How many Perry Mason characters can you name?

The classic series had a few creatively named characters. Can you guess them all?


Though the cases in Perry Mason were serious, the show had many light moments. Even a few of the characters names were a little humorous. They call to mind food items, infrastructure and even musical instruments.

Here are ten characters you may recognize from the classic legal drama. Can you name them all?

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  1. Perry's trusted assistant is...
  2. What is this investigator's name?
  3. Perry Mason often faced this prosecutor named...
  4. Who is this police lieutenant?
  5. She worked in Perry Mason's office.
  6. Raymond Burr once played Perry's doppelgänger...
  7. Do you know this police officer's name?
  8. Who is this restaurant owner?
  9. This police lieutenant appeared in later seasons.
  10. When Bette Davis filled in for Raymond Burr, she played...

How many Perry Mason characters can you name?

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seaeagle 16 months ago
You got 10 out of 10. You got many of these answers exactly right. Great job!
They could have made this so much harder! Luv PM/RB!
Catgirl48 21 months ago
I love my Perry Mason 10 out of 10. Interesting that Richard Anderson (Steve Drumm) played the villian in movie Perry Mason Returns...........
JAWhitman 25 months ago
missed 1 shame on me I love my Perry Mason
RCampanini 26 months ago
Please DROP the My Pillow Guy he’s a TRAITOR!
Julie32055 RCampanini 26 months ago
I agree with you, I want him off the TV!
Nala92129 RCampanini 26 months ago
Would you prefer Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib or Stacey Abrams?
Nala92129 Julie32055 25 months ago
So much for tolerance & free speech.
JHP 26 months ago
off topic - thanks me-tv for pulling ed sullivan
Susan00100 JHP 25 months ago
Thank you, MeTV, for pulling M*A*S*H from its Sunday lineup!
JHP Susan00100 25 months ago
I meant my post in a sarcastic tone - I enjoyed Ed Sully-stones show:)

But networks will pull a show off the schedule w/o warning - when we on the viewer side could be putting them in the DVR

But now they have Ed Sullivan's rock and roll variety show on which is good too:)

JHP 26 months ago

#1 - is yummo:)

now I can handle a full house quiz - well - maybe
jencm424 28 months ago
Just lost METV on Comcast Xfinity today. Anyone know where it can now be found on Xfinity?
jencm424 28 months ago
Just lost METV in Comcast Xfinity today. Anyone know where it can be found now on Xfinity?
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