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Dan Mathews protects a thief from a brutal gunman.
Frauds - Dr-36
Friday and Gannon track down a department store employee who stole $100,000 worth of merchandise in six months.
Intelligence - Dr-34
The detectives search out the suppliers of stolen arms for paramilitary groups.
The Great Train Robbery
Lucy gets mixed up with a jewel thief on a cross-country rail trip that marks the end of the series' Hollywood sojourn. That's not the only reason it's a bumpy ride—Lucy keeps pulling the emergency-brake cord!
Women's Lib
Granny and Elly have decided to support the women’s lib movement, since Jethro treats them like servants. Each time Jed tries to make it better, Jethro ends up messing it up and upsetting the women even more. At the bank, the secretaries continue to fight for liberation, but Drysdale has decided to challenge them as well.
Robbie Wins His Letter
Robbie wins a special achievement award for being a straight-A student.
One Of The Boys
Eddie and Wally finally get a chance to join the most exclusive social club in school, the Barons. However, after hanging out with the Barons on a Friday night, Eddie and Wally realize they don't want to be in this club because the guys really aren't who everybody thinks they are.
Sweatshirt Monsters
Beaver, Richard, Whitey and Alan each buy sweatshirts that have monster faces on the front of them. They like them so much they each decide to wear them to school the next day. However, each one finds that their parents forbid them from wearing such hideous sweatshirts to school. However, Beaver manages to sneak out of the house with his on.
The Case Of The Prodigal Parent
When Philip Larkin, the owner of an import-export company, is murdered, his step-father, Joseph Harrison, is charged.
On Now
The Nightmare
After a bump on the head, Matlock dreams he's in the Old West—and Conrad is about to be lynched by an angry mob!
Family Matters
Virgil's dream of a better relationship with his Aunt Ruda and her son is shattered when his cousin takes part in a string of burglaries that result in murder.
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The Grandchild - Part Ii
Mary Ellen gives birth to the Waltons' first grandchild
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Brother Whelp
"Sted Rutgers comes back to Dodge after 3 years to find that his brother Tom married his girl Tassy. Now Sted wants to kill Tom."
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The Boots
"Drunken ex-gunfighter Zeno promises 12 yr old orphan Tommy boots for his birthday. Gunfighter Hank Fergus who made Zeno lose his nerve comes back to Dodge to get Zeno to rob the General Store for him."
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After accidentally killing Willie Twilight, a guilt-stricken Hoss is inconsolable. Meanwhile, Willie's brother, Red, arrives in town intent on exacting revenge.
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The Wyoming Story: Part 1
Lucas agrees to take a job as a federal undercover agent and goes to Wyoming to investigate rumors of sales of arms to renegade indians. His life is endangered by the town drunk, who stumbles onto his true identity.
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The Wyoming Story: Part 2
Mark stays with Miss Milly, while Lucas is in Wyoming on the trail of a gang illegally selling weapons to the Indians. Mark suffers from loneliness and doubt while his father is away for two months.
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The Indian Girl Story
"A white renegade rides into the wagon train camp with an Indian girl tied to a rope and forced to walk without food or water. He says that he is bringing her back to the tribe where she will be tortured and killed for killing the chief's son. Hawks, in charge of a smaller group until Hale and Coop meet them with the rest of the train, decides to forcibly take the girl from her sadistic captor and keep her with his group, even knowing that this may lead to an attack from the chief's tribe."
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The Princess And The Pig
Malloy and reed report to a disturbance at a night club caused by a young folk singer whose career has been derailed by drug addiction and contends that she is being threatened with death by the manager who is a member of a large drug ring. Reed agrees to
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The Tip
"Bandits using tear gas and a unique escape route rob an armored truck at a savings and loan."
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Take Me Out To The Ball Game
While umpiring for Bedrock's Little League team, Fred is discovered by a big league scout.
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When Fonzie finds his bike in pieces, the search is on to find the culprit.
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Mulcahy's War
After Frank discovers that Danny Fitzsimmons has shot himself to get out of combat, Father Mulcahy is called in. Realizing his lack of understanding of the fighting, Mulcahy accompanies Radar to an aid station, where they encounter the real war at first hand. Mulcahy performs an emergency tracheotomy, guided by Hawkeye over the radio.
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The Korean Surgeon
When Dr. Syn Paik, a North Korean surgeon, arrives with some wounded, he is passed off as a South Korean by Hawkeye and B.J., but to no avail. Hot Lips and Frank try to convince Potter that Paik is a spy. Paik, Hawkeye and B.J. agree that it would be in the interest of all for him to leave.
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Andy The Matchmaker
Andy, trying to lift Barney's spirits, stages a minor robbery and tries to match his deputy with a shy seamstress.
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Opie's Charity
Andy becomes upset when Opie contributes a measly three cents to the Underprivileged Children's drive.
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Gomer, Star Witness
Gomer witnesses a car accident involving Sgt. Carter, who is at fault. Rather than have Gomer testify against him, the sergeant schemes for Gomer to be out of town on the court date.
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Everybody Tries To Love A Countess
Two weeks of bordom is finally enough for Lisa's mother. To Oliver's relief, the woman who still doesn't know his name is packed and ready to go. His celebration is short lived once Haney and Joe Carson learn how much money she has. The two become a pair of dueling Romeos vying for her hand and, more importantly, her fortune.
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Kommandant Gertrude
Hogan must get a U.S. general out of Stalag 13, while Klink plans to move the camp's fence line and Gertrude arrives with her fiancé.
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Hogan's Double Life
When Hogan is identified as a saboteur, he impersonates a German officer in front of the very Gestapo agent who could take him down.
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Guests Paul Lynde And Nanette Fabray (part 1)
"Guests Paul Lynde and Nanette Fabray. Originally aired on 03/29/71."
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The Case Of The Ugly Duckling
A prospective heiress to a toy company must soon marry if she wishes to inherit her father's business. When it surfaces that her new boyfriend is being paid to romance her by her uncle, murder is not far behind.
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Person Or Persons Unknown
A man wakes up one morning to discover that no one knows who he is.
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Dear Uncle George
A neighbor's letter about an unfaithful wife disturbs an advice columnist.
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The Man Who Wasn’t There
An old adversary from Mannix's time serving in the Korean War, whom he thought was dead, sets out to kill him.
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The Set-up
"Cannon is a victim of mistaken identity and later almost killed."
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Forfeit By Death
When a bondsman's client fails to deliver stolen valuables in exchange for bail, the bondsman kills him.