See how well you remember 8-Track tapes

Let's rewind to the era of 8-Tracks! Wait… can you rewind?

8-Track tapes were a big part of 1970s pop culture. But they were around for a while before that.

Now associated with classic rock and bellbottoms, the 8-Track tape made music portable, both in cars and carriable players.

Today, we think of them like lava lamps and the Pet Rock — icons of Seventies life. Let's see how well you remember this funky music format! Try to get 8 or more correct!

  1. Could you rewind an 8-Track tape?
  2. What happened at the end of the tape?
  3. Which MeTV star released this 8-Track tape in 1973?
  4. In what year was the Stereo 8 cartridge first introduced to the public?
    Image: Lear Jet
  5. This record club was known for its "deal" of 13 8-Track tapes for a single penny.
  6. This band's 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vita' was the best-selling 8-Track tape of 1969.
    Image: ATCO / Atlantic
  7. This American motor company was the first automobile manufacturer to offer 8-Track players in its cars, beginning in the fall of 1965.
    Image: RCA
  8. How many "programs" were on a standard 8-Track tape?
    Image: Panasonic
  9. This band's 'Greatest Hits' released in 1988 is considered to be the last major 8-Track tape commercially released in stores.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  10. "The Great Gig in the Sky" was the final song on the 8-Track version of this band's classic 1973 album, released on purple "Quadrophonic" 8-Track cartridges.
    Image: Harvest / Capitol Records
  11. His 1969 album with Antônio Carlos Jobim is considered to be the rarest 8-Track of all time. The album was ONLY released on 8-Track and quickly deleted from circulation.
    Image: Reprise Records

See how well you remember 8-Track tapes

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JDnHuntsvilleAL 1 day ago
I hated 8-tracks and never owned one. I do remember listening to "Chicago" on a friend's unit though. REALLY BAD. You're rocking along on a song, and suddenly it stopped, and about 5 seconds later started up again. THAT was the unit changing tracks.
Lanette1961 5 days ago
That comedian that talked about Yazoo City was Jerry Clower.
John 5 days ago
10/11. And everything I remember about 8-tracks comes from one that my older sister owned. I probably haven't even looked at in almost 50 years.
Mhev1970 6 days ago
Still have a storage divider full of 8 tracks and a player I took out of my 56 Nomad before I sold it
Mhev1970 Mhev1970 6 days ago
By the way 10 of 11
SheriHeffner 6 days ago
I got 8 out of 11. I guesed at this. The only reason I got one of them.right is because of The Simpsons episode where Bart Sells His Soul. They were in church and the congregation was singing In The Garden Of Eden by I Ron Butterfly. My mom used to have some of those 8 track tapes when I was a kid. She had one that played a song I loved called Daddy What If. I used to listen to it, but when it played I could also hear Jolene by Dolly Parton at the same time. But it was at a lower volume, like in the background. She also had several albums. One was Creedence Clearwater Revival. She and my late father loved them, and one was some man, name long forgotten that was a country style comedian. He talked about living in some town and talked about how he sang Juanita as Jonjita. He talked about Yazzoo Mississippi.
Coca 6 days ago
Had some laying around in the
Garage on a shelf by my 69
Chevelle convert years ago and my young nephews asked me
What kind of video games are those HAHAHAH
Molly Hatch on cover
Tresix 6 days ago
I work for a freight company and was SHOCKED to see we were shipping some 8-track players for cars in 2003! Needless to say, most of the younger workers were asking what an 8-track was.
Rik 7 days ago
I do remember pulling out the cassette and having 3 ft of tape wound up inside the player... ahhh the good old days
madvincent 7 days ago
I had an 8 track player in my car we would wedge a book of matches under the 8 track to make it sound better....
Also when they were unplayable they were great to throw at cars that cut you off lol
cabugi 7 days ago
4/11 ... welp 🤷🏻‍♀️
Krn 7 days ago
I had to buy a new car in 2020 as my 2013 Honda Civic was totaled. I couldn’t believe they don’t put CD players in cars anymore. I’m very sad about that.
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Krn moax429 2 days ago
I bet that was a good album! I still have some of my albums but mainly because I just can’t seem to part with them 🙂
Krn moax429 2 days ago
Hi moax! Unfortunately I can’t be of help. I would try Googling it.
dastari moax429 1 day ago
Could they be playing alphabetically? Maybe use a track number in the file name like 01 - We Will Rock You 02 - We Are The Champions...etc.
moax429 dastari 11 hours ago
I don't know. I tried dubbing my Cowsills Greatest Hits CD onto a jump drive, and "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things" played first, but then it played "In Need of a Friend" next instead of "Path of Love," which was the next track on the CD.

