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Vice - Dr-30 (s3, ep22)
Posing as orange growers, Friday and Gannon attempt to bust a gambling operation.
Robbie Valentino (s2, ep21)
Bub fires Robbie's show business ambitions when he tells him to make the most of an opportunity involving his physics class.
Fan-tastic Friday #8
"The cast and crew of Toon In With Me celebrate the fans with a show co-curated by the viewers at home! Can't miss cartoons include Popeye, Tom & Jerry, and Foghorn Leghorn. "
Wally's Chauffeur (s5, ep12)
Wally plans on going to a big dance with Evelyn Boothby and they plan on getting there cramped with six other people in Lumpy's car. When June and Ward refuse to allow that, Wally and Evelyn must find another way to get there. However, what Evelyn has in mind doesn't go over well with Wally.
Beaver's First Date (s5, ep13)
A party is being thrown at the dancing school where Beaver and Wally once took lessons and they're both invited. This prompts Beaver to ask one particular girl who caught his eye, Betsy Patterson, if he could escort her to the dance. However, once at the dance, he finds that Betsy has promised other boys that she would dance with them.
The Case Of The Loquacious Liar (s4, ep10)
Lester Martin's life takes a horrible turn for the worse when a man breaks into his apartment, forces him at gun-point to drink half a bottle of Scotch and then drives him into the country.
The D.j. (s3, ep)
When radio disk jockey, and Michelle's new boyfriend, Arthur Saxon is accused of murdering a rival, Matlock agrees to defend him. Michelle swears he's the kindest, most gentle man she's ever known, but Matlock soon learns otherwise.
A Love Lost (s7, ep6)
Lana's ex-boyfriend comes to see her and brings a load of stolen rifles with him.
The Journey (s2, ep1)
An elderly neighbor reinforces John-Boy's feelings that despite hard times he is lucky to be surrounded by a loving family
On Now
To Ride A Yeller Horse (s19, ep23)
The schemes of a mother trying to control the lives of her son and daughter lead to tragic results.
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Badge Without Honor (s2, ep3)
Adam is rescued from an ambush by Gerald Eskith, a lawman who is on a mission to Virginia City. Eskith is looking for a man who happens to be married to a close friend of the Cartwrights. By the time Adam realizes Eskith's real agenda, it may be too late to save someone's life.
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Sins Of The Father (s2, ep30)
After shooting a man in self-defense, Andy Moon turns to Lucas for protection from his vengeful brothers.
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The Prodigal (s2, ep31)
To keep his invalid mother happy, an outlaw forces Lucas and Mark to go along with a masquerade that he is the owner of Lucas' ranch.
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The Jeff Hartfield Story (s5, ep20)
"Jeff Hartfield becomes concerned when his sister Jenny begins dating Dallas who threatens him with an orphanage at journey's end. Jeff takes off but Dallas follows with deadly intent, believing Jeff knows the location of $30,000."
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The Search (s4, ep5)
Malloy and Reed report to a robbery at a grocery store, where Malloy is required to engage in a high-speed pursuit with one of the suspects while Reed apprehends the other on foot. When Malloy is seriously injured in a rollover accident at a remote location and loses two-way radio communication, Reed and others from the department race against the clock to locate him.
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The Addams Policy (s2, ep28)
Uncle Fester tests Morticia's new flame thrower and accidentally sets the stuffed polar bear on fire. The family immediately makes a claim to the insurance company, infuriating Mr. Henson, the manager. Furious with Joe Digby for forgetting to cancel the Addams policy, Henson fires him, but Gomez decides to set Digby up with a company of his own.
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Hepatitis (s5, ep19)
Father Mulcahy comes down with infectious hepatitis, and Hawkeye has to give the whole camp antibiotics, while dealing with a psychosomatic back pain. Meanwhile, B.J. has to perform a very difficult operation.
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The General's Practitioner (s5, ep20)
In the midst of Hawkeye being considered, much to his distaste, for the position of a general's personal physician, Radar becomes a surrogate father to a Korean woman and her baby, until the baby's GI father returns.
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Mayberry On Record (s1, ep19)
Andy becomes suspicious when a record promoter comes to town to gather material for a folk music album.
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Andy Saves Barney's Morale (s1, ep20)
Barney's overzealous policing enrages the people of Mayberry.
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Caution: Low Overhead (s3, ep4)
Sgt. Carter sets out to expose a fraud by proving to Gomer that the man who sold him a cheap watch is a crook.
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Lisa's Mudder Comes For A Visit (s5, ep1)
Lisa's mother surprises her and "Whatshisname" (Oliver) with a three week visit. She just became a countess--the title came with an estate she bought--but Eb tells everyone she's the Queen of Sicily. In her royal honor, the locals hold a Ceremonial Day complete with a solid gold wooden key to the city. The highlight is a 21-gun-salute using just one cannon and three balls.
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The Flight Of The Valkyrie (s1, ep5)
Because of all the "funny business" going on, Klink brings in Colonel Crittendon to replace Hogan as officer in charge of POWs. His arrival louses up plans to help a German baroness escape to England.
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The Prisoner's Prisoner (s1, ep6)
A British commando gives Hogan the assignment he failed at: blow up an ammo dump. Once done, Hogan uses a German general to find out where he is planning to attack.
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Family, The / Oldest Man, The
In The Family, Eunice and Mama go to an elegant restaurant and feel the pressure to put on airs. Then, in The Oldest Man, a bank robber is chased by the Oldest Man in the Wild West.
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The Case Of The Vagabond Vixen (s1, ep9)
Hollywood producer John Addison picks up an attractive young hitchhiker. Far from innocent, she turns out to be a blackmailer and a witness to a murder with which Addison is charged.
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The Brain Center At Whipple's (s5, ep33)
A heartless CEO completely automates his factory, laying off all of his employees.
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No Pain (s5, ep5)
A man destined to live in an iron lung learns that his wife has been unfaithful to him.
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Anniversary Gift (s5, ep6)
A man tries to murder his rich wife by giving her a poisonous snake.
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What Happened To Sunday? (s4, ep10)
Mannix can't recall the events of the past 24 hours—other than a haunting memory of a little girl falling from a balcony.
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Murder By The Numbers (s3, ep13)
After a model ends up dead, the man last seen with her hires Cannon. He insists the girl was alive when he left her, so Cannon starts to dig - and turns up quite a collection of motives.
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Platinum Connection (s2, ep16)
After a jeweler swindles his insurance company, he comes to suspect that his secretary is on to him.
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Every Bachelor Should Have A Family (s3, ep31)
When Kate's friend, Vera, says she wishes her boyfriend would propose, Kate invites him over to the Shady Rest hoping to convince him to pop the question.
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The Young Matchmakers (s3, ep32)
Widow Kate's three daughters organize a lonely hearts club to find eligible bachelors for their mother.