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Deadly Diamonds (s4, ep9)
Dan Matthews uncovers a plot to steal from three traveling jewelers.
The Badge Racket (s2, ep3)
Three con artists have been swindling businessmen from out of town by posing as a prostitute and two policemen. The detectives set a trap as Gannon pretends to be a manufacturer from Lincoln, Nebraska.
The Bank Jobs (s2, ep4)
A nervy bank robber uses innocent women to help commit his crimes. Friday and Gannon are nearly sidetracked when one of the victims lies about her involvement and later proves to have a criminal record of her own.
Tramp Or Ernie (s7, ep13)
When it becomes clear that Ernie is allergic to Tramp, he feels it's time for him to pack his bags and move out.
Yee Howdy Rides Again
"The gang enjoys another episode of "Yee Howdy", a rural show from 1966. Plus, Bugs, Tom and Jerry and other Looney Tunes classics. "
Happy Weekend (s2, ep13)
Ward takes June and the boys away on a trip to a cabin in hopes of experiencing the "great outdoors." However, as he quickly discovers, getting away from today's modern conveniences will be more difficult then he anticipated.
Wally's Present (s2, ep14)
Wally decides that he is going to have a birthday party, and Beaver jumps to the conclusion that he won't be invited. While shopping for Wally's present, Larry talks Beaver into spending his money on a bow and arrow set for himself and buying a cheap gift for Wally.
The Case Of The Silent Partner (s1, ep6)
Harry Bright and Chuck Clark were once best friends and business partners, until Margaret entered the picture. Margaret, a young woman on the make, entranced Chuck into marrying her. When Margaret is found shot to death, Harry is arrested.
The Power Brokers: Part 1 (s2, ep)
Matlock reluctantly takes the case when Melinda Stuart's source is murdered. The biggest problem is that she's more interested in listening to what FBI Agent Paul Davies has to say than Matlock.
Stranger In Town (s2, ep9)
Gillespie suspects that JoAnn's new cook is connected to the murder of a young prostitute. But Virgil suspects the culprit maybe a local pimp who has been intimidating the women.
The Medal (s8, ep23)
Mary Ellen receives a medal that was awarded to Curtis after he died
Jeb (s8, ep37)
A man buys an allegedly stolen horse from a farm boy, which proves to be a big mistake.
Credit For A Kill (s8, ep7)
Joe takes credit for a killing when he learns that the dead man's brother is out for revenge.
The Assailants (s5, ep7)
An assassination plot unfolds as four gunmen disguised as cavalrymen enter North Fork. Their target: Sen. Jim Borden. Their weapon: a Gatling gun.
Mark's Rifle (s5, ep8)
Sharpshooter Marty Blair tries to persuade Lucas to buy Mark a rifle.
The Roger Bigelow Story (s4, ep13)
Roger Bigelow turns to the ministry with his father's help when he realizes what he might become without it. Bigelow gets the chance to help someone else on the wrong path, but Major Adams is not sure the reverend is helping the right person.
The Search (s4, ep5)
Malloy and Reed report to a robbery at a grocery store, where Malloy is required to engage in a high-speed pursuit with one of the suspects while Reed apprehends the other on foot. When Malloy is seriously injured in a rollover accident at a remote location and loses two-way radio communication, Reed and others from the department race against the clock to locate him.
The Ferret (s4, ep6)
Malloy and Reed are on the lookout for an environmentalist known as "The Ferret" who has been posing as an employee to infiltrate and sabotage industrial complexes he feels are creating too much pollution. In the meantime, they respond to a woman who is nearly comatose and ultimately gives birth to a stillborn baby. They then investigate the witchdoctor who has been convincing her and other women that eating clay will ensure a successful pregnancy.
The Maltese Cow
"Sam Yeng and his restaurant, the Golden Pagoda, risk ruination at the hands of a powerful Chinese group due to protection money owed."
I Hate A Mystery (s1, ep10)
A rash of thefts breaks out in the camp. Missing pieces include Frank's silver picture frame, Margaret's hair brush and Trapper's watch. The camp is searched and everything is found in Hawkeye's locker.
Germ Warfare (s1, ep11)
Hawkeye moves a wounded North Korean soldier into The Swamp, rather than let him be shipped out before he's stable. During the night he and Trapper play Dracula, and siphon off a pint of Frank's blood. The soldier then contracts hepatitis, so they have to test Frank without him knowing, and have to keep him away from Margaret and the patients.
Ernest T. Bass Joins The Army (s4, ep3)
Ernest T. wants to join the Army to impress a girl with the uniform. When he is refused induction, he goes on a window-breaking rampage.
Sing A Song Of Papa (s3, ep25)
Sgt. Carter becomes upset when Gomer is asked to sing at a nightclub every night.
Everybody Tries To Love A Countess (s5, ep2)
Two weeks of bordom is finally enough for Lisa's mother. To Oliver's relief, the woman who still doesn't know his name is packed and ready to go. His celebration is short lived once Haney and Joe Carson learn how much money she has. The two become a pair of dueling Romeos vying for her hand and, more importantly, her fortune.
Oil For The Lamps Of Hogan (s1, ep14)
Hogan convinces Klink that there is oil underneath the camp in order to discourage the Germans from building a synthetic fuel plant there.
Reservations Are Required (s1, ep15)
When Hogan tries to arrange the unscheduled escape of 20 men, his mission is complicated when a captured sergeant jumps the gun.
Carol Burnett and Friends
Guests Ruth Buzzi And Richard Crenna
In Salute to Bad Girls, Carol and the gang pay homage to classic films and their scheming starlets, including "The Graduate", "All About Eve", "Born to Be Bad",
The Case Of The Nebulous Nephew (s7, ep1)
A scam to swindle elderly relatives and a pang of conscience leads to a murder.
The Shelter (s3, ep3)
When a nuclear attack appears imminent, several suburban friends and neighbors fight over control of a single bomb shelter.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Motive (s3, ep17)
Tommy Greer is a crime buff who decides to commit a motiveless murder in order to confuse the police, selecting his victim from a phone book at random.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty (s3, ep18)
An elderly maid leaves the parsonage in search of her sister.
Who Is Sylvia? (s3, ep20)
Kathy Graves feels as though someone is stalking her, and asks Mannix to investigate.
Star, The (part 2)
"Frank Cannon finds out that Terry is pursued because of some snapshots he took. With the help of the photos Cannon gets in the dark zone between organized crime and high politics. And this becomes extremely dangerous for him."
Killing Defense (s2, ep11)
The prime suspect in a jewel heist is robbed of his gems, his spouse and his life by his own lawyer.