5:00am The Facts of Life
The Beginning Of The Beginning - As the new headmistress, Blair finds one student particularly rebellious.
5:30am Diff'rent Strokes
Junk Food Junkie - Arnold's poor dental checkup and a visit by Drummond's health-conscious sister, Sophia, launches Drummond on a campaign to have "junk" food machines banned from Arnold's school, even though Arnold's drive for his class presidency may depend on keeping the machines in place.
6:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
Jethro Proposes - Granny has heard that Miss Jane has never been proposed to and wants to help out. She tries to get Jed to propose, but has no luck with that plan. Granny then settles to have Jethro propose to her. Jethro asks Miss Jane out, and she accepts. While at the bank, Jethro also meets the gorgeous new night guard, Ilse.
6:30am My Three Sons
Both Your Houses - Robbie is delighted when college classmate Peggy moves in next door, and the pair go to work on a joint assignment for their Shakespeare class. He plays Romeo to her Juliet when a feud between the two families seems imminent.
7:00am Leave It to Beaver
Wally's Glamour Girl - Wally is shocked to learn that the glamorous Kitty Bannerman is visiting Mayfield and he's afraid that she will find out that he's not the rich hot shot that he told her he was in the letters that he had sent her.
7:30am Leave It to Beaver
Chuckie's New Shoes - A neighbor gives Wally the responsibility of taking her son, Chuckie, down to the shoe store to pick out a pair of shoes. However, when Wally gives the job to Beaver, Beaver finds himself searching for Chuckie, who has gotten himself lost.
8:00am Perry Mason
The Case Of The Corresponding Corpse - Mason receives a telephone call from George Beaumont, a man who supposedly died in a plane crash nearly three years earlier. In reality, Beaumont missed the plane and after hearing about the accident decided to disappear.
9:00am Matlock
The Cult - A concerned father travels from Chicago to Atlanta to reclaim his son from a cult. When the cult leader is found dead, Matlock takes the case on behalf of the father's defense.
10:00am Diagnosis Murder
Too Many Cooks - Mark investigates when a philandering chef is murdered during a televised charity cook-off.
11:00am In the Heat of the Night
A Woman Much Admired - Gillespie's old flame returns to Sparta to settle some business matters and see Bill. When she is murdered he travels to Gulfport and meets his daughter Lana for the first time.
12:00pm Gunsmoke
Wishbone - Matt goes after three bandits who robbed a stagecoach and killed the driver and guard.
1:00pm Bonanza
Logan's Treasure - Sam Logan is released from jail after serving his 20-year sentence for stealing $100,000 worth of gold dust. He is followed by a bounty hunter who believes Sam will lead him to where the gold is buried.
2:00pm The Rifleman
And The Devil Makes Five - A snake crawls into Lucas' bed, and Mark must lure it away before it strikes.
2:30pm Wagon Train
The Pearlie Garnet Story - Beautiful but shrewd Pearlie Garnet was forced to leave the wagon train after she was found to be a liar, manipulator and thief who stole from everyone on the train. Now Bill and Duke have come across her again, as the owner of the biggest saloon in a small town.
4:00pm Charlie's Angels
Angels In Springtime - When a famous stage actress is electrocuted at an exclusive women's spa, the Angels are hired to capture the murderer and find a missing manuscript.
5:00pm Mama's Family
National Mama - Mama's dreams predict winning horses at the races.
5:30pm The Jeffersons
Half A Brother - George will do anything to get nominated to the Board of Directors of his bank.
6:00pm M*A*S*H
Settling Debts - Hawkeye and the crew surprise Colonel Potter with a party to commemorate Mildred's final payment on the couple's mortgage.
6:30pm M*A*S*H
The Moon Is Not Blue - With the camp facing prohibition and a severe medical supply shortage during another heat wave, Hawkeye resolves to lift morale by importing a racy new movie.
7:00pm The Andy Griffith Show
Opie's Fortune - Opie finds a lost wallet containing $50, and just as he's waited the seven-day period to claim the money as his own, the owner steps forward.
7:30pm The Andy Griffith Show
Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor - Andy considers moving to Raleigh for another job. An upset Barney tries to demonstrate to Andy just how bad Mayberry would be without him, creating more harm than good in his effort to get Andy to stay.
8:00pm Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
One Of Our Shells Is Missing - Sgt. Carter and Gomer hunt for a live mortar shell that the private lost during practice.
8:30pm Green Acres
A Pig In A Poke - Oliver is invited to New York to be the guest speaker at a Harvard alumni banquet but he arrives with an unexpected stowaway. Meanwhile, the Ziffels fear that they'll lose Arnold to Mr. Haney, who's trying to take the pig in lieu of a debt that he claims the Ziffels owe him.
9:00pm Hogan's Heroes
Fat Hermann, Go Home - Hogan plans to get a trainload of stolen paintings back to London, but things get complicated when Marya uses Schultz to impersonate Reich Marshall Goehring.
9:30pm Hogan's Heroes
The Softer They Fall - Kinchloe fights a German boxing champ, creating a diversion for a heist Hogan is planning.
10:00pm The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Jane Connell And Tim Conway - "Guests Jane Connell and Tim Conway. Originally aired on 03/02/70."
10:30pm Perry Mason
The Case Of The Scandalous Sculptor - Scandal rocks the art world when a model is found dead, presumably murdered by the jealous wife of a sculptor.
11:30pm The New Twilight Zone
Tooth Of Consequences And Wish Bank - The Tooth Fairy gives a dentist what he wishes for. A woman tries to cash in three wishes at a most unusual bank.
12:00am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Across The Threshold - An overly possessive mother takes charge of her bachelor son's life.
12:30am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Craig's Will - A woman's desire to marry into a rich family gets her into more trouble than she can handle.
1:00am Mannix
Blind Mirror - Winifred, private secretary and lover of the publisher George Diamond, becomes a runaway witness when a woman falls into the sea and drowns after a quarrel.
2:00am Cannon
The Stalker - Reclusive Virginia McKellar insists her sister did not die five years earlier, as everyone believes, and she'll willing to pay Cannon to prove it.
3:00am 77 Sunset Strip
The Kookie Caper - Kookie befriends a pretty teenager who is kidnapped, making him think that she is a runaway heiress and causing Bailey and Spencer to become involved.
4:00am Night Gallery
The Flip-side Of Satan - A callous disc jockey is offered up as a hellish sacrifice at a deserted radio station.
On Now
4:30am The Facts of Life
Rough Housing - The 'Diff'rent Strokes' gang stops by to see their old housekeeper, Mrs. Garrett. Meanwhile, Blair makes some snide comments about Cindy's femininity as the Harvest Queen competition begins.