Collector's Call with Lisa Whelchel returns for a brand-new fifth season on April 7th

This season, Lisa explores collections revolving around Weird Al, Pearl Jam, Survivor, and more.

In the past four seasons of Collector's Call, we've watched Lisa Whelchel visit collectors with treasure troves of memorabilia from KISS, Barbie, Doctor Who, spy gadgets, and more. Now with a brand-new fifth season, Lisa is back to explore more incredible collections — and offer them a tempting trade!

Lisa Whelchel, fondly remembered for her role as Blair on The Facts of Life, returns as the host for the fifth season, which arrives on MeTV on Sunday, April 7 at 6:30P | 5:30C! In each half-hour episode, Lisa will go into the home of a collector with an expert appraiser, exploring the treasures each collector has gathered over the years and hearing the stories behind them.

Each episode, our collector will be offered a trade between a beloved item of their collection and a brand-new coveted trophy. Will they make the trade? It's the collector's call!

This season Collector's Call celebrates their milestone hundredth episode and dives into collections celebrating Weird Al, Pearl Jam, pizza, Survivor, and more.

“I feel so fortunate to travel across the country and meet collectors with fascinating stories and a true passion for their incredible collections, which often trace back to childhood and a cherished memory,” said Whelchel. “There are many collections still out there to explore, and we are excited to continue the hunt with this brand new fifth season on MeTV!”

The season kicks off with one of the largest collections in private hands! With fabulous screen-used TV costumes, props and vehicles from the 60's and 70's, Stewart Berkowitz will show Lisa some of TV’s most loved screen-used costumes. There's Barney Fife's costume from The Andy Griffith Show, both William Shatner’s Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock costumes from Star Trek, Batman '66 costumes with all your favorite villains, and even an entire onstage TV set from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that was Stewart's holy grail. Joining Lisa and Stewart is expert Marcia Tysseling, who has spent years honing her expertise in the world of memorabilia and will help value Stewart’s amazing museum-like collection. And, Marcia brought an item she knows Stewart will lose his mind over, but will her ask hit below the belt?

Don't forget to click that "remind me" button below so you don't miss a second of the fun. Can't wait for April 7 to get your Collector's Call fix? Play Collector's Call Shuffle in the MeTV arcade now!

Watch Collector's Call on MeTV!

Sundays at 6:30 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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nd1irish 3 months ago
Great news. Love Lisa. Fun show.
Rick 3 months ago
Great show. Of course, I like the episodes that have something I'm particularly interested in (The Monkees, Batman) than others. I wish MeTV would air it some other time besides Sunday night at 6:30. I mean, if they want to keep it there, OK, but they could also run it at a second time.
GioLovesMash 3 months ago
i hope that tags come back for tags FANS
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italianrose74 timothys71 2 months ago
That is the age old debate on here about Mash. However, it is a fan favorite for a lot of people. I would rather them focus on scheduling different shows in the evening prime time around 8pm and such.
I agree Mash Maydays is a great way to honor our veterans for Memorial Day.
i hoppe kinger week too but he on the 50th of mash
M*A*S*H: The Best by Farr but do for may for june do mash maydays 2024
is so wird that metv did not him on thre i kike it but i hope and sunday block will at 11-6
i hope that metv is platting this summer
I hope they bring the Sunday Block Party back too, with more variety of shows that aren’t necessarily on MeTv.
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