How much do you really remember about Greg Brady?

Did you think Greg was just the coolest? This quiz is for you!

As the oldest Brady kid, Greg always came off as the coolest, especially if you ask his little brothers. 

Fans of the show thought so, too, and today, Greg Brady remains one of TV's most memorable teen idols.

But how well do you really remember all of Greg Brady's growing pains?

Take the quiz below and see if you're still the greatest Greg Brady fan of all time.
  1. Who won when Greg and Marcia faced off to become student body president?
  2. The teacher Greg got a crush on taught which subject?
  3. Which holiday was Greg’s school documentary project about?
  4. What was the name of the scouting group was Greg involved in?
  5. According to Greg, who is his biggest nemesis?
  6. Who wins when Bobby and Greg compete to see who can do more chin-ups?
  7. Does Greg ever get his own room?
  8. What was Greg’s rock star pseudonym?
  9. What animal was the mascot that Greg stole from a rival school before a big game?
  10. What color does Peter’s hair tonic accidentally dye Greg’s hair?
How much do you really remember about Greg Brady?

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