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S.i.u. - The Ring (s4, ep3)
Friday and Gannon recruit a woman cop to nab a burglar.
The Bride Went Home (s11, ep11)
Chip becomes violently ill after eating Polly's cooking. Distressed, she feels it would be better for her husband if she left him.
Tuna Roast
"Toony decides he wants to be roasted by all his friends---comedy style! Featured cartoons include Bugs, Droopy and Tom & Jerry! "
Beaver's Good Deed (s6, ep19)
Beaver seems to be on a selfish streak after backing out of a babysitting and later not wanting to do a simple favor for Wally. Ward gives Beaver a stern lecture and he soon takes Ward's advice when a tramp comes to the door wanting some kindness. However, the tramp quickly takes advantage and helps himself to more than a glass of water.
The Credit Card (s6, ep20)
Eddie brags about getting a credit card to his high school friends. When Wally's battery dies on his car, Eddie comes to the rescue by getting him a brand new battery. Everything is fine until Mr. Haskell finds out that Eddie charged it on their charge account.
The Case Of The Crooked Candle (s1, ep11)
While Martha Bradford is waiting for her appointment at a beauty parlor, she meets Rita Bradford, who apparently also is married to her husband and lives at the same address. Soon, Mr. Bradford turns up dead.
The Obsession (s7, ep)
Even from his hospital bed Matlock can't get the case of a TV star accused of killing a therapist out of his mind.
Missing (s2, ep22)
Gillespie is kidnapped and Virgil believes that Tom Dugan is involved.
The Empty Nest - Part 1 (s7, ep1)
Grandpa Zeb has died and everyone is mourning.
On Now
A Matter Of Honor (s15, ep9)
Unable to remember the events of a night on which he is accused of killing a man, Louie Pheeters has one last chance to set the record straight before being sent off to serve a five-year prison sentence.
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Long Way To Ogden (s11, ep21)
Ben and a fellow cattleman set out to foil the scheme of a meat packer trying to make them sell their herds at rock bottom prices.
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The Gaucho (s1, ep14)
Rumson, without even saying to whom he had sold his property, left the bill of sale with the bank and moved away from North Fork. Curge, who's highest offer was upped by $1,000, is upset because Rumson sold out to a "peppergut."
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The Pet (s1, ep15)
Ward Haskins guns down Joe Flecker, who has evidence that could be used to blackmail him. Haskins thinks the information was given to Lucas because he brought Flecker to the doctor before he died. Stirred up by Haskins behavior, Lucas goes through Flecker's things, finding a wanted poster for Haskins in the sole of Flecker's boot.
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Log 115 -- Gang War (s3, ep14)
Officer Reed loses a robbery suspect while in foot pursuit. Afterward, he and Malloy try to help a priest prevent bloodshed between rival hispanic gangs, and then respond to a battered wife whose husband is very familiar to the officers.
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Log 26 -- Lemras (s3, ep15)
Malloy and Reed drive up on a convenience store robbery in progress, which results in the suspects taking hostages. Later, they pull over a reckless driver who has just committed a heinous crime, learn about a new computer system designed to help them be more productive and finally thwart a group of serial burglars who use motorcycles.
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Uncle Fester's Toupee (s1, ep31)
Uncle Fester is not looking forward to the fact that his pen pal from Paris, Illinois is coming for a visit. It seems that he told her that he stretched the truth and described himself as a a "Cary Grant" type. This leads Gomez and Morticia to try to cure
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Period Of Adjustment (s8, ep6)
Klinger and B.J. both have Radar-related woes, causing them to go on a drinking binge. A drunken B.J. becomes violent with Hawkeye.
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Guest In The House (s5, ep24)
Andy's pretty young cousin, Gloria, comes for a visit after breaking up with her boyfriend. Aunt Bee asks Andy to be nice to her and his attention makes Helen jealous.
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The Case Of The Punch In The Nose (s5, ep25)
In going through some courthouse paperwork, Barney discovers an open case involving Floyd and Charlie Foley. He tries to close the books on the case, but ends up reopening the arguments.
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Friendly Freddy, The Gentleman's Tailor (s4, ep30)
Gomer and Sgt. Carter buy suits from Friendly Freddy's mobile showroom, suits said to be the finest Hong Kong has to offer.
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Double Drick (s1, ep25)
Tired of repairing the rickety generator that Haney sold him, Oliver checks on the status of his electricity. Learning that his application was never mailed, Oliver decides to deal with the power company in person. He finds that nothing in Hooterville is done simply--or correctly; he ends up with a meter that runs even when it's disconnected and another pole by the bedroom window.
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The Big Record (s6, ep9)
Klink gives the prisoners a recorder so they can send messages home, but Hogan plans on using the device to record a top-secret SS meeting.
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It's Dynamite (s6, ep10)
A dynamite truck, which Hogan plans on hi-jacking, deviates from its planned route.
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Guests Martha Raye And Mel Torme
"Guests Martha Raye and Mel Torme. Originally aired on 03/23/70."
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Local Program
Local Scheduled Programming (s7, ep5)
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Local news
Local Scheduled Programming (s7, ep5)
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I Shot An Arrow Into The Air (s1, ep15)
Three astronauts crash-land on what they believe to be an asteroid and have limited water supplies to sustain them.
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s7, ep5)
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s7, ep6)
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s8, ep10)
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Missing At Fl307
"An ex-convict boards an airplane in Atlanta for a reunion with his daughter but when the plane lands he's nowhere to be found."
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Yesterdays Terror (s6, ep4)
A woman with a shady past plots the murder of her blackmailer.
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Reformed Criminal (s1, ep9)
Dan Matthews investigates when a courier with a criminal record disappears with money.
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D.h.q. - Medical (s4, ep4)
Friday and Gannon investigate cases in a hospital emergency ward.