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Hitchhiker (s1, ep6)
Dan Matthews discovers insurance fraud and a murder made to look accidental.
Juvenile - Dr-35 (s3, ep25)
An infant girl is found in a garbage can; Joe and Bill use the child's blanket to track down the mother.
Frauds - Dr-36 (s3, ep26)
Friday and Gannon track down a department store employee who stole $100,000 worth of merchandise in six months.
One By One They Go (s11, ep9)
Chip and Polly return from their honeymoon, and Chip faces a father-in-law who refuses to speak to his newly married daughter.
Right Down The Middle
"Bill and Toony compete to host the show, with a line dividing the studio between them. Plus, cartoons featuring Daffy Duck, Screwy Squirrel, and mouse versions of The Honeymooners. "
The Mustache (s6, ep15)
Wally's on-again off-again girlfriend, Julie Foster, seems to have thrown him over for a new guy in school who just happens to have a mustache. Wally's ego is bruised when Eddie tells him that Julie thinks he's naive and immature. This is the last straw and Wally decides to grow a mustache, much to the dismay of his family.
Wally Buys A Car (s6, ep16)
A friend has a car for sale and Wally is interested; however, Ward and June are, as usual, hesitant about the whole thing. Ward decides to give in to Wally and allow him to buy the used car, with the condition that he inspect it first. Ward quickly finds problems with the car and he helps Wally look elsewhere giving Wally tips on the process of used car shopping.
The Case Of The Vagabond Vixen (s1, ep9)
Hollywood producer John Addison picks up an attractive young hitchhiker. Far from innocent, she turns out to be a blackmailer and a witness to a murder with which Addison is charged.
The Debt (s7, ep)
When Leanne's ex-husband is charged with a murder, the possible motive makes Matlock despise his former son-in-law more than ever.
Lady Bug, Lady Bug (s2, ep20)
With the Chief in Quantico Bubba and Virgil try to catch a serial arsonist. Things get complicated after a man dies in one of the fires. And Councilwoman White stirs things up by appointing Tom Dugan acting chief of police in Gillespie's absence.
Grandma Comes Home (s6, ep26)
Grandma returns from the hospital but the family does not let her do anything
A Man Called "smith" (s15, ep6)
Abelia, the young widow who once saved Festus' life, returns. She learns that she isn't a widow when her outlaw husband appears and forces her to exchange his stolen gold for cash.
The Lady And The Mark (s11, ep18)
It seems as though everyone wants a piece of a ranch hand who makes a gold strike—including a beautiful woman who may have ulterior motives.
The Safe Guard (s1, ep8)
Floyd Doniger comes to North Fork, looking to start a new life. He's got a steady job as the guard at the new bank and he's entertaining ideas of settling down on a spread of his own.
The Sister (s1, ep9)
Rebecca Snipe is returning to North Fork after a long visit away. Upon her arrival, Mark is smitten with her and gets it in his head to play matchmaker between her and his pa.
The Flint Mccullough Story (s2, ep15)
Flint, in love with a Mormon girl he can't marry, joins the Confederate Army. When he finds out that he won't be seeing any action on the battlefield, it may be too late for him and the girl he loves.
Log 135 -- Arson (s3, ep10)
In what would prove to be a very busy shift, Malloy and Reed search for a serial arsonist who spawns a copycat, settle a domestic dispute that results from a love triangle, rescue a man who wandered onto the ledge of a high rise and deal with a mentally ill man who is holding his wife at knife-point.
Morticia's Favorite Charity (s1, ep29)
The local charity bazaar has the Addams family getting in the spirit of giving. Mr. Henson, the Addams' ex-insurance man is putting the bazaar together and is horrified when he discovers they are planning to donate. Meanwhile, Uncle Fester, Pugsley and Th
The Claw Meets The Fonz (s6, ep10)
Al thinks about taking on an investment partner to create an Arnold's franchise. When Al suggests consulting an accountant and lawyer before they complete the deal, the man he's dealing with calls in his goons.
Ain't Love Grand (s7, ep24)
The impossible happens for the snobbish Charles when he shares an emotional experience with Klinger, who discovers a US nurse, Debbie, finds him and his bizarre attire attractive, while Charles succumbs to the exotic charms of a Korean girl, called Sooni, who he meets at Rosie's Bar.
The Party (s7, ep25)
Talk of a post-war reunion gives B.J. an idea—planning a present-day stateside gathering of 4077th families. He continues to obsess with the idea even under the duress of bug-out instigated by a Chinese breakthrough. Also, Klinger fears that the party will blow his cover, as his mother doesn't know he's stationed in Korea.
Goober And The Art Of Love (s5, ep20)
Andy and Barney try to set the perpetually unlucky-in-love Goober up with a woman.
Barney Runs For Sheriff (s5, ep21)
Andy considers taking an out-of-town job, and with the election nearing, no one has yet filed to run for Sheriff. Barney throws his hat in the ring, and then Andy's job prospect takes a turn.
Love And Goulash (s4, ep28)
Spending the weekend with a friend, Gomer inadvertently becomes involved in a Hungarian family feud.
A Pig In A Poke (s1, ep23)
Oliver is invited to New York to be the guest speaker at a Harvard alumni banquet but he arrives with an unexpected stowaway. Meanwhile, the Ziffels fear that they'll lose Arnold to Mr. Haney, who's trying to take the pig in lieu of a debt that he claims the Ziffels owe him.
Klink's Masterpiece (s6, ep3)
Hogan convinces Klink that the kommandant is a great painter so the prisoners can meet an underground contact at an art gallery.
The Gestapo Takeover (s6, ep6)
The Gestapo takes over Stalag 13, planning to send Klink and Schultz to the Russian Front.
Guests Paul Lynde And Nanette Fabray (part 1)
"Guests Paul Lynde and Nanette Fabray. Originally aired on 03/29/71."
And When The Sky Was Opened (s1, ep11)
When three U.S. astronauts return to Earth after the first flight into space, they begin being erased from history one by one.
The Hatbox (s7, ep1)
Two young men suspect one of their professors of murdering his wife.
Bang, You're Dead (s7, ep2)
A boy believes the gun he found was meant for him.
A Ransom For Yesterday (s8, ep21)
Someone demands a quarter-of-a-million-dollars ransom—for a boy missing six years!
Perfect Fit For A Frame
"Cannon gets hired to protect a girl but when her supposed pursuer is found dead he finds himself charged with murder."
Mercenaries, The (s6, ep2)
J.R. is asked to find a man who hasn't been heard from since he became a mercenary.