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Public Affairs - Dr-14
Friday and Gannon try to get citizens to take part in a crime-prevention campaign.
My Dad, The Athlete
Ernie's friends all boast of their dads' college athletic trophies, which forces Steve into a grueling two-mile cross-country race with the other fathers.
Rabbit Fire (1951), Jerry's Diary, Droopy's Double Trouble, Gopher Spinach, Roadrunner A Go-go
"Popeye battles a gopher over his precious spinach plants."
The All-night Party
After graduation, an all-night party is set to begin, which has June and Ward very wary. They aren't sure if they should allow Wally to attend. Meanwhile, Wally's date for the party has the same problem. This leads her to invite Wally to meet her folks and put their worries to rest.
Beaver Sees America
Beaver has the chance to travel around the country for six weeks during the summer and he's all excited about it. However, he quickly realizes when he's gone Gilbert will go after the girl Beaver has a crush on, Mary Margaret. But he quickly realizes, there's more to life than Mary Margaret.
The Case Of The Lawful Lazarus
When a man declared legally dead suddenly re-appears and tries to get a hold of his dying wife's money in order to protect their children's interests, her entire family rallies against him until one of them turns up murdered. "Lazarus" is naturally charged.
The Starlet
An old friend comes to Matlock begging him to prove that her daughter didn't murder a rival after a beauty contest.
A lawyer has personal reasons for trying to gain early release for a man who was sent to prison after an accident he caused while drinking and driving.
The Lady
A woman who used to be rich takes a job at the Long Branch while she and her niece are on their way to San Francisco.
The Code
Joe finds himself goaded into a duel at which a lot of money is being bet against him.
Miss Bertie
A lively old lady arrives in town hot on the trail of a notorious bandit—and the reward money for capturing him.
Six Years And A Day
A doctor seeks revenge on the man he blames for ruining his practice.
The George B. Hanrahan Story
"An ousted Ute medicine man rescued by Duke who knows Chris predicts the future of wagon train passengers but he tries to withhold the deadly fortune of the man who takes him in but is a shyster himself."
Log 12: He – He Was Trying To Kill Me
"Malloy and Reed investigate a case of child neglect."
Log 172 -- Boy...the Things You Do For The Job
After Malloy gives a gorgeous wealthy blonde a traffic ticket, she stalks him, affecting him and the police force. Although uninterested in her, Malloy is forced to "take one" for the job.
Disorder In The Court
When jury foreman Fred announces a verdict of "guilty," the convicted criminal escapes and vows revenge on him.
A Night At Rosie's
A typical day in the life of Rosie's bar, complete with AWOL problem drinkers, a bound and gagged Winchester and a gambling scheme.
Ain't Love Grand
The impossible happens for the snobbish Charles when he shares an emotional experience with Klinger, who discovers a US nurse, Debbie, finds him and his bizarre attire attractive, while Charles succumbs to the exotic charms of a Korean girl, called Sooni, who he meets at Rosie's Bar.
The Rumor
When Barney sees Andy kissing Helen in a jewelry store, he gets the idea that they are engaged. So he starts planning an engagement party and gets the whole town involved.
Double Date With The Sarge
Gomer decides to find a girl of his own after meeting Sgt. Carter's girlfriend, and they end up on a double date.
The Hungarian Curse
The man who saved the life of Lisa's uncle moves in on the Douglases seeking repayment for his good deed. Lisa feels an obligation to help Lazlo, but Oliver is simply irritated by his constant money-grubbing. Oliver's also unfazed by Lazlo's threats to cast a Hungarian curse on him.
Will The Real Colonel Klink Please Stand Up Against The Wall?
When Carter, in disguise as the camp kommandant, is seen near one of Hogan's operations, Klink is threatened with a treason charge.
Man In A Box
Hogan is ordered to capture LeBeau, but not before he lets him complete his mission.
Guest Rock Hudson
In Mrs. Wiggins, Carol plays a flighty secretary debating if she should leave her husband for a head-over-heels suitor. Then, in The Newscasters, Carol and Rock have a marital spat live on the air.
The Case Of The Artful Dodger
Allen Sheridan has more enemies than you can shake a stick at, even though he's due to inherit the healthy sum of $162,000. When Allen turns up dead his killer could be anyone, but his cousin, Sarette, becomes the prime suspect.
The Brain Center At Whipple's
A heartless CEO completely automates his factory, laying off all of his employees.
The Big Switch
A man buys an alibi so he can murder his girlfriend.
You Got To Have Luck
A crazy man holds a woman hostage in her farmhouse while he plans his escape from the area.
The Other Game In Town
The widow of a gambler who disappeared owing a huge debt hires Mannix when her "dead" husband suddenly reappears after his funeral.
The Melted Man
"Cannon investigates when an heiress finds an ax buried into the head of a snowman outside of her home."
Murdering Class, The
Barnaby investigates a murder at a prep-school.
Armored Car
Dan Mathews races to find a missing armored truck and rescue its endangered guard.
Narcotics - Dr-16
A businessman's war against drug addiction results in a new group whose motto is "freaking out isn't in."