Saturdays at 10 PM

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It’s Sventoonie, the official Svengoolie after-party! Join host Sventoonie every Saturday night at 10PM | 9C for a celebration of all things scary, silly… and Svengoolie! Every week, “The Red Tuna of Terror” recaps classic horror films, along with supernaturally fun sketches and video shorts. Of course, what’s a party without guests like Svengoolie, Kerwyn, and other surprise pop-ins?

Next Airings

  • 10/8 10:00PMBlob E. Wants a Bod E.
    "When watching 'The Brain that Wouldn't Die,' a mysterious Fairy Head Mother shows up to grant everyone's wishes."
  • 10/15 10:00PMBlob Gnarly
    "Blob E. Blob has a weird, new human body and it's getting a celebrity roast. Plus, the gang watches cult vampire flick 'The Body Beneath.'"
  • 10/22 10:00PMTrevor Buckethands
    "The gang watches the Beatnik horror classic 'A Bucket of Blood', while Svengoolie's nosy neighbor stops by to help Trevor — who happens to have two buckets stuck on his hands."
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