Can you find the ONE actress who did not play Della Street?

11 of the dozen portrayed Della. Can you detect the imposter?

Images: The Everett Collection

Della Street, the trusty sidekick of Perry Mason, in unquestionably one of the most popular characters in mystery. Just look at how many performers have played the role!

Well, one of the actors below was never Della. The other 11, however, all played Street at some point. See if you can find the one who is NOT Della! Look them over closely and try to win in one guess!

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  1. Pick the ONE actress who was NOT Della Street. Keep clicking until you find the right answer!

Can you find the ONE actress who did not play Della Street?

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PulsarStargrave 3 months ago
NAILED IT on the first try! I saw her as the SEXY vesrsion of another role but nowhere in her profile did it mention her ever playing "Della Street"!
dekane54 4 months ago
Okay so which one is it that didn't play Della? I'm beginning to think it was a trick question and that they all actually voiced her or played her at some point
dekane54 4 months ago
When do you think MeTV will have a streaming app for my roku? I would love for that to happen because as it is I don't get to see every episode and I do not have a DVR so I just have to wait till it rolls around again, if ever.
love2cu1 8 months ago
I wish you could watch these shows from this app...
dekane54 love2cu1 4 months ago
Me too! I just missed season 6 episode 9 with Cloris leachman today and wow I really want to see that one
MichaelGreene 8 months ago
Phyllis Coates appeared in a few episodes of the Raymond Burr Perry Mason series, but as one of the guest stars. In fact, she was probably the only member of the Adventures of Superman cast who had a somewhat busy acting career post-Superman. As of this writing, she's the last member of the Adventures of Superman cast who's still with us.
Hilary 8 months ago
Got it the first time! But the best hands down-Barbara Hale. Classy, smart and loyal!
ma2lyssa Hilary 8 months ago
I feel silly asking this, but when did all these actresses play Della? I've only ever seen Barbara Hale. Were they all on the original series?
Mukusthebadd1 9 months ago
Sad! I think I picked every chick but the one I needed!
maldir907 9 months ago
I downloaded the app on my android phone.........and for what? Just to see what you have scheduled. I don't want to know what's scheduled. I want to see my favorite childhood shows and I can't!!!!! Most every comment that I saw was negative and some people are saying that you don't even respond to their comments. What's up with that? Very, very poor service in all aspects.
AlbertHanson 9 months ago
First try. I just happened to see a clip of 'Superman and the Mole Men' with Phyllis Coates.
MrBill 9 months ago
Took five tries - I did not recognize Phyllis Coates from her picture.
WolfmanJack56 9 months ago
Guessed the right one on the first try.
kimmer 9 months ago
If it had asked the question the other way...I'd of had it in my three attempts..lmao...
Wiseguy kimmer 9 months ago
...I'd have had it..."
UTZAAKE 9 months ago
Damn. That was an incredibly lucky guess. Was certain it was going to take me ten guesses but solved it on only one attempt.
Mdtimetraveler 9 months ago
I got it on the first try. Della has always been a wonderful example for working women.
Katch 9 months ago
Actually got this one one the first try!
ELEANOR 9 months ago
Truly amazing that there were 11 Della Streets! Who knew!!
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