Try to make it through this quiz without leaving The Twilight Zone

Today's mission: Enter The Twilight Zone and avoid all exits.

For characters in The Twilight Zone, the goal is often to escape the madness they find themselves in. Today, however, we're going to ask you to do the opposite, and trust your intuition for the show to try and get stuck in The Twilight Zone.

Here's how you play: Below, we'll ask you a question, and it's your job to pick the object, character or scene that's from The Twilight Zone. For superfans, this will be a walk in the park, just look at the pictures closely for clues. 

One wrong answer takes you out of The Twilight Zone. Good luck!
  1. Pick the mystical object below that was found in The Twilight Zone:
  2. Pick the lunch stop that exists in The Twilight Zone:
  3. All these actors appeared in The Twilight Zone, but only one is pictured in The Twilight Zone below. Pick the kid who's stuck in The Twilight Zone:
  4. Pick the gas station you could find in The Twilight Zone:
  5. Pick the alien who’s from The Twilight Zone:
  6. Pick the creepy doll you’d find in The Twilight Zone:
  7. Pick the William Shatner character you could meet in The Twilight Zone:
  8. Choose the watering hole you would find in The Twilight Zone:
  9. Pick the damsel you’d find in distress in The Twilight Zone:
  10. Pick the high-tech scene you could find in The Twilight Zone:
Try to make it through this quiz without leaving The Twilight Zone

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LeeHarper 1 month ago
You stayed in The Twilight Zone!
Congratulations, you got stuck in The Twilight Zone, just like so many characters searching for an exit before you.
WILD 1 month ago
You left The Twilight Zone
Rats. In a world of possibilities, you perhaps chose one wrong step too many, but maybe look at it this way: You found a way to exit The Twilight Zone where so many characters before you failed.
I got 7/10 right, though.
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