Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Christmas cookie

It's time for another sweet treat quiz!

Cookies are an essential part of Christmas. As we all know, you're supposed to leave some for Santa and a glass of milk when he drops off gifts at your home. It's also common to decorate gingerbread cookies during this holiday.

We've asked you to pick a classic Western series character, and we'll suggest a pie you should bake, and now we're back with another sweet treat quiz. There are hundreds of cookie flavors, so we're focusing on just holiday cookies for this quiz.

Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Christmas cookie.

  1. Which Christmas present do you open first?
  2. Which film would you watch on Christmas day?
  3. How often do you bake cookies?
  4. What type of cookies do you prefer?
  5. How many ugly Christmas sweaters do you own?
  6. Do you follow holiday traditions? (ex. Decorating a Christmas tree, being the holiday host)
  7. Are you cooking a holiday feast on Christmas?
  8. Do you eat the candy canes on your Christmas tree?
  9. What meat did you grow up eating for Christmas dinner?
  10. Did you grow up with a cookie jar in your home?

Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Christmas cookie

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Irish 3 months ago
I got Sugar Cookies! Right on target! You know me well ☺️
Lillyrose 13 months ago
I got shortbread Christmas cookies. I've never eaten those. I like frosted sugar cookies.
Jacki 13 months ago
Frosted sugar cookies. Nope, I prefer butter cookies.
Snickers 13 months ago
Frosted sugar cookies. Nope. more of a oatmeal raisin kind of guy.
zathras 13 months ago
zathras zathras 13 months ago
2nd choice are snowballs. (Butter cookie dough with chocolate chips. After baking, cover them with powdered sugar)
SheriHeffner 14 months ago
They got it right. Frosted Sufar Cookies. I especially live the ones they sell with the frosting and the cake like cookie. But regular ones, I like crunchy Sugar Cookies.
philip22 14 months ago
I got your bread cookies I do not like them nothing beats oatmeal
Snickers philip22 13 months ago
Got that right!
hermanstein2015 14 months ago
I got Shortbread Hershey Cookies, I love them but nothing is as good as a good ol chocolate chip!
eyegor 14 months ago
Sugar frosted cookies? Nope. If chocolate chip is in there somewhere, lead me to them.
CicadasRdelicious 14 months ago
Gingerbread? Yeah, they're OK. But what I really love are chocolate rum balls with real rum. I bet those aren't on MeTV's choice list.
AnnieS 14 months ago
Frosted sugar cookies? I hate frosted sugar cookies. I hate the crunchyness and I hate the extra sugar on an already sweet cookie. They look nice though.
1958Model 14 months ago
Yess...Gingerbread Cookies!!! How did you know??? 😀
Bret 14 months ago
You love Shortbread Hershey Cookies. - No, I don't.
Bricat2001 14 months ago
I got gingerbread even thou i dont like them
Runeshaper 14 months ago
You love Frosted Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies decorated with frosting will always be your favorite holiday treat.

I honestly don’t think there is a cookie I won’t eat lol 😆
Snickers Runeshaper 13 months ago
Same here, never meet a cookie I wouldn't eat.
retro6 14 months ago
Shortbread Hershey’s cookies.
vharold 14 months ago
Got it right. I love gingerbread cookies and eat them all year long.
JeffPaul76 14 months ago
"You love Frosted Sugar Cookies" "Sugar cookies decorated with frosting will always be your favorite holiday treat." Not really, Chocolate Chip is my favorite, but I like sugar cookies too. And homemade Peanut Butter cookies are another favorite. They have to be soft.
Coldnorth JeffPaul76 14 months ago
My favorite cookies are the peanut butter ones I make
SheriHeffner JeffPaul76 14 months ago
I used to love Chocolate Chip cookies until I got burned out from eating them for years. I prefer Sugar cookies now. And Oatmeal Raisin with Walnuts. I also like Peanut Butter cookies.
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