Burt Ward and his wife lived with nearly fifty dogs in their house

"I was the Caped Crusader, but now I'm the Canine Crusader."

Did you know that in addition to saving and protecting the lives of Gotham citizens, Burt Ward also took it upon himself to save the canine population of the world?

According to an interview in The Daily Oklahoman, Ward and his wife, Tracy, founded Gentle Giants, a dog rescue. In addition to saving dogs, Ward and his wife also worked to find their furry friends loving homes and families to take care of. Ward spoke of his work, and joked, "I was the Caped Crusader, but now I'm the Canine Crusader."

At the time, Ward stated that Gentle Giants had rescued over 15,500 dogs in their 22 years running the rescue. However, the Wards not only opened up their hearts to these dogs; they also opened up their home. The article revealed that Ward and his wife shared their five-acre property with up to fifty dogs, many of them larger breeds.

Apparently, the dogs' food alone cost about $14,000 a month. The Batman actor said that because their business is a charity, he and his wife take nothing of the donations and adoption fees for themselves. He said, "We pay for everything and take no salary. This is our charity."

To share your home with up to fifty dogs sounds like it can be a bit of a handful, even for the Boy Wonder, but Ward wasn't deterred. He said, "Right now, we have 24 dogs between fifteen to twenty-six years old! But there's nothing magical; it's all based on quality and science."

Moreover, the article maintained that Ward and his wife shared a passion for the work they did, and the dogs they did it for. He said, "In our hearts, we know it's really important what we're doing. We're involved in other charitable work, but this is our daily hands-on cause."

Burt Ward: A hero to people, and dogs.

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Pacificsun 6 months ago
I believe that for a while they either sold or promoted a brand of dog food.

Nothing wrong with that of course;
PierreKhoury 6 months ago
I bet his house stunk like everything! That is too many dogs to have in your house!
cheryl1725 PierreKhoury 6 months ago
Not if you know what you are doing.
#1. They lived on a ranch.
#2. They probably had people working for them. You can't take care of that many dogs without some sort of help.
I have a friend who has 10 rescue dogs & if you walked into her home, you would never know it. And her dogs are pugs & they shed something awful. Her house is cleaner than mine & I have one dog.
Charlotte 6 months ago
What a wonderful & kind heart they have. Those animals are so fortunate...high five!
Snickers 6 months ago
I find it's just great that Ward and his wife are willing to do so much to help animals in need. Bravo boy wonder and thank you.
justjeff 6 months ago
"I was the Caped Crusader, but now I'm the Canine Crusader."...

No, Burt - YOU were "The Boy Wonder"...Adam West was "The Caped Crusader"... I'm amused...
justjeff justjeff 6 months ago
Coldnorth: I know you'd replied, but once again your reply was nowhere to be found!
Runeshaper 6 months ago
That is truly wonderful and I LOVE this article! Thanks to Burt and his wife for all that they have done to take care of these dogs and thanks to MeTV for sharing!!! (-:
Bapa1 6 months ago
Batman: "WTH happened to my Batcave!? Robin!!!!!!" When Arrow did it's series finale, Ward made a cameo walking a dog as a resident of Earth 66
cperrynaples Bapa1 6 months ago
Wasn't his line something like "Holy time warp!"?
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