Can you name these famous 'Laverne & Shirley' guest stars?

Many went on to star in hit movies and TV shows.

Laverne & Shirley ran for eight seasons from 1976-1983. During those years, a large number of actors and comedians who are now household names were just starting to hit the scene.

Here are twelve celebrities who appeared on Laverne & Shirley, sometimes in multiple episodes but often in just one.

Can you recognize all these famous faces?

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  1. This guest star is famous for his voice work on 'The Simpsons.'
  2. She was on a 1960s sketch comedy show. It's...
  3. Speaking of sketch comedy, which original cast member of Saturday Night Live is this?
  4. This comedian went on to host which late-night show?
  5. Who's that beatnik with the hat on?
  6. Who is that next to Laverne?
  7. Can you name this guest star?
  8. Which member of Monty Python is that on the far right?
  9. This actor would soon star in which movie?
  10. Who is that on the right?
  11. This actor would later be cast on which sitcom?
  12. It's Carrie Fisher! But was this before or after the world knew her as Princess Leia?

Can you name these famous 'Laverne & Shirley' guest stars?

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Suzyt40 14 days ago
Yes 12 of 12! On who guest on laverne and shirley
kimmer 22 days ago
9/12....not bad for being Lenny and Squiggy
Lacey 26 days ago
12/12 Wow, some of these are amazing.
Allison 27 days ago
11/12. Got the Month Python guy wrong. Never watched Monty Python.
Laura 29 days ago
11-12 Yeah, jumping all the way!😁
RAMa 1 month ago
Really surprised myself. I got them all right!
MarkSpeck 1 month ago
10 out of 12. Didn't recognize Harry Shearer or Anjelica Huston.
Catman 1 month ago
10/12 ... I knew most of the names without the multiple choice list. But they got me on Harry Shearer, because I only know the voice, and the Carrie Fisher one because ... time is not my strong point.
AllisonWunderland 1 month ago
Wow! 11/12....Did WAY better than I expected 🤗
ELEANOR 1 month ago
6/12 -- that's pretty good since I'm not up on the current or semi-current stars, and never really watched Laverne and Shirley.
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