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The Sniper
With a man-hunting gunman on the loose, Dan Mathews springs a manhunt of his own
The Big Kids
A gang of juvenile thieves have been stealing petty items in order to gain membership into an exclusive club.
The Big Bullet
A dead man has been found in a locked room, along with a gun that could not have been the murder weapon.
The Chaperones
Robbie and Katie act as chaperones for Chip and his friends' weekend excursion at a mountain cabin.
Hare Brush (1955), I Never Changes My Altitude, One Froggy Evening (1955), Jerry-go-round, Billy Boy
"Olive elopes with Bluto in his plane, only to realize that she still loves Popeye., Jerry helps out an injured elephant at the circus and the two work together to stop Tom from bothering them., A baby goat, at first, is a farmer's delight but that quickly changes when he discovers that it eats everything."
Wally's Pug Nose
When the new girl, Gloria, tells Wally that he has a pug nose, he becomes incredibly self-conscious and purchases a contraption that is suppose to give him a strong Roman nose. When Ward discovers the device, he gives him a pep talk which just makes matters worse.
Beaver's Pigeons
Beaver, Larry and Whitey begin a pigeon club and they each purchase pigeons of their own. Beaver names his two Miss Canfield and Miss Landers, after his two teachers. However, when Beaver comes down with chicken pox, Wally is forced into caring for them, but soon finds Beaver isn't the only one ill, Miss Canfield and Miss Landers are also ailing.
The D.a.
Julie becomes the target of a witness with psychological problems, leaving Matlock and Conrad to learn who is threatening her, and why.
By Means Most Foul
A restaurateur and her mechanic boyfriend plot to eliminate her husband, but their scheme backfires. Gillespie takes heat over a string of mailbox bashings. And Virgil soon regrets ignoring Parker's theory regarding where the vandals would strike next.
The Venture
John takes on a loan to improve the business and he gets a big order
Ben Payson's daughter falls for one of the Scottish homesteaders who have threatened to take his land.
Joe Cartwright, Detective
The reading of crime novels has Joe trying to convince Hoss that the bank is about to be robbed.
End Of The Hunt
Lucas is thrown into jail to stop him from murdering an old enemy.
The Bullet
Lucas is baffled when the marshal of a neighboring town refuses to hold a gambler who just attempted murder.
The Michael Mcgoo Story
"When four brothers are orphaned, no one on the train wants all four. Charlie is determined to find a home for the four together and even proposes to a spinster who wants the boys but turns him down so he looks for a husband for her."
The Search
Malloy and Reed report to a robbery at a grocery store, where Malloy is required to engage in a high-speed pursuit with one of the suspects while Reed apprehends the other on foot. When Malloy is seriously injured in a rollover accident at a remote location and loses two-way radio communication, Reed and others from the department race against the clock to locate him.
The Ferret
Malloy and Reed are on the lookout for an environmentalist known as "The Ferret" who has been posing as an employee to infiltrate and sabotage industrial complexes he feels are creating too much pollution. In the meantime, they respond to a woman who is nearly comatose and ultimately gives birth to a stillborn baby. They then investigate the witchdoctor who has been convincing her and other women that eating clay will ensure a successful pregnancy.
Football Frolics
Needing money to get tickets to a big football game, Richie, Potsie and Ralph decide to babysit 15 children on the night of Mardi Gras.
The Joker Is Wild
Tired of reminders about Trapper John's skill as a practical joker, B.J. bets Hawkeye he can prank everyone present.
Who Knew?
Hawkeye volunteers to deliver the eulogy for a dead nurse that he briefly dated, and belatedly discovers her deep feelings for him.
The New Doctor
When a handsome new doctor arrives in town, his friendship with Ellie arouses suspicion in Aunt Bee and Barney and jealousy in Andy.
A Plaque For Mayberry
Mayor Pike (Dick Elliott) and the townspeople are shocked to discover that the last living descendant of Revolutionary War hero Nathan Tibbs is Mayberry's town drunk, Otis Campbell.
The Reincarnation Of Eb
Oliver, Lisa and Eb talk about reincarnation after watching a movie about a grandfather who returns as a racehorse. Later, when Eb goes missing during a nasty thunderstorm, Lisa is worried sick that something bad has happened to him. She's greatly relieved when he returns home safely--"reincarcerated" as a dog.
Kommandant Gertrude
Hogan must get a U.S. general out of Stalag 13, while Klink plans to move the camp's fence line and Gertrude arrives with her fiancé.
Hogan's Double Life
When Hogan is identified as a saboteur, he impersonates a German officer in front of the very Gestapo agent who could take him down.
The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Jonathan Winters And Eddie Albert
"Guests Jonathan Winters and Eddie Albert. Originally aired on 09/25/67."
The Case Of The Envious Editor
Slimy publishing tycoon Donald Fletcher buys controlling interest in a respectable but financially troubled publishing house. Fletcher turns things upside down by turning the publications into scandal sheets featuring photographs of scantily clad women.
Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room
Ordered to commit a murder, a smalltime hood nervously looks in the mirror and sees the man he could have been.
Father And Son
Sam needs the money his father will not give him so his girlfriend can marry him.
Indestructible Mr. Weems
An apparently dying man is offered the first plot at a brand-new cemetery.
After learning more about a blackmailer than his employer wanted him to know, private detective Tip Ellis turns up dead. Mannix received a letter from his friend shortly before his death, prompting him to investigate the murder.
The Nowhere Man
An accountant wants to teach the world a lesson about the production of a deadly nerve gas when he steals a can of the substance.
Dark Legacy
A couple murders young men.