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The Case Of The Lover's Leap
"The victim of a swindle finds his troubles multiplying when he's accused of murder."
The Thoroughbred
When the manager of a thoroughbred farm is murdered, her father begs Matlock to represent the mentally handicapped man accused of the crime.
A Final Arrangement
Sweet is heartbroken when an elderly woman who befriended him is murdered in her bookstore.
The Fulfillment
Curtis and Ann are unhappy to learn that they are unable to have children of their own.
Twenty Miles From Dodge
A gang of outlaws abducts Kitty and her fellow stagecoach passengers.
The Emperor Norton
A self-styled emperor arrives at the Ponderosa bringing his own private war along with him.
The Actress
A deathbed request from an old friend sends Lucas to a neighboring town in search of the man's long-lost sweetheart.
Face Of Yesterday
Lucas thinks he has seen a ghost when a young man, eerily similar to a man he killed in the Civil War, challenges him to a gunfight.
The Cole Crawford Story
"The young Crawford couple is trying to leave their past behind but having difficulty doing it. The wagon train is crossing a massive ranch and the owner's son refuses to let Mrs. Crawford leave nor will the train members help them."
Log 15 -- Exactly One Hundred Yards
On their day off, Malloy and Reed agree to give a talk to a group of fifth grade students, and then offer to let the kids watch them train for the California Police Olympics. But when the tires of their patrol car are slashed and a stopwatch goes missing out of reed's car, the two officers start to suspect one of the children.
Log 153 -- Find Me A Needle
Malloy and Reed are on the lookout for the "Mulholland Mauler," who has raped six female hitchhikers and left them for dead. They quickly make an arrest of a likely suspect and take him to the location of an abandoned vehicle, after learning its owner never made it to her destination.
The Stonefinger Caper
When Fred and Barney admire a car in a spy movie, their alien pal Gazoo brings the vehicle to real life--along with all the other characters in the film!
Big Money
After Richie wins $3,200 on a gameshow, the show's host hands him an envelope containing the answer to the $5,000 question.
Are You Now, Margaret?
A Congressional aide, Williamson, visits the 4077th on a supposedly routine fact-finding tour, but it's discovered that his motives are far deeper—too uncover Margaret as a communist sympathizer. His case is full of innuendo, so the gang set out to help Margaret.
Guerilla My Dreams
The arrival of a wounded Korean woman sparks a conflict at the 4077th: Hawkeye wants to heal her, but a steely ROK officer, Lt. Park, is more anxious to "question" her about alleged guerilla activities.
Opie Loves Helen
Opie develops a crush on his teacher, Helen Crump, at the school dance. He spends .74 cents to buy her a gift.
Sergeant Of The Guard
Gomer tries to capture a gang of thieves who have been robbing the Marine warehouse.
Instant Family
At Sam Drucker's store, Oliver and Lisa meet their new neighbor who's about to go into labor. After racing her to the hospital, Oliver arrives home to find Lisa's volunteered to keep the woman's four other children in their home. Oliver's nerves become frayed when he's forced to sleep in the barn with the boys and spend all day carrying the kids to and from school.
Operation Hannibal
Hogan and the daughter of a German general try to photograph her father's plans designed to prolong the war.
My Favorite Prisoner
A baroness is asked by Klink to get secrets out of Hogan, and he complies by giving her a British agent with phony invasion plans.
Kidnapping / Family, The
In Kidnapping, Carol gets her fifteen minutes of fame when her husband is kidnapped. Then, in The Family, Eunice is determined to win "The Gong Show" by singing.
The Case Of The Violent Village
On a fishing trip in a small Sierra Nevada town with his old friend, Sheriff Gene Norris, Mason gets sidetracked into a murder case when Phil Beecher returns from jail.
The Fear
Two people in a remote cabin find signs of an extraterrestrial.
The Derelicts
Ralph is having monetary problems and his wife has just bought a mink coat. To make matters worse, two bums are blackmailing him.
And So Died Riabouchinska
A ventriloquist with a very lifelike puppet is accused of a murder at a vaudeville theater.
Mannix searches for the identity of the murdering punks who held him hostage in a desert diner.
The Hero
"Frank investigates the death of a gang member, who seems to have been killed by the son of a General and war hero.."
Loose Connection, The
Barnaby is used to smuggle narcotics.
The Talent Contest
The girls enter a talent contents that Uncle Joe arranges. He also wants to arrange it so that one of his nieces wins.
Kate And The Manpower Problem
In order to get Kate married again, an old friend tells the girls to dig up some eligible prospects.