12 vintage workout album covers you have to see to believe

Would you take fitness advice from Miss Piggy?

Before you bought a VHS, one of the only ways you could workout at home was by listening to vinyl. The notion seems so antiquated now, but there was a huge market for workout vinyls beginning in the 1960s through the 1980s. Of those vinyls, we found some that were, let's say, pretty peculiar. Did you own any of these?

1. Isometric Exercising (1961)

Exercising without moving a muscle? Sounds like my kind of workout!

2. How to Keep Your Husband Happy (1964)

Forget working out for personal fulfillment, work out to please your spouse.

3. Slenderide (1970s)

It looks like this workout will take you on a journey through space and time. 

4. Musical Plan for Reducing (1977)

Reducing what, exactly?

5. Bend & Stretch (1978)

See, children's fitness didn't start this century. Who could be a better fitness guru for kids than a limp doll? 

6. Jazz Dancing (1977)

Get those moves like Bob Fosse.

7. Roller Dancing (1979)

It was only a matter of time before roller skating showed up on this list.

8. Flashbeagle (1984)

It looks like Snoopy joined the fitness fad in the 1980s by channeling Jennifer Beals.

9. Believercise (1982)

Working out to gospel music has never looked more appealing. 

10. How the Waist Was Won (1982)

We think this country music workout involved a lot of line dancing. 

11. Miss Piggy's Aerobique Workout (1982)

Would Jane Fonda approve of Miss Piggy's workout? It includes no heavy lifting, no getting out of breath, and no messing up your clothes. 

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Body Workout (1984)


Get a body like Arnold's with this low-intensity workout. 

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