
teire 9 months ago
Had a few of these in the 80s timeline, but some we didn’t have til the 90s, some we never had. And some we still have.
anthony teire 9 months ago
Couldn't have said it better my self.👍
Moody 9 months ago
I scored 16/18. I had no idea how much of that stuff I had back then! I kind of miss the 80s though.
TVFF 9 months ago
I still have a working Commodore 64 computer and a dot-matrix printer although I never use them.
Amalthea 9 months ago
My Simon was a Pocket Simon...does that count?
Wells 9 months ago
We paid $800 for our first VCR. My wife didn't want one until I told her she could record General Hospital (Luke & Laura were an item back then). We had a lot of these items: answering machine, cordless phone, camera, video games. Today, they're just memories of the olden days.
Remember the joke comics would tell about not being able to get the VCR to stop flashing 12? I know that was a problem for a # of people I remember hearing their complaints about it, that they could never figure it out. Were you able to get yours to stop? I remember I was able to get it to stop, but when I did, I couldn't have told you how I did it!
Oh yeah I remember that.😂 A lot of comics came out of the 80's. Had a stand up comedy boom,which kind of died down in the 90's and only in the last 5 or 10 years has picked up again.Funny when you mentioned comics the first thing I actually thought of was,I think it was called dial a comic or dial a laugh.They actually had a phone # you could call and a guy would tell you jokes for a minute or two.Were we entertainment deprived before the internet or what?😂
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