Which of these vintage side dishes are you gobbling on Turkey Day?

We all want a little something on the side.


C'mon, you can't just have turkey! You need to stack that plate high with delicious side dishes, pilgrim! 

Pull up a seat at the grownup table, where we've got all the fixings. We hope you brought your eating pants because things are about to get tasty. 

We want to know which of these dishes you're helping yourself to at Thanksgiving. Have fun and be sure to share your Thanksgiving thoughts in the comments section below!

  1. Creamed Spinach
  2. Green Bean Casserole
  3. Pasta Salad
  4. Rice Pilaf
  5. Roasted Beets
  6. Stuffed Peppers
  7. Creamy Potatoes
  8. Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus
  9. Corn Pudding
  10. Roasted Parsnips

Which of these vintage side dishes are you gobbling on Turkey Day?

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RobertK 6 months ago
30%. I guess I'll be lonely if I host the Thanksgiving feast... I'd be eating leftovers for a week!
jd4862 7 months ago
20%. I like just about everything. I would rather eat green beans raw than in a casserole though.
19611313 7 months ago
0% similar. I had a Marie Callenders meal alone in my basement.
Coldnorth 7 months ago
Olives, both green and black (without pits) is one of my very favorite snacks with thanksgiving dinner
LabLove 7 months ago
60% who chose that menu? Bleh to all.
Gayleistoons 7 months ago
Who the hoot serves these choices...yuck!
Cultural differences for sure
Charlotte 7 months ago
40%, I like all the untraditional. Parsnips, beets, asparagus...yum! If you have to cream up your food, then you don't know what you're missing!
FlaFeral 7 months ago
70% ...I had to Google what a parsnip is. Weird quiz....
Coldnorth FlaFeral 7 months ago
Doesn’t a parsnip look like a pale carrot, or am I thinking of something else
Sweendog 7 months ago
Do people eat Parsnips?
Coldnorth Sweendog 7 months ago
What do you do with a parsnip what do you make out of it
Crisco Sweendog 6 months ago
Ive never eaten it but I hear it keeps Mosquitos away
Tanisha32 7 months ago
I don't know anyone who has bacon wrapped asparagus for Thanksgiving but helloooo it has bacon on it. Other than that blehs for me.
djw1120 7 months ago
Who in their right mind would like roasted beets?
I sure as HELL DO NOT!!!
The same goes for parsnips.
And just what is corn pudding?
Of course, green bean casserole is a favorite for Thanksgiving and should be served every year.
musicman37 7 months ago
Where's the stuffing? The yams? The Cranberry sauce? I'm in my 60s, and many of the dishes you list here I've NEVER heard of ANYONE having them with Thanksgiving dinner.
TSeym22 7 months ago
50% similar. For those folks who "blehed" roasted parsnips, you don't know what you're missing. Done properly, they are awesome!
musicman37 TSeym22 7 months ago
But how many actually know how to do them right?
Geronimo 7 months ago
Which of these vintage side dishes are you gobbling on Turkey Day?
80% similar
80% similar to the most popular responses

No soul food at all mentioned!
djw1120 Geronimo 7 months ago
Thats because "soul food" has NO PLACE on the Thanksgiving table.
Just ask the Pilgrams.
Gayleistoons djw1120 7 months ago
What does that mean, as far as all that ask the slaughtered native americans . Replace that with GOOD FOOD, because that list is trash
Crisco Geronimo 6 months ago
Alot of us in South Louisiana cannot afford the whole bird and buy Stuffed Turkey wings
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