The Love Boat's Bernie Kopell felt ''blessed and privileged''

Kopell was glad to be Adam "Doc" Bricker.

The best thing about any job is the people. The same exact job with the same exact tasks can feel way better if you're surrounded by the right team. The group of folks we work with can make any job more tolerable.

This is true in the world of nautical romantic comedy dramas as well. On The Love Boat, Adam Bricker, aka Doc, was surrounded by an incredible ensemble cast of regular characters. Plus, he had the chance to interact with tons of one-off guest stars as the actors cycled in and out of Love Boat episodes.

That all must've made for a very enjoyable experience because Kopell speaks very fondly of his time on the show. In a 1983 interview with the Scranton, Pennsylvania Times-Tribune, Kopell praised the series and made sure to relish the experience he shared.

"Do you have any idea how many actors there are out there who don't have the chance to work," asked Kopell. "Sure, I love being on a series that has lasted this long. I feel blessed and privileged. I work steadily and the series gives me the universal acceptance to put together a summer package like The Dining Room. What could be wrong with that?"

That summer package he referred to was stage work he found while The Love Boat wasn't filming. For his part, Kopell actually preferred theatrical performance to televised acting.

"The immediate response of the audience is something you don't get to taste with the television. There's a communication with the people out there that television doesn't have."

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Pacificsun 8 months ago
He was a gracious and talented contributor (actor) on the Love Boat! My favorite because he was the most interesting, and unpredictable.
Andybandit 8 months ago
BK was good on TLB, an episode of Bewitched, and That Girl.
SalIanni Andybandit 8 months ago
I liked him better as Siegfried on Get Smart. He was very funny in that role.
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