Ellen DeGeneres credits a bunch of MeTV shows as she wins the Carol Burnett Award

Mannix might have been the funniest name-check of the Golden Globes.


The Carol Burnett Award for Achievement in Television has been given out just twice. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association first gave out the trophy in 2019 at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards. You can probably guess who won that one.

Who better to receive the first-ever Carol Burnett Award than Carol Burnett? Last night, on January 5, the HFPA handed out its second Carol Burnett Award to Ellen DeGeneres, honoring the comedian's work as a talk show host, sitcom star, and game show host. 

Ellen took time to first pay tribute to the trophy's namesake; Burnett clearly had a huge influence on her.

"I felt like I knew her," Ellen said. "We counted on her to make us feel good… and she delivered."

Later in her speech — a speech which comically poked fun at drawn-out acceptance speeches — Ellen named a handful of classic TV stars and series that shaped her sense of humor.

"Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore, Marlo Thomas," Ellen name-checked. "Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart… Mannix."

It was a charming speech overall. Take a look below:

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Nikola 55 months ago
CANNON....(William Conrad) and the legend Alfred Hitchcock
Joe 55 months ago
Ellen gave a great awards speech! I love when she's self-deprecating!
JoeGuenther Joe 52 months ago
Seventeen years is a long time. Her early stand up was truly influenced by Bob Newhart. Look up her first appearance on Carson.
MarikaMorelLewis 55 months ago
Unlike all those "influences" she's not funny !
Speak for yourself. I and many others think she's great.
That's OK. Neither are you. We could use less Marika Lewis.
Spiro MarikaMorelLewis 40 months ago
Yes she's despicable.
CmdVger CelticTwilight 30 months ago
"Speak for yourself." Er, I think that's what she is doing, but I agree with you, Twilight.
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