How many Perry Mason characters can you name?

The classic series had a few creatively named characters. Can you guess them all?

Though the cases in Perry Mason were serious, the show had many light moments. Even a few of the characters names were a little humorous. They call to mind food items, infrastructure and even musical instruments.

Here are ten characters you may recognize from the classic legal drama. Can you name them all?

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  1. Perry's trusted assistant is...
  2. What is this investigator's name?
  3. Perry Mason often faced this prosecutor named...
  4. Who is this police lieutenant?
  5. She worked in Perry Mason's office.
  6. Raymond Burr once played Perry's doppelgänger...
  7. Do you know this police officer's name?
  8. Who is this restaurant owner?
  9. This police lieutenant appeared in later seasons.
  10. When Bette Davis filled in for Raymond Burr, she played...

How many Perry Mason characters can you name?

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RCampanini 7 days ago
Please DROP the My Pillow Guy he’s a TRAITOR!
JHP 12 days ago
off topic - thanks me-tv for pulling ed sullivan
JHP 12 days ago

#1 - is yummo:)

now I can handle a full house quiz - well - maybe
jencm424 1 month ago
Just lost METV on Comcast Xfinity today. Anyone know where it can now be found on Xfinity?
jencm424 1 month ago
Just lost METV in Comcast Xfinity today. Anyone know where it can be found now on Xfinity?
cfilson 2 months ago
Love the show…wish it was on more as some are…
robyni23 3 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You got many of these answers exactly right. Great job!
MikefromJersey 3 months ago

10 for 10.
Great series and an evergreen. But I had to stop watching, there comes a point
under the Law of Diminishing Returns when you become too familiar with the story
and there is no magic.
You no longer can get lost in the story and you start looking at windows or highly polished
car doors to see if you can spot the reflections of the camera crew.
So I am giving Perry and crew a pass for awhile and will read the books, which can be
fun because Mason is much more the rule breaking rogue, especially in the pre 1960's
editions. You never know with reprints, they radically revised the original Hardy Boys
kid's books, for example.
RichLorn MikefromJersey 3 months ago
I hear ya Mike. I read the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift Jr, Rick Brant, and more as a child. Later in adulthood scanning a couple of relatively recent reprints of the Hardy boys in the library for nostalgia. Gone were the references to car running boards, old model revolvers, speedboats with wooden hulls, fedoras, etc. We grew up in a better time. A time that made sense.
MikefromJersey RichLorn 3 months ago
There are 82 books and 4 short stories about Perry Mason, over 300 million in print.
Since 2015 Ankerwycke has been reprinting them.
Apparently every one of them was adapted for the Raymond Burr series, but sources
disagree about that.
Something called Thrilling Detectives is a oft cited source, but in a few short paragraphs
it contradicts itself plus confuses Perry with the actual Ray Burr.
It claims Natalie Wood was "romantically" linked with the  fictional Perry instead of Burr.
That's like me saying I was involved with Miss Jane from The Beverly Hillbillies.
Nala92129 3 months ago
9 out of 10. I found Bette Davis so jarring on Perry Mason, that I never watched that episode. Bette was one of my very favorite actresses, but her appearance on PM was not one I welcomed. Don't know why.
seaeagle Nala92129 3 months ago
I so agree. This episode is #1 on the 'will never watch again' list. Bette was horrible, overacting on the small screen doesn't play. Reminded me of Norma Desmond/'Sunset Boulevard'/"ready for my closeup" creepy moment. FYI - 10/10 WooHoo!
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