How many Rawhide characters can you name?

Do you know all the names of this cattle-drivin’ crew?


The explosion of TV Westerns in the late 1950s brought all kinds of cowboys, lawmen and gamblers to the airwaves. Some shows were canceled after only one or two seasons but others found success. One show in the latter category was Rawhide. It ran for eight seasons and aired over 200 episodes. It also happened to launch the career of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Clint Eastwood.

How well do you know the Rawhide crew? See if you can name all these cowboy characters!

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  1. Before becoming a big-screen leading man, Clint Eastwood starred on Rawhide as…
  2. The cowboy cook on Rawhide had what nickname?
  3. Eric Fleming played the trail boss Mr. Favor. What was his first name?
  4. Steve Raines played cattle drover Jim…
  5. James Murdock was Harkness Mushgrove III but everyone called him…
  6. Cattle drover Joe had which color as a last name?
  7. What was the name of Robert Cabal’s cattle wrangler?
  8. Sheb Wooley played the scout named…
  9. The cowhand played by William R. Thompkins had the nickname…
  10. John Erwin, who became the voice of He-Man 20 years later, played a recurring cowboy on Rawhide named…

How many Rawhide characters can you name?

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bjr1959 14 months ago
Aced it, so "head 'em up, move 'em out". Love Eric Fleming. He WAS Rawhide.
LadySnake 16 months ago
#7, According to the credits, his name was “Hay-Sus”…most likely because Jesús was too close to Jesus, & religious audiences of the day may have found it blasphemy (or whatever…I have no clue what blasphemy is)
Cowgirl 30 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Did you sidle on through this quiz or did you get stopped in your tracks?
greyhound 34 months ago
10/10 Rawhide was my favorite western.
LadySnake greyhound 16 months ago
Mine, too. That’s when I fell in love with Clint Eastwood which has not wavered over the decades)
fivecents 37 months ago
8/10 ...... not as easy as I thought it would be
moonshine_man 37 months ago
Got 9. Memories still hanging in there!!
rraynard 38 months ago
8 out of 10. Didn't do to well on the guess appearance cowboys.
Epsdel 38 months ago
8/10 every one was a guess. Though I am aware of the show (mostly from "Blues Brothers") I have never seen sn episode.
TheSentinel 38 months ago
9/10 - missed that obscure last one.
LadySnake TheSentinel 16 months ago
I guessed on the last one, using the logic of what a character’s name would have been back in the day, & shock of all shocks, my guess was right.
MichaelNivens 38 months ago
9/10 - knew most , but had to guess at a couple - got lucky
Tommy 38 months ago
Missed 1 was hoping for 100/00. Oh well. Hope all of you have a great weekend
Marshall_Kolchak 38 months ago
6/10 About 5 higher than i thought it would be.
DIGGER1 38 months ago
How many Rawhide characters can you name?
You got 10 out of 10
Did you sidle on through this quiz or did you get stopped in your tracks?
I "SIDLED ON THROUGH" on this one. LOL!
38 months ago
I can answer that now ... none!
JERRY6 38 months ago
7 of 10 not bad got stopped in mytracks
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