Is this a Beatles song or did we make it up?

Beatles or not, here we come!


It's a fact that the Beatles broke up way too soon, but as fans, we're lucky enough to have a lengthy discography of certified hits to listen through when we're missing them. In this quiz, we'll give you the name of a song, and you've got to tell us if it's a Beatles original, or if we made it up!

  1. Ask Me Why
  2. Get Away From Me
  3. Why Can't We Be In Love?
  4. I Wanna Be Your Man
  5. Not a Second Time
  6. I'll Be Back
  7. Beep Beep, It's Me, Ringo Starr
  8. I'm a Loser
  9. I Ain't Got No Love Left For You
  10. Doctor Robert

Is this a Beatles song or did we make it up?

Your Result...

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TheSentinel 1 month ago
8/10 - Got thrown by 5 and 6 (but Doctor Robert was an easy one because I discovered it recently via YouTube:

CH65 1 month ago
6/10 Underperformed on that one.
sjbang88 1 month ago
10/10...she's got a ticket to ride
daDoctah 1 month ago
Let's try a tricky one. The title is "Woman".

Real or made up?
daDoctah daDoctah 1 month ago
Nobody's answering?

There were two Beatle songs with that title...sort of. The first was a song Paul wrote and gave to Peter and Gordon; the second was one of John's that was on the "Double Fantasy" album and wasn't released as a single until after his death.
8176Morgan daDoctah 1 month ago
Not a Beatles song, but "She's A Woman" is one.
Jacki 1 month ago
9/10 missed #10. Never heard of the song Dr. Robert. Does anyone know what album that was on?
Joeferatu Jacki 1 month ago
It was on the Parlaphone Records release of Revolver in the UK, but not on the Capitol Records release in the US.
Jacki Joeferatu 1 month ago
Thanks 😊
TheSentinel Joeferatu 1 month ago
At least until the 2022 Super Deluxe re-release.
CaroleThorpe 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 10
You're on the ROAD to success!
Tresix 1 month ago
5/10. I thought I knew Beatles songs better than that. :-(
johninlc Tresix 1 month ago
I scored the same. Like you, I thought I knew Beatles songs better than that.
CuratoryG 1 month ago
I've been studying the Beatles for years and I am doing a story on them, that is the reason why I got all 10 of them right.
Bapa1 CuratoryG 1 month ago
Just finished reading a book entitled 'Ticket to Ride' which is a collection of Scott Muni's radio interviews with The Beatles, people associated with them and musicians just influenced by them. Really good.
Moody 1 month ago
10/10, I'm not making that up. 😄
harlow1313 1 month ago
9/10 I boast a solid Beatles knowledge, but still failed to recognize #1, "Ask me Why." "Tell me why...

I-I-I you cried, and why you lied to me..."
Tresix harlow1313 1 month ago
I got that one right, but I thought of “Tell Me Why” too.
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