MeTV's Summer of Love event serves up 'Love Boat' specials and 'Love, American Style'

Catch a young Harrison Ford, a forgotten cartoon and the rare pilot of 'Happy Days' in our eight-week event.

Fifty years ago, thousands of young folk flocked to California to celebrate the Summer of Love. They were sure to wear flowers in their hair, as the hit Scott McKenzie song instructed.

Well, we won't ask you to tuck a daisy behind your ear for our "Summer of Love," but it certainly couldn't hurt. 

Starting this weekend, on July 16, every Sunday until Labor Day, MeTV sets sail with 90-minute The Love Boat specials and selected episodes of Love, American Style.

Tune in for two hours each Sunday at 5PM | 4C to see celebrities like Betty White, the Village People and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders cruise the seas. Plus, Love, American Style, the influential romantic-comedy anthology series, serves up gems like pilots for both Happy Days and an overlooked Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Harrison Ford! Burt Reynolds! Adam West! They're all here in MeTV's Summer of Love.

Check out the complete lineup.

Sunday, July 16

5–6:30PM The Love Boat “A Time for Everything"

Witness the first appearance of Vicki Stubing (Jill Whelan) — as well as comedic guest stars Soupy Sales and Jo Ann Worley.

6:30–7PM Love, American Style “Love and the Sack/ Love and the Trip”

Sonny and Cher redefine the love letter in "Love and the Sack," while Ann B. Davis (Alice from The Brady Bunch) experiments with grass in "Love and the Trip."

Sunday, July 23

5–6:30PM The Love Boat “The Secret Life of Burl Smith”

This 1979 voyage features Yankees legend Reggie Jackson, though nobody onboard believes it is really him. It is!

6:30–7PM Love, American Style “Love and the Television Set”

Just think, Happy Days was almost titled Cool and originally did not feature Fonzie. Also, there was a different Mr. C and Joanie, too. The pilot does have familiar faces in Ron Howard, Marion Ross and Anson Williams, who kick off a cultural phenomenon with this charming episode about the romantic lure of the television screen in the 1950s.

Sunday, July 30

5–6:30PM The Love Boat “The Caller”

Martin Short guest stars when Gopher decides to swear off women.

6:30–7PM Love, American Style “Love and the Image Makers”

Get a double dose of Gavin MacLeod, who stars in this final episode of the anthology series.

Sunday, August 6

5–6:30PM The Love Boat “The Major’s Wife”

Rah! Rah! The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders come aboard — all of 'em — along with David Cassidy and Robert Culp.

6:30–7PM Love, American Style “Love and the Great Catch”

The late, great Adam West of Batman fame plays… himself!

Sunday, August 13

5–6:30PM The Love Boat “The Horse Lover”

Who else but The Love Boat could pool together talents like Betty White, the Village People, Loni Anderson and Robert Stack?

6:30–7PM Love, American Style “Love and the Former Marriage / Love and the Joker”

Harrison Ford, shockingly young though noticeably Han Solo–like, plays a fiancé with cold feet in "Love and the Former Marriage."

Sunday, August 20

5–6:30PM The Love Boat “Two Grapes on the Vine”

Betty White returns, boarding the ship with Carol Channing, Tanya Tucker, Robert Guillaume and more.

6:30–7PM Love, American Style “Love and the Blue Plate Special / Love and the See-Through Mind”

Here's another Love Boat tie-in. Fred Grandy, "Gopher" himself, headlines in "Love and the See-Through Mind."

Sunday, August 27

5–6:30PM The Love Boat “Going to the Dogs” 

Indeed, canines come aboard in this episode, notably Tundra the Dog, a gorgoeous white pooch who became a minor celebrity in 1983. Oh, and Dirk Benedict of Battlestar Galactica is aboard, too.

6:30–7PM Love, American Style “Love and the Old-Fashioned Father”

This animated Hanna-Barbera short served as the pilot episode of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, which became the only primetime cartoon between The Flintstones and The Simpsons to last more than a single season! Tom Bosley voices the dad in this send-up of All in the Family

Sunday, September 3

5–6:30PM The Love Boat “Doc’s Slump”

The Pacific Princess heads north to the cold waters off Alaska.

6:30–7PM Love, American Style “Love and the Banned Book/ Love and the Boss' Ex”

Burt Reynolds stars in "Love and the Banned Book."

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