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Juvenile - Dr-32 (s3, ep24)
A girl's life hangs in the balance as the detectives search for the dog that bit her.
The Liberty Bell (s11, ep14)
A boyhood friend from Bryant Park rides his motorcycle back into Robbie's life and awakens Robbie's wanderlust with tales of travel and adventure.
Fantastic Friday #57
Beaver's Sweater (s2, ep31)
Beaver sees an Eskimo sweater in a store window and becomes determined to get one. He finally convinces Ward and June to get him one, but the first day he wears it he sees Judy Hensler wearing the same sweater.
Friendship (s2, ep32)
Beaver spends the weekend at Larry's but the first night there they get into a terrible argument and Beaver goes home angry. After Ward tells Beaver a story about Damon and Pythias, Beaver and Larry swear to die for each other. Larry then promptly demands that Beaver give him his homework to prove himself.
The Case Of The Malicious Mariner (s5, ep4)
During a terrible storm at sea, First Officer Jerry Griffin dumps a million dollars worth of goods overboard to lessen the chances of his cargo freighter sinking. Once on shore, Jerry is hauled before a maritime court.
The Test (s4, ep21)
Olivia gets a job in the city as a dressmaker
Stranger In Town (s13, ep11)
Professional gunman Dave Reeves comes to Dodge for an assignment: kill his ex-wife's new husband-to-be.
Winter Kill (s12, ep26)
When a prized steer belonging to the Cartwrights is killed by the foreman of a neighboring ranch, the man's scheming boss plans to take unfair advantage of the mistake.
The Score Is Even (s3, ep29)
Lucas looks for help when he is shot after witnessing a murder.
The Mescalaro Curse (s3, ep30)
Lucas is marked for death: he was foreman of a jury that convicted an Apache.
The Bernal Sierra Story (s1, ep24)
Revolutionary Bernal Sierra joins the train finding the wife of his dead friend married to Casey Reardon, who sold guns to the Mexican revolutionaries. Bernal is suspicious of Casey, his brothers and Perdita over missing gold.
"B.A. is set up as an unbeatable boxer when the team battles a gangster attempting to gain control of the local fight scene."
Henry In Love (s2, ep16)
Henry returns from a week in Tokyo, announcing that he is in love with a 20-year-old girl named Nancy Sue Parker. When she arrives for the weekend, it isn't long before she starts making advances on Hawkeye.
For Want Of A Boot (s2, ep17)
In this riotous episode, Hawkeye gets wrapped up in a convoluted scheme to procure a new pair of boots.
Andy's Rich Girlfriend (s3, ep2)
Andy has begun seeing Peggy McMillan and he discovers she is from a wealthy family. The differences in their upbringings and education unsettle Andy, and he begins to doubt the ability of the relationship to endure.
Vacation In Vegas (s2, ep25)
Gomer wins a vacation for two to Las Vegas and Sgt. Carter joins him. Gomer doesn't want to gamble as much as he wants to see the sights, but the sergeant is committed to gaming.
Won't You Come Home, Arnold Ziffel? (s3, ep11)
With Doris out of town, Fred looks after Arnold by himself. When Arnold sees an advertisement for free movies and ice cream, he goes to Pixley. Lisa is convinced he's been pig-napped, so they all go on a search that leads them to a packing house.
Axis Annie (s3, ep23)
Hogan plans to use a propaganda radio announcer to get information to the underground.
Guests Perry Como And Tim Conway
"Guests Perry Como and Tim Conway. Originally aired on 01/20/69."
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Local Program
Local Scheduled Programming (s1, ep33)
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Local news
Local Scheduled Programming (s1, ep33)
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep31)
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep31)
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep6)
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MyNetworkTV programming
Local Scheduled Programming (s8, ep22)
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To Still The Voice
"Cannon is sent to investigate when a black community leader is murdered, just as he was to reveal a wrong doing."
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Enslaved, The (s7, ep16)
While investigating a death at a posh sanitarium, Betty discovers a sinister plot to defraud the patients.