Can you match these catchphrases to the classic comedian?

"Take my quiz… please."

Below, you will find a dozen phrases uttered by comics from the golden age of comedy and television. Some of them are still said today, to the point that they have become the ultimate examples of one-liners.

But do you remember who came up with the quotes? 

Try to match these timeless catchphrases to the correct comedians popular in the 1950s, '60s and '70s.

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  1. This member of The Three Stooges was known to "Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!"
  2. "I get no respect," he said for years.
  3. "Hey, Laaaady!" he said in, fittingly, 'The Ladies Man.'
  4. "Can we talk?" she would ask.
  5. His "Well, excu-u-se me!" became an oft-repeated Seventies catchphrase.
  6. "Say goodnight, Gracie," he would prompt to his partner.
  7. Who was known for saying "Verrry interesting" on 'Laugh-In'?
  8. This "King of One-Liners" came up with the immortal "Take my wife… please."
  9. "Now cut that out," this longtime TV host would say.
  10. This legend was known to lead with, "But I wanna tell ya…"
  11. He named his production company Gladasya after his catchphrase, "Glad to see ya!"
  12. This vaudevillian popularized the phrase "Tell ya what I'm gonna do!" on 'Texaco Star Theater.'

Can you match these catchphrases to the classic comedian?

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JHP 1 month ago
11/12 OH HAPPY DAYS! (doing My Carl Reiner imitation:))

Sid Stone?

Wouldn't know him from Sharon Stone
Dario 2 months ago
Aced it! A perfect 12! 👌👌👌👌👌 👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
CouchPotato987 2 months ago
Never heard of Sid Stone? I’ve heard of Ernie Kovacs and Mort Sahl. I’ve seen Ernie Kovacs on the old 50’s game show What’s My Line as a panel contestant. He had a pretty hot wife too. 😛
Dario CouchPotato987 2 months ago
That would be the late Edie Adams, the singer, who died ery recently.
trogg888 2 months ago
who the heck is sid stone
CouchPotato987 trogg888 2 months ago
Yeah, I would like to know too. Lol
CaptainDunsel 3 months ago
I missed #10 and #12
Most of them I could hear in my head. But 10 didn't bring Bob Hope to mind. And 12 sounded familiar, but I don't think I ever heard Sid Stone.
JewelsChuck 3 months ago
9/12...not bad for guessing most of them.
ETristanBooth 3 months ago
10/12. Never watched the Three Stooges. Never heard of Sid Stone.
"Oh, a wiseguy, huh?"
mrwatcher 3 months ago
11 / 12 . .
Wish I did that well in school ! No telling where I would be now.
I'd still be retired, D'0h
MarkSpeck 3 months ago
12 out of 12. Helps to be a comedy buff!
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