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Machine Napping (s1, ep2)
Two thieves steal a $100,000 computer and demand that amount as ransom in exchange for its safe return.
Bunco - $9,000 (s4, ep12)
The search is on for a swindler who conned an old vaudevillian out of $9,000 he found on a sidewalk.
Narco - Missing Hype (s4, ep13)
This episode focuses on drugs, paying particular attention to addiction symptoms.
The Aunt Who Came To Dinner (s8, ep13)
Katie is irate when her visiting aunt tries to mold the Douglases into her image of a cultured family.
Fantastic Friday #39
"Bill and Toony celebrate another "Fantastic Friday," answering questions from viewers."
Beaver Becomes A Hero (s4, ep3)
While Beaver and Wally are fishing an abandoned canoe floats up and they responsibly return it to the owner, whose name had been carved in the paddle. However, after telling his friends the story, they adjust it to make it sound as if Beaver had saved a girl from drowning.
Wally The Lifeguard
"Wally is all set to begin his job as a lifeguard but is let down when he learns that had been a mistake and he's not old enough to fill the position, so instead he is hired to sell candy and hot dogs."
The Case Of The Terrified Typist (s1, ep38)
While a woman is searching the office of the South African Diamond Company, George Baxter enters to meet Walter Lumis and Duane Jefferson. He notices things in disarray and tries to question the woman, but she makes her escape and seeks out Mason.
The Thoroughbred (s3, ep)
When the manager of a thoroughbred farm is murdered, her father begs Matlock to represent the mentally handicapped man accused of the crime.
Night Of The Killing (s3, ep20)
Racial tensions run high when a white cabbie is murdered in the bottoms.
The Ceremony (s1, ep9)
A Jewish Nazi-refugee family moves to Walton's Mountain from Germany
Six Black Horses (s9, ep11)
An old friend of Ben's comes to Nevada with money to invest. Ben is initially delighted, but then discovers that his friend stole the money from corrupt New York politicians.
A Case Of Identity (s2, ep17)
Mark finds himself in grave danger when two unscrupulous detectives searching for a man's long-lost son claim that it is Mark.
The Visitor
"Lucas is drawn to a young widow passing through town on her way to claim an inheritance, but others who covet it are trying to kill her."
The Dick Pederson Story (s5, ep15)
"Overwhelmed girl takes on her father's responsibility as man of the house after he passes. She cares for her pregnant mother and 5 sisters and is suspicious of a young drifter who joins the train and pays too much attention to the girls."
Skywatch: Part 1 (s6, ep20)
As part of a trial program to help ground based officers better understand the abilities and limitations of helicopter assistance, malloy and reed are selected to be observers on several air support division missions. This morning's missions include a sea
Skywatch: Part 2 (s6, ep21)
Malloy and reed take flight in separate helicopters to provide assistance in the search of a light plane stolen from the los angeles airport by a distraught man. Afterwards, they search for a group of robbery suspects who flee in separate cars, then reed
Trouble Brewing
"Two sisters who own a soda pop factory are victimized by a competitor and seek help from the A-Team."
The Gun (s4, ep13)
A wounded colonel's gun, a showpiece, disappears, and Hawkeye and B.J. play a hunch and bluff Frank, who has it, into returning it.
Mail Call, Again (s4, ep14)
Mail brings a letter to Frank saying his wife is divorcing him, and one to Potter telling him he's going to be a grandfather.
Opie's Charity (s1, ep8)
Andy becomes upset when Opie contributes a measly three cents to the Underprivileged Children's drive.
A Feud Is A Feud (s1, ep9)
Andy strives to end a long-running feud between two neighboring families.
Gomer And The Night Club Comic (s4, ep27)
Much to Sgt. Carter's chagrin, Gomer tries to help a night club comedian who is about to be fired.
Oliver's Double (s6, ep10)
A bank robber hiding out in Pixley is an Oliver Douglas look-alike. When Eb spots the crook kissing his moll, he accuses Oliver of cheating on "Mom". Things get more confusing when Oliver's hauled in on suspicion of being the holdup man.
Carter Turns Traitor (s3, ep16)
Carter pretends to be a traitor so he can learn the location of a chemical plant.
Two Nazis For The Price Of One (s3, ep17)
A Gestapo agent knows about Hogan's operation and tries to leverage this knowledge to find out information about the Manhattan Project.
A Kind Of A Stopwatch (s5, ep4)
A man is given a stopwatch that allows him to halt time.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Blessington Method (s5, ep8)
A unique society has a different method for preparing for the future.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Dead Weight (s5, ep9)
A man's plan to rid himself of a blackmailer backfires.
Cold Trail (s5, ep1)
A young woman is kidnapped, drugged and interrogated, her father an ex-spy for the Soviets during the Cold War. A defector now in America, the man hires Mannix to find his daughter in this case of international espionage.
A Deadly Quiet Town (s1, ep20)
The parents of a teen girl hire Cannon when they discover a charismatic young man is trying to lure their daughter into a cult.
Fantasy Of Fear (s3, ep19)
A series of strange events lead the victim of a nervous-breakdown to the edge of a relapse.