Yvonne Craig explained that this was the biggest issue she had while playing Batgirl

It wasn't all Bat-tastic all the time.

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Playing a superhero seems like pure wish fulfillment, but the reality is actually much tougher than you might imagine. There are plenty of long hours spent filming, grueling physical stunt work, and let's not even get into the discomfort involved in wearing a superhero costume for a prolonged period of time.

While Yvonne Craig was and is one of our favorite Batgirl actresses, she was willing to admit to The Tallahassee Democrat that working on Batman wasn't all peachy all the time.

Before she became an actress, Craig had previously worked as a ballet dancer, a career she felt assisted her in winning the role of Batgirl. "I guess I was partially chosen because of my dancing background," she said. "Although I had only been able to dance in one movie with James Coburn, 'In Like Flint,'

While there was no dancing in Batman (besides the Batusi, of course) Craig's talent for movement lent itself well to the stunt work she'd be tasked with when playing Batgirl. "I did all my own stunts as Batgirl," Craig said. "Although I flunked physical education for three years straight in high school."

But her biggest problem with Batgirl didn't have anything to do with the physical stunts at all, but rather, Batgirl's less-than-heroic ride. "The most trouble I had playing Batgirl was with my Batgirl cycle," she said. "It was customized and weighed over three hundred pounds. The center of gravity was way off and I was constantly falling off of it."

But while the oversized cycle was a bit more than Craig was willing to handle, it didn't sour her entire experience in Batman. The actor said that she'd be interested in working on another series after her time on Batman had come to an end. "Yes, definitely, I would," she said. "I like the change in it. Although you play the same character each week, you get a fresh script to work with and new challenges all the time."

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15inchBlackandWhite 21 days ago
I thought she was going to say "getting out of that Batgirl costume when I had to go to the bathroom."
CortneyNicole 21 days ago
Good story of Yvonne Craig playing a role of Batgirl.
Runeshaper 21 days ago
It’s neat that Craig did her own stunts! The Batgirl 🦇 cycle sounds pretty annoying lol
MrsPhilHarris 21 days ago
How does one flunk P.E.? All you have really to do is show up.
ncadams27 22 days ago
Superheroes should have a summer uniform. Open collar short-sleeve shirt, no cape, shorts, casual shoes instead of boots.
TVvuer69 24 days ago
I always thought Yvonne Craig was the best Batgirl. Unlike the others (animated or otherwise), she had the wig to best complement her guise. No one would ever suspect the brunette Barbara Gordon would be Batgirl. Craig was also great in her role as the Orion chick in Star Trek. 😘
trogg888 24 days ago
I would think getting in and out of that costume would be the hardest part of that role.
BrittReid 25 days ago
Yvonne Craig great in all her work.
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