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The Big Search
When two small girls go missing, the mother is convinced that their estranged father kidnapped them. However, a preliminary investigation by Friday and Gannon determines that the man has no knowledge of his daughters' whereabouts.
Lucy Gets Ricky On The Radio
Lucy secretly books Ricky on a radio quiz show.
Goodbye, Old Paint
A famous painter who has renounced civilization visits the island.
The Sure Thing
Robbie's friend has a grandfather who trains horses.
Wally's Play
Wally has joined an all-male club at school and learns that they are putting on a play. He's not too happy when he learns that the part he's supposed to play is that of a chorus girl. Later, Beaver and Gilbert make matters worse when they stumble upon Wally's costume, a dress.
The Last Day Of School
The last day of school has each one of Miss Landers' students bringing her a gift. June orders some nice handkerchiefs for the gift and a slip for herself. Beaver mistakes the slip as the gift for Miss Landers and debates on whether or not to give her this very "personal" gift.
The Judge
Matlock accepts the pro bono case of Kevin Meredith, a young man accused of murdering his lover, who, as Matlock discovers, had a shocking secret. In order to capture the real killer, Matlock must end a long-time friendship.
Pilot: Part 2
The investigation into the brutal murders of a young girl and the suspect in her death, leads Tibbs and Gillespie to the son of one of Sparta's wealthiest and most influential citizens. As they come closer to the truth things become dangerous for Virgil.
The Gold Watch
Stanley Perkins is retired and returns to the mountain to see Rose
On Now
Panacea Sykes
Elderly Panacea Sykes is a conniving thief bent on robbing Kitty.
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The Cheating Game
Kathie Browne returns in the role of Laura Dayton, erstwhile sweetheart of Adam Cartwright. When a stranger arrives in town telling Laura that her late husband willed her a fortune, she finds herself attracted to the man, unaware he is harboring ulterior motives.
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The Decision
Corey Hazlett insists he's innocent of murder, despite Lucas's eyewitness testimony.
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Knight Errant
Lucas tries to dissuade a latter-day knight from rushing into battle.
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Trial For Murder: Part 1
When an esteemed member of the wagon train is found dead, Adams needs to prevent mob rule and make sure a lawful trial takes place. The accused is not well liked and found passed out with the rifle used in the murder. But is he the killer?
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Malloy stares down the barrel of a rifle during the search for gloved robbers who are able to make off with $500 from a tavern in a stolen car. He and Reed also try to apprehend a group of anti-semites before their repeated shakedown attempts cause further damage to a defiant Holocaust survivor.
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Fred Flintstone Woos Again
Fred and Wilma go on a second honeymoon.
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The supply lines to the camp are cut. Radar, the housing officer, starts doubling people up to save fuel and Klinger is thrown out of the nurse's tent. People start burning everything to stay warm while Frank wears his heated socks. The toilet paper supply is worst hit, and then wounded start arriving.
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Burns tries to slap a dishonorable discharge on a decorated soldier who admits to being a homosexual.
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Runaway Kid
Opie becomes friends with an eight-year-old runaway.
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Andy The Matchmaker
Andy, trying to lift Barney's spirits, stages a minor robbery and tries to match his deputy with a shy seamstress.
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And Baby Makes Three
Gomer sneaks a baby onto the base when he babysits for a friend—just as the colonel is due on an inspection tour.
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The Rains Came
A drought in Hooterville has crops wilting in the fields. Oliver is so desperate, he agrees to pay Haney $350 if he can bring some relief. That's when Haney presents dancing Chief Thundercloud. When the rains eventually arrive, Oliver refuses to pay. He says the Chief's dancing is not what did the trick.
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Operation Tiger
Hogan and his men try to rescue an underground leader on route to Berlin to be executed.
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The Big Broadcast
Hogan uses Klink's car radio to sneak a message to London when a pair of radio detection trucks enters the area.
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Guest Tim Conway
In Born Free, Carol debates returning her domesticated lion back to the jungle. Then, in My Buddy, ship wrecked survivors fight for the only woman on the island. Finally, in The Third Degree, Vicki is interrogated for murder and responds by telling "Little Red Riding Hood".
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The Case Of The Haunted Husband
Hitchhiking because her purse was stolen, Claire Olger is picked up by Michael Greeley. Intoxicated, he loses control of the car and collides with an oncoming truck. Arriving at the scene of the accident, the police find Claire alone in the car and the truck driver dead.
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Death Of A Cop
A police officer concocts a grim preparation to punish the killer of his son, a recruit cop.
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To Kill A Writer
When Mannix is hired to prevent a murder of a mystery writer, the intended victim wants no help in solving the crime himself.
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Press Pass To The Slammer
Tim Jardine was persuaded by his friends Amy and Claude to blackmail his father for 50,000 dollars. Nevertheless, Jardine's father is facing bankruptcy and Claude loses his patience and becomes a criminal.
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Child Of Danger
A friend dupes Betty into caring for her son while she secretly tries to straighten out her life of crime.
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Auto Press
Highway Patrol investigates a husband-wife holdup team that bungles a filling station job.
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The Big Prophet
Friday and Gannon are convinced that "Brother" William Bentley's Temple of the Expanded Mind is just a sham—a front for Bentley to sell LSD to the students of a nearby elementary school.