Can you spot the one opening credits scene that’s NOT from a ’70s TV show?

Find the odd one out channel surfing through the Seventies!

If you're a massive 1970s TV fan, you know exactly which shows were on air during that iconic era and will have no trouble spotting the impostor show below.

Here, we've collected single images from the opening credits of hit Seventies shows – with one exception. There's only one scene mixed in that comes from a different decade. Try to find that one scene that doesn't fit in the '70s' groove. Good luck!
  1. Pick the ONE opening credits scene that does NOT belong in the 1970s:

Can you spot the one opening credits scene that’s NOT from a ’70s TV show?

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storyofcory 50 months ago
Is the photo in the last row, far left, from The Bob Newhart Show? Thx.
Rickey 57 months ago
You found the right show!
Surprise, surprise, surprise! This shot is from the opening credits of the Sixties hit Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., which aired 1964-1969.
EllisClevenger 63 months ago
You found The Odd Couple
Whoops, you found The Odd Couple! That aired 1970-1975.
Julesverne54 63 months ago
Just an FYI, the caricature of Carol Burnett with a mop is in the closing credits. The Carol Burnett Show.
Wiseguy Julesverne54 62 months ago
No, that was in the opening credits where the letters CBS spell out Carol Burnett Show. I remember seeing that in the original run and MEtV is showing that opening now.
Lacey 63 months ago
Wow, just ONE ????
I thought you were going to have us pick out a few.
DiscoDave 63 months ago
Got it right. Was unsure what the fourth one was then realized it was Wonder Woman.
Lacey DiscoDave 63 months ago
I thought that was Superfriends or the 1960s equivalent. I almost picked that one also.
Deleted 63 months ago
This comment has been removed.
AllisonWunderland 63 months ago
You must be referring to Laverne and Shirley!! Lol
Joseph 63 months ago
I knew that Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. ended in 1969 so I didn't have to look at the others. I thought there would more questions.
MrBill 63 months ago
I got it right; took a few minutes but I finally remembered that Gomer Pyle ended prior to 1970.
Tresix 63 months ago
I got it right! I knew "Gomer Pyle, USMC" ended before the Seventies, but I didn't know that it debuted in 1964!
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