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The Big Dog (s2, ep11)
A purse-snatching dog? This is the case Friday and Gannon must solve. Making things more difficult, victims give different descriptions of the four-legged thief.
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The Pyramid Swindle (s2, ep12)
A female con-artist uses an evangelistic approach to lure buyers into her pyramid scheme. The Bunco division can't charge her with false advertising, so they prosecute her for operating a lottery.
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The X-ray Story (s2, ep13)
Fred is mistakenly treated for a rare dinosaur disease.
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Bingo Bill
"Tooners, join Bill and Toony for a game of B-I-N-G-O!"
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Wally's Glamour Girl (s4, ep10)
Wally is shocked to learn that the glamorous Kitty Bannerman is visiting Mayfield and he's afraid that she will find out that he's not the rich hot shot that he told her he was in the letters that he had sent her.
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Chuckie's New Shoes (s4, ep11)
A neighbor gives Wally the responsibility of taking her son, Chuckie, down to the shoe store to pick out a pair of shoes. However, when Wally gives the job to Beaver, Beaver finds himself searching for Chuckie, who has gotten himself lost.
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The Case Of The Drowning Duck (s1, ep4)
Donald Briggs is an unscrupulous private investigator hired by Clyde Waters to uncover information about Marv Adams, his daughter's fiance. Briggs learns that Marv Adams' father was Ben Devereaux, who was convicted of murder 18 years ago.
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The Coach (s9, ep)
A basketball coach is accused of murdering an influential booster.
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Pilot: Part 2 (s1, ep2)
The investigation into the brutal murders of a young girl and the suspect in her death, leads Tibbs and Gillespie to the son of one of Sparta's wealthiest and most influential citizens. As they come closer to the truth things become dangerous for Virgil.
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The Venture (s3, ep25)
John takes on a loan to improve the business and he gets a big order
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The Wreckers (s13, ep1)
In a moment of quick wit, Kitty has Matt switch identities with an injured outlaw, fooling the man's gang into believing they can extort money from Dodge in exchange for Matt's life.
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San Francisco (s1, ep28)
Ben, Hoss, Joe and Hop-Sing go to San Francisco to sell their cattle. They get shanghaied, but are able to break up the racket with the help of some of Hop-Sing's many cousins.
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The Lonesome Bride (s3, ep32)
Two pranksters write away for a mail-order bride, using Lucas's name.
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Death Trap (s3, ep33)
Lucas recognizes Dr. Simon Battle as an ex-gunslinger with whom he once traded shots.
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The Ruttledge Munroe Story (s1, ep34)
Ruttledge Munroe joins the wagon train on the trail. His odd sense of humor is noticed right away, but when he saves the major's life it is forgotten. That is, until he kills someone else and the real reason he joined up is revealed.
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Venice Division (s6, ep5)
Malloy and Reed have to break the news to a young model that her press agent lied when he said there would be nothing wrong with having a nude photo shoot on a busy public beach. Later, they discover a man stealing from a phone booth, assist in the chase of a stolen dune buggy, try help an attractive woman whose safety is put in grave danger by an obscene phone caller, deal with a wino who dies while eating at a diner and pull over a woman towing a large jack-o-lantern.
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Hot Shot (s6, ep6)
Today's patrol begins with a traffic stop of a high-society cat burglar who's just finished serving a four-year prison term, and Malloy senses the guy is about to return to his old ways. Meanwhile, he and Reed engage in a standoff with a wounded robbery suspect who fatally shot a convenience store worker, examine an abandoned vehicle, investigate the theft of a book from a library and deal with a distraught unemployed man who takes his young daughter hostage in his home.
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Deluge (s4, ep23)
A sudden deluge of wounded at the 4077th is followed by a fire and a rainstorm, which makes matters difficult for the staff.
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Bug Out (part 1)
"A rumor that there's going to be a practice bug-out causes anxiety. When Potter assembles the unit in an attempt to squelch the rumor, the call comes in to bug out, and the rumor suddenly comes to life! Meanwhile, Hawkeye begins surgery on a patient with a spinal injury. The bug-out proceeds without him, Hot Lips and Radar, and they quickly learn after the unit departs that they're in the midst of the front. When Potter, Mulcahy, BJ, Frank and the others arrive at the buildings which had been scouted by helicopter, they find the house full of "business girls," and Potter gives them Klinger's dresses to persuade them to leave the house. A helicopter comes to evacuate the spinal injury patient, and just as the three get ready to go to the new location, they find the 4077 is already returning, and eventually everyone reunites back at the camp, what with the Chinese being repulsed. "
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Bug Out (s5, ep1)
A rumor that there's going to be a camp relocation causes anxiety. When Potter assembles the unit in an attempt to squelch the rumor, the call comes in that the rumor is indeed fact!
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The Perfect Female (s2, ep8)
Andy learns a great deal about Thelma Lou's cousin.
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Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter (s2, ep9)
When Aunt Bee falls for traveling handyman Henry Wheeler, Andy soon learns that Wheeler is not as nice as he appears.
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The Soup Contest (s5, ep2)
Granny enters Elly in a soup-making contest, with her own Snider Surprise soup. When Jed finds out Granny cheated, he demands that she pull Elly May out of the contest. But Granny refuses to because this is a way to get Elly a husband. She tricks Jed into believing she got Elly out of the contest and gets him to go hunting, just in time. The men from Savory Soup visit the mansion and are amazed by the beautiful Elly, thinking she’d be a beetle.
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Oliver's Double (s6, ep10)
A bank robber hiding out in Pixley is an Oliver Douglas look-alike. When Eb spots the crook kissing his moll, he accuses Oliver of cheating on "Mom". Things get more confusing when Oliver's hauled in on suspicion of being the holdup man.
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Lebeau And The Little Old Lady (s3, ep25)
LeBeau tells the others he is taking messages to a little old lady, when really she is a beautiful lady he has fallen for.
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How To Escape From Prison Camp Without Really Trying (s3, ep26)
Hogan hides 30 prisoners in order to keep the SS busy while the Allies build reinforcements.
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Guests Jack Palance And Liza Minnelli
"Guests Jack Palance and Liza Minnelli. Originally aired on 02/05/68."
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The Case Of The Nebulous Nephew (s7, ep1)
A scam to swindle elderly relatives and a pang of conscience leads to a murder.
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A Hundred Yards Over The Rim (s2, ep23)
In 1847 an American pioneer sets out to find medicine for his dying son—and stumbles into modern-day New Mexico.
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Faith Of Aaron Menefee (s7, ep17)
A man's belief in a faith healer leads to an interesting situation for both of them.
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Woman Who Wanted To Live (s7, ep18)
On the run from the law, an escaped convict kidnaps a young woman.
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To The Swiftest, Death (s2, ep1)
Ellen Kovak suspects her husband's death in a racing accident wasn't an accident at all, and she hires Mannix to prove it.
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The Shadow Man (s2, ep10)
Frank Cannon is hired to search missing rancher Dale Lucas following his wife's order. He notes that the guard service of the ranch has been replaced.
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Dark Legacy (s2, ep21)
A couple murders young men.