Do you know what show Dennis Hopper is in?

The several small roles Hopper had in his career certainly added up, helping him become a household name for six decades.


The acting career of Dennis Hopper, who had over 200 credits to his name in nearly 65 active years in the business, began in the mid-Fifties with an appearance in the anthology drama Cavalcade of America

As the years went on, Hopper racked up plenty of experiences as a character actor in several types of roles. From a young actor in the pilot episode of The Rifleman to his lead role in the in the 1961 movie Night Tide, Hopper became a household name not only in film but across classic television with guest star appearances. 

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Can you tell what show Dennis Hopper is in from these images below? 

Good luck! 

  1. Can you tell what anthology show he's in here?
  2. Here, Hopper's character takes in a horse in what Western series?
  3. Here he takes a rest in...
  4. Here he is consoling a woman in...
  5. Here he is in...
  6. Here he plays the role of Leon Grell in...
  7. Here he is again in...
  8. In what Western does he fire at a sign?

Do you know what show Dennis Hopper is in?

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RichLorn 17 months ago
These are fairer when there is a tiny tease of background etc. included to provide a clue.
CouchPotato987 17 months ago
If this was a Dennis Hopper movie quiz, I may have had a better score. Lol
dmzabooo 17 months ago
6/8 and I've probably seen them all except the twilight zone episode. He cut his teeth in those early western series in the late 50's. For some reason Emilio Estevez reminds me of a young Dennis Hopper in those early Westerns?
Steve67 17 months ago
4/8 Westerns always stump me, Loved Dennis Hopper though
Runeshaper 17 months ago
4/8 Yikes! LOL
tootsieg Runeshaper 17 months ago
I like your comment but I cannot “like”.
MarkSpeck 17 months ago
5 out of 8. Knew his TZ appearance as a Hitler wannabe. Knew he appeared a couple of times on Big Valley. Guessed on a couple.
kathyo 17 months ago
7/8 that was a lot of
Spiro 17 months ago
They're all interchangeable! You could splice together all the outtakes from each show and come up with a whole new show. For any one of the westerns! 🤠 🐎
Deleted 17 months ago
This comment has been removed.
MarkSpeck 17 months ago
Yep. That episode is on countless Public Domain DVDs of Petticoat Junction. He'll never live it down!
Andybandit 17 months ago
I got 4/8. I got #2, 3, 4, and 8 wrong. Dumb me used to think Dennis Hopper played Chester on Gunsmoke. Until I realized it was Dennis Weaver.
oldmoe51 17 months ago
4/8 but it’s hard trying to guess a show just from the small pics and trying to recognize the backgrounds
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