10 great movies in which animals attack!

Creepies, crawlies, and creatures causing chaos!

From creepy crawlies to giants from the deep, you can't go wrong with a movie about some creature wreaking havoc. 

Here's the deal, though... You've seen Jaws. So, we're not going to waste your time recommending it. These are "When Animals Attack!" movies that maybe you haven't heard of. Or maybe you've seen them all and you're an expert. If that's the case, please drop some further recommendations in the comments section below. Have fun, and be sure to share any thoughts and memories the quiz might spark! 

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1. The Deadly Bees (1966)


We'll give you one guess as to the kind of winged malice causing conflict in The Deadly Bees. This one is directed by famed cinematographer Freddie Francis, who collaborated with David Lynch on The Elephant Man and The Straight Story

2. Frogs (1972)


"It's the day that Nature strikes back!" So boasts the movie's poster. It also promises that the earth will be conquered in short order. "Today—The Pond! Tomorrow—The World!" Frogs is directed by the same guy that introduced the world to Cannon in a made-for-TV pilot movie.

3. Squirm (1976)


Here's a conundrum: You're making a movie where thousands of killer worms have to descend on a sleepy town to eat up all the townsfolk. How do you, the writer/producer, conjure up a way to get the worms out of the ground? Why, through freak electrical storms, that's how!

4. Grizzly (1976)


Here's a bear that doesn't need cocaine to make things downright grizzly. Grizzly from 1976 features an eighteen-foot grizzly bear attacking a state park and everyone in it. It's up to the local park ranger to save the day.

5. Kingdom of Spiders (1977)


This movie answers the age-old question "What if Captain Kirk was a veterinarian forced to contend with hordes of killer spiders?" William Shatner stars as Dr. Rack Hansen, plagued by migrating tarantulas!

6. Orca (1977)


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... along comes Orca, the terrible tale of a terrible whale. If you thought Jaws was scary, wait until you meet this killer of the deep!

7. Razorback (1984)


Directed by the guy who helmed Highlander and a ton of Duran Duran music videos, Razorback is no bore. This is, of course, of course, a pun, because Razorback is a BOAR! It's a wild killer hog movie! Enjoy!

8. Slugs (1988)


"They Slime. They Ooze. They Kill." So promises the poster from 1988's Slugs, a New Worlds Pictures production. It features a little-known director and little-known actors, and it is absolutely worth your time. Slugs: It's the most fun you can have while leaving behind a mucus trail.

9. Arachnophobia (1990)


Out of all the entries on this list, Arachnophobia has the best production value. That's because this creature feature was delivered by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. With that comes a Spielberg family feel when this new spider import causes chaos in a sleepy little town.

10. Crawl (2019)


This modern entry features direction from genre master Alexandre Aja, so viewers are in good hands. Crawl tells the story of a collegiate swimmer who must return home to rescue her father after a hurricane leaves Florida —and all its reptilian inhabitants— in disarray.

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bmoore4026 7 months ago
They forgot The Giant Spider Invasion, where Steve Brodie and Barbara Hale roll down a hill on top of each other at one point. Mystery Science Theater had this as an episode and when that part happens, they respond with, "And there goes the last shred of dignity."
leelee1009 7 months ago
“Night of the Lepus”! Rabbits destroy miniature houses, and ROAR!
ArchieB 7 months ago
I like horror movies but only heard of three of those.
Moverfan 7 months ago
Another movie that fits the theme (maybe) is Them!...'cause them's giant ants...
metvmegafan Moverfan 7 months ago
Phase IV is a 70s killer ant movie. Not a great one, but it fits with this list.
TheSentinel metvmegafan 7 months ago
Saw it once years ago - too esoteric, not all that great.
George58 7 months ago
#2 Frogs (1972). As I frog lover myself i always wondered why they called the movie Frogs when 99% of them shown are actually TOADS. Don't they know the difference between a Frog & a Toad? I guess not.
TownOfMayberry 7 months ago
The Deadly Bees and Squirm were riffed on by the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Squirm is one if my favorite episodes. Hilarious!
Bapa1 TownOfMayberry 7 months ago
MST3K could make any bad movie watchable.
Zip 7 months ago
Razorback is an awesome movie! I love the atmospheric settings and camerawork. Probably one of if not my favorite creature movie of all time.

I remember liking Orca but it was more than just an "animal attack" movie because they tried to make Orca seem more human in a way. Not like Jaws, who was just... a killer fish and you knew it and liked it that way.

Squirm I saw as a MST3000 episode so it was good in that way.
I do tend to like those silly creature movies as well. Bought Ice Spiders, which was one of those types of movies.
TownOfMayberry Zip 7 months ago
The Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode of Squirm is hilarious! One of my favorites. They also did The Deadly Bees. Rifftrax did Grizzly.
Karellen 7 months ago
What about Night of the Lepus? Giant killer rabbits. It is like Plan 9 from Outer Space, so bad that it's good.
WGH Karellen 7 months ago
Rory calhoun, awesome movie. I have the poster hanging in my man cave.
metvmegafan Karellen 7 months ago
It has Dr. McCoy, DeForest Kelley, in it.
retired2019 7 months ago
How about BUG with Bradford Dillman!
Deleted 7 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Karellen 7 months ago
The novel Dune was written in the early 60s, long before Mongolian Death Worm or Tremors.
7 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Crisco 7 months ago
I think I remember seeing Grizzly at the theater
harlow1313 7 months ago
"10 great movies in which animals attack!"

Great? I think not. Several of these films are MST3K and RIFFTRAX fodder.

I have a taste for bad films. I particularly enjoy "The Room" and "The Giant Gila Monster."
Andybandit 7 months ago
All those movies are good. The movies where the monsters look toys like, are funny.
Stoney 7 months ago
Crawl is under-the-radar good. I went in with minimal expectations and was very pleasantly surprised.
Bapa1 Stoney 7 months ago
Saw it, liked it.
MrsPhilHarris 7 months ago
I’ve see the bee movie and Frogs. Both were pretty bad.
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