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Personnel - The Shooting (s4, ep1)
The problems of policemen's wives.
Robbie And The Little Stranger (s6, ep23)
Robbie and his girlfriend, Joanne, consider a teenage marriage.
Fantastic Friday #32
"It's Fantastic Friday so the gang is answering questions, taking requests, and getting a peak at some of Bill's collectibles from a sci-fi classic! Classic cartoons include Tweety Bird, Popeye, and a tribute to Frankenstein. "
Captain Jack (s1, ep2)
Beaver and Wally send away for an alligator and they secretly keep it in the bathroom. When the alligator falls ill, the boys get some advice from Captain Jack, an owner of an alligator farm. However, keeping him a secret is going to be hard; the alligator is growing and they need a new place to keep him without June and Ward finding out.
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The Black Eye (s1, ep3)
Beaver comes home with a black eye and Ward is upset when he learns that Beaver didn't fight back. This leads Ward to teach Beaver how to defend himself. Little does Ward know, the person who punched Beaver is a girl, Violet Rutherford, the daughter of one of Ward's co-workers.
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The Case Of The Baffling Bug (s9, ep13)
The suspected theft of industrial secrets leads to an investigation by Drake, spying and murder.
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The Don: Part 2 (s1, ep)
Even though they've lost a key witness, Matlock keeps defending mobster Nicholas Baron against the charge that he murdered a rival.
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Ches And The Grand Lady (s7, ep16)
Lonnie must protect his Aunt Cordelia when her cherished friendship with Ches Collins angers one of his cousins.
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The Tailspin (s7, ep23)
Jim-Bob finds out he is not eligible to fly in the Air Corps due to bad vision
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Phoebe Strunk (s8, ep9)
Phoebe Strunk and her murderous clan terrorize Dodge.
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Five Sundowns To Sunup (s7, ep12)
A family embarks upon a kidnapping spree in an attempt to halt an execution.
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Long Trek (s3, ep17)
Lucas and Marshal Torrance run into trouble transporting a captured killer back to face trial.
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The Actress (s3, ep18)
A deathbed request from an old friend sends Lucas to a neighboring town in search of the man's long-lost sweetheart.
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The Tracy Sadler Story (s3, ep22)
David Forest always believed his father to be as he claimed. When Tracy Sadler joins the wagon train his beliefs are altered when he slowly and painfully learns the truth about his father's past.
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Log 142 -- As High As You Are (s2, ep11)
As Malloy and Reed's patrol begins, an uneventful traffic stop becomes more interesting when something catches Malloy's eye. Later, they discover an unusual situation responding to a break-in at a hospital supply warehouse, which becomes even more odd when the warehouse owner and a group of revenge-seeking thugs show up at the scene. The shift ends in a fitting way when they are called to an apartment where a baby has been left unattended with a pet lion.
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Log 43 -- Hostage (s2, ep12)
Malloy and several civilians are taken hostage after he is shot and seriously injured by robbers while stopping for lunch at Duke's Longhorn Café.
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The Addams Family In Court (s1, ep21)
Gomez and Morticia return from a bat hunt and discover that Grandmama, going by the name of Madama Bovary, has begun telling people's fortunes in a giant tent in the living room. Just as Morticia forbids her to go on telling fortunes, a police officer walks in and arrests Grandmama. Soon, the entire family comes to court to help defend Grandmama.
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Our Gang (s5, ep21)
Richie tells Chachi the story of how he met Fonzie in order to convince him that joining a gang is a mistake.
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No Sweat (s9, ep11)
Margaret develops a case of prickly heat, Charles does his tax returns and Klinger takes the P.A. apart—just some of the events that occur during another unendurably hot night at the 4077th.
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Depressing News (s9, ep12)
Klinger's army newspaper reports on Hawkeye's monument to military stupidity; a giant tower made from a half million erroneously shipped tongue depressors.
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Keeper Of The Flame (s2, ep14)
Opie joins a secret club that meets in Jubal Foster's barn. When Jubal burns his own barn down, he attempts to blame the group of boys.
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Bailey's Bad Boy (s2, ep15)
Rich kid Ronald Bailey is jailed when he blatantly defies the law. As Bailey waits for his influential father to bail him out, Andy teaches him the lesson of self-responsibility.
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Crazy Legs Gomer (s3, ep2)
Sgt. Carter plans to use Gomer to win the inter-squad competition.
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The Candidate (s4, ep5)
Fed up with the lousy condition of the Hooterville highway, Oliver launches an attack on their beloved state district representative, Ben Hanks. The folksy, duck-calling, guitar-playing politician proves too wily for Oliver, even when caught padding the state payroll with relatives.
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The Softer They Fall (s5, ep18)
Kinchloe fights a German boxing champ, creating a diversion for a heist Hogan is planning.
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Gowns By Yvette (s5, ep19)
Hogan plans to use the wedding of Burkhalter's niece to smuggle a defector out of Germany.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Movie Fan, The / Rebecky
In The Movie Fan, Carol is an woman obsessed with movie culture, to the detriment of her husband. Then, in Rebecky, the gang parodies the classic film "Rebecca", with Carol as Joan Fontaine and Harvey as Lawrence Olivier.
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A Thing About Machines (s2, ep4)
A writer feels that the machines in his house are conspiring against him.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Jonathan (s2, ep10)
A widower remarries but his son does not take this too kindly.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Better Bargain (s2, ep11)
A mobster hires a hit man to kill his cheating wife and lover.
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The Odds Against Donald Jordan (s2, ep21)
Mannix tries to find missing building contractor Donald Jordan. He gets poor help from the man's partner, wife and sister. Each offers a different reason for his disappearance. When Jordan reappears, he assures Mannix that he's fine and asks him to drop the case.
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Perfect Fit For A Frame
"Cannon gets hired to protect a girl but when her supposed pursuer is found dead he finds himself charged with murder."
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Billie Jo's First Record (s5, ep24)
A slick, big-city promotion man concocts a phony publicity build-up to promote Billie Jo's first record.
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Mae's Helping Hand (s5, ep25)
When she hears Kate is out of town, Cousin Mae comes to the Shady Rest to help run things in her absence. Unfortunately, she meddles in everyone's business and causes nothing but trouble.