What's going on?
justjeff 8 days ago
Think of this... if you're (at least) in your sixties, you've lived through 78 rpm, 33 rpm, 45 rpm, cassette, 4 track, 8 track, reel-to-reel, wire recording, compact disc, DVD, Blu-Ray and now streaming! Anyone alive who's made it to 100 or greater would likely also remember Edison cylinders and piano rolls... Technology doesn't march on... it flies!
justjeff justjeff 8 days ago
...and I accidently left off MP3's
justjeff 8 days ago
Does anyone remember the PlayTape 2-track mini-cartridge player or the Philco Hip Pocket records (similar to the EvaTone SoundSheets you used to find in magazines)...?

They were pressings made on thin plastic sheets about 3-1/2 inches in diameter and had 2 songs on them - like a 45. (You had to use the Philco Hip Pocket portable phonograph for best results.

The EvaTone SoundSheets were made to play on standard record players, but often you had to place a penny toward the center to keep them from slipping while turning...
MarkDrobnick 8 days ago
See how well you remember 8-Track tapes
You got 11 out of 11 (ELEVEN)
Groovy! You did gr-8!

Mark Drobnick
Joshua Daniel
Loida Jordan

dom, 4 de abr. a las 6:27 a. m.

Golly, gosh darn,
tarnation, I amaze myself.
Well, simple explanation, I was there,... been thair, done that!
Way to go, Marcos.

Eleven out of eleven (11/11). Perfect score.

Here's some ways I "educatedly" guessed the correct answers, where I wasn't sure.

My thinking:

1. & 2. You bet! That's their essence. It's like seeing an animal called giraffe, then forgetting that there's something odd or unusual about the animal's neck.

3. Carol B.'s buddy visited at Genesee several years ago. I do remember her big top 40 hit. Carol was never a player (as to pop music), and CW, am not sure who she is. Laverne's sidekick from Milwaukee?

4. Partly wild guess, although last time given was definitely too late.
And, when I was in kinder? Heck, there was no such a thing then.
As a child, I played with a little, reel to reel, one from Dad's office, a German dictaphone. Plus, I used a "toy" at home, strictly for amateurs.

5. I belonged to that record club. I can show you stuff in my collection, obtained from them. I recall very well how that worked.

6. Tim and I saw these guys perform in Kenosha. When? Maybe 8 years ago.

Recall Loidy, previously I had attended alone by myself at concert, Paul McCartney. No one was available to accompany me. Subsequently, T & I attended 6 or 8 other concerts, this one given in Keno (most othrs in Wkgn).

7. Came down to 2 choices and a lucky guess. Cadi ain't gonna do it; it's not high class enough.

8. What I meant about, "4 sides to an album".

9. Bonzo passed in 1980. Eagles were pretty much broken up by early 80's. Thus,...

10. I played "Money" for Poupko @ Northfield. Recall Josh visited a few sessions? Did Owl ever attend? Loidy was there at least once, and Linda was a wee baby.
I learned nearly 100 songs from Mike. So, of course I know this band.
"Money" is ambitious music, has something like three different time signatures, in a brief couple of minutes. That's something rare (and good).

11. Loidy followed me around Hato Rey when our kids attended Colegio Mita. She knows I got into Jobim (Brazil). And, I know something about show biz, who Jobim connected to, a real big-shot, here in USA. Is how his music caught on in our country ("Girl from Ipanema"). Our American singer was his auspiciador, one might say.

Wow! Daddy knows something (about something).
Now, can we all make money off of his talent?

Papi, later Emoji

When I was about 9 my mom went to a friend's house. This woman had a pianola, you put the roll inside the piano and this one had to be pedaled at the bottom. I tried playing a song and my look legs and feet were aching about three minutes into the song. I would love to have a pianola that played with a switch.
vinman63 8 days ago
I got the Pink Floyd question only because I saw Money.
zman47240 8 days ago
8/11. Pretty good for not ever having owned a single 8 track tape.
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