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Missing Witness (s1, ep37)
A woman attempts to help her innocent fiancé and discovers a killer may still be at large.
The Big Search (s2, ep17)
When two small girls go missing, the mother is convinced that their estranged father kidnapped them. However, a preliminary investigation by Friday and Gannon determines that the man has no knowledge of his daughters' whereabouts.
The Big Prophet (s2, ep18)
Friday and Gannon are convinced that "Brother" William Bentley's Temple of the Expanded Mind is just a sham—a front for Bentley to sell LSD to the students of a nearby elementary school.
Buttons And Beaux (s12, ep16)
When the Douglas men feel sorry for Katie because of her husband's continued absence, they proceed to overwhelm her with attention.
Drumroll, Please!
"Bill keeps Toony, Goldie, Mr. Quizzer and Lorna Greene in suspense after revealing he has a big announcement. Featured cartoons include Bugs, Sylvester, Foghorn and Betty Boop. "
Beaver's Guest (s1, ep38)
Beaver is all excited to have his friend, Larry Mondello, stay over for the weekend. However, things start off on the wrong foot when Beaver and Larry get into a fight, which ends with Beaver punching Larry in the stomach.
Cat Out Of The Bag (s1, ep39)
The neighbors are going away for the weekend and Beaver and Wally have been put in charge of taking care of their lawn and their cat, Puff Puff. When Eddie shows up with his dog, Wolf, chaos erupts and Wolf chases Puff Puff away.
The Case Of The Corresponding Corpse (s2, ep1)
Mason receives a telephone call from George Beaumont, a man who supposedly died in a plane crash nearly three years earlier. In reality, Beaumont missed the plane and after hearing about the accident decided to disappear.
The Scandal (s9, ep)
When Matlock defends an attorney accused of murdering her boss, he also uncovers a history of sexual harassment involving the law firm.
Quick Fix (long Version/short Version) (s4, ep7)
The investigation into the death of an abandoned infant leads to a mentally handicapped teenager.
The Journal (s8, ep7)
John-Boy is still missing, but a publisher has his journal and wants to publish it
Mirage (s16, ep17)
Festus comes back from a shootout and can't tell the story well.
Kingdom Of Fear (s12, ep27)
The Cartwrights and Candy are captured by a man known as "The Judge," who turns them into slaves, forcing them to work in his gold mine.
Baranca (s3, ep6)
When an outlaw leader lures Marshal Torrance out of town, Lucas is the only one who can stop him from lynching a local man who killed one of the members of his gang.
The Martinet (s3, ep7)
A former army captain comes to North Fork to kill the man who shot down his son in a gunfight—Lucas McCain.
The Lita Foladaire Story (s3, ep14)
Never having met Lita Foladaire, Major Adams learns a lot about her past, the town she grew up in, the people who loved her and, most importantly, what happened to her surrounded by those same people.
Keeping Tabs (s5, ep23)
Malloy and Reed are stunned to discover that the driver who led them on a high-speed chase is the son of Sgt. MacDonald, and Malloy takes it upon himself to help his boss figure out why the young man is acting out. In the meantime, they investigate a possible burglary in progress at an apartment building, mediate a dispute at a park over an elderly woman feeding ducks, respond to a call of two armed men fighting over a woman and deal with a wino who is attempting to direct traffic at a busy intersection.
Easy Rap (s5, ep24)
Reed naively thinks the system can help a young serial car thief who continually skirts responsibility for his actions with the help of his rich father's lawyer. In the meantime, he and Malloy help a woman track down the drug dealer responsible for her boyfriend's fatal overdose, and pull over a stubborn elderly woman.
Cat Addams (s2, ep26)
When Kitty Cat comes down with a loss of appetite, Gomez and Morticia at first think he's just lonely. Cousin Itt suggests that he may have a cold, which leads the family to seek help from a veterinarian but after the vet takes one look at Kitty Cat he looses his confidence. The family then concocts a scheme to help him get his confidence back by treating other members of the family.
Here Comes The Bride Again (s7, ep14)
After initially being reluctant to go through with it, Howard agrees to have a second wedding where he and Marion will renew their vows.
The Joker Is Wild (s11, ep4)
Tired of reminders about Trapper John's skill as a practical joker, B.J. bets Hawkeye he can prank everyone present.
Who Knew? (s11, ep5)
Hawkeye volunteers to deliver the eulogy for a dead nurse that he briefly dated, and belatedly discovers her deep feelings for him.
Jailbreak (s2, ep18)
State police come to town in search of payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way, but end up needing them more than they thought.
A Medal For Opie (s2, ep19)
Opie has his heart set on winning a medal in a foot race at the town picnic. When he loses, he exhibits poor sportmanship. Andy teaches him a lesson about being a good sport.
My Fair Sister (s5, ep29)
Gomer must escort Sgt. Carter's sister to a dance.
Never Start Talking Unless Your Voice Comes Out (s2, ep21)
Oliver has to choose between being a farmer or lawyer when he gets an offer to practice in Washington, D. C. The official-looking letter, however, has the locals convinced that Oliver is hiding an juicy secret from them. After ruling out tax cheat and counterfeiter, that leaves only one choice: CIA agent.
A Tiger Hunt In Paris: Part 1 (s2, ep10)
"Tiger," a female underground agent, is arrested while trying to document secret German bases and is held in Paris for questioning. Hogan and LeBeau become stowaways aboard Klink's staff car and head for Paris to free her.
A Tiger Hunt In Paris: Part 2 (s2, ep11)
While trying to free the underground agent "Tiger" in Paris, Hogan seeks help from a Parisian fortune teller and also enlist the aid of a man who is a lookalike for Nazi Police Chief Heinrich Himmler.
The Case Of The Sleepy Slayer (s8, ep4)
When a man is accused of killing his employer, who still owed him $50,000 for an accident years before, it's up to Mason to find the real killer.
Whodunit (s1, ep26)
Arthur comes back from the afterlife to find out the identity of his murderer.
Help Wanted (s1, ep27)
A man desperate for money takes on a strange job offer.
The Girl In The Frame (s1, ep24)
Mannix is hired to investigate a possible forgery of a Renoir when the collector sees the model who posed for the painting in person.
Point After Death
"Cannon investigates the shooting death of the girlfriend of a former basketball star."
Picture Pirates, The (s7, ep11)
While investigating a murder in Hollywood, Barnaby discovers that it was committed to cover-up the theft of a movie print to be used in a film-piracy racket.