Poll: Vote for your favorite U2 album!

Are you talking ''U2'' to me?


When did U2 become the biggest band in the world? Was it at the height of their '80s artistic peak? Was it during their reinvention comeback period? Either way, we're just happy they're here.

Pretentious, incredible, bombastic, messy. They're undeniably one of the most seismic stadium rock bands of all time. Whether you love them or hate them, you can not overlook U2 as a commercial entity.

So which album is your favorite? Do you like their earlier stuff, or are you tuning in to what they're cooking up now? Vote for your favorite and see how your choice ranks against the others! Be sure to share your thoughts and memories in the comments section below!

  1. Which U2 album is your favorite?

Poll: Vote for your favorite U2 album!

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buddywyzer 6 months ago
None, I don't like u2 or Bono, they is what I call sucks
Wenatchee7 6 months ago
Never liked this band at all, highly overrated.
dazeofwine 6 months ago
Rattle And Hum had it all for me.
ironman2000 dazeofwine 6 months ago
That was my pick too. It was the one that made me notice U2.
Zip 6 months ago
They forgot "pompous" and "self-righteous" in their list of adjectives up in the description there. Never got into them.
frenchman71 Zip 6 months ago
I feel that Bono got to political with some of his causes. "If you like my music, you gotta like my politics".
Bapa1 6 months ago
100% But my all-time favorite album by them is 'Under a Blood Red Sky' which was a live album. So good. Have seen them twice in concert.
harlow1313 6 months ago
I very much enjoy music, but I have never much liked U2, nor The Eagles. I prefer my artists to be a bit quirkier.

For example, I enjoy Tom Waits. But additionally, I know Big Country's catalogue quite well, so maybe I am just a contrarian.
Bapa1 harlow1313 6 months ago
Tom Waits was pretty good. I was a big fan of Big Country.
Rob Bapa1 6 months ago
I liked Big Country too.
BorisK 6 months ago
How does U2 show up on a classic television site? MeTV needs to stick to the subject.
Bapa1 BorisK 6 months ago
You don't remember their show, 'The U2 Bunch'?
Rob 6 months ago
I liked their earlier works, pre Joshua Tree.
Muleskinner 6 months ago
0%! Not a fan. ☹️
tnminnow Muleskinner 6 months ago
Me neither. But I guessed the most popular one. It was the only one I recognize by the title.
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