Obviously all the ladies loved Paladin in ''Have Gun – Will Travel''

"The dolls get all excited."

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If you were an avid watcher of Have Gun – Will Travel, and you didn't have a crush on Richard Boone's character, be honest, were we even watching the same show? There's absolutely nothing about Paladin that isn't charming. He's strong, he's rugged, he's handsome. He even makes that thin mustache look nice.

Before appearing in the lead role on Have Gun – Will Travel, Richard Boone was still a familiar face on television, as he had previously starred in the NBC series Medic. In the role of Dr. Konrad Styner, Boone had also attracted a fair following of fans, enough so that initially, some expressed disappointment when Medic ended and Have Gun – Will Travel began.

To those few, Boone offered this clever reply, according to the Santa Barbara News-Press: He stated, "I prefer doing a show that's on the air. I changed characters for the simple economic fact that actors have to eat, too."

In the new role of Paladin, Boone found that not only was the character he played different from his role in Medic but so was the manner in which his audience responded. Namely, Boone was happy to find that his character received an influx of female fans.

He declared, "It's fantastic. They say women in the audience outnumber men three to one and I can believe it."

Boone was also able to speak from a very recent experience. He remembered, "I walk into a Hollywood restaurant today and the dolls get all excited. I'm the same fellow, but believe me, they never looked twice when I was playing Dr. Styner."

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LoveMETV22 1 month ago
Liked when the theme song was used in
"Stand by Me".
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
There were TWO Paladins in that show. Do a Google image search for "Paladin Have Gun Will Travel" and almost all you see is the first Paladin. But I suspect that when the show was airing first-run, though the guys were digging the black outfit, fast gun play and fist fights, the ladies were noticing the SECOND Paladin, and hearing the poetry and philosophy.
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