MeTV Schedule For Washington D.C., DC

Prisoner Exchange Copter (s4, ep30)
When a small town sheriff captures a racketeer, they summon the Highway Patrol.
Burglary Auto - Juvenile Genius (s4, ep11)
Friday tracks down thieves responsible for a series of Los Angeles robberies.
Bunco - $9,000 (s4, ep12)
The search is on for a swindler who conned an old vaudevillian out of $9,000 he found on a sidewalk.
Hawaiian Cruise (s5, ep23)
Steve's plan for an Hawaiian holiday comes to a halt when Chip develops a case of bronchitis.
I Want An Old Drugstore
"Bill shows Toony all the wonders of vintage drugstores, from the soda fountains to the comic books and records."
Beaver's Doll Buggy (s4, ep38)
Beaver buys a rundown mini-race car from Eddie and needs to find a set of wheels for it. Beaver decides to ask Penny Woods if he could have the wheels off her old doll buggy but finds himself in an awkward position: pushing a doll buggy down the street.
Substitute Father (s4, ep39)
Before leaving on a business trip, Ward asks Wally to look after June and Beaver and Wally does indeed. However, when Miss Landers hears Beaver swear at a bully, Beaver turns to Wally to handle the situation and be a "substitute father."
The Case Of The Stuttering Bishop (s2, ep20)
Bishop Arthur Mallory is met in his hotel room by Wallace Lang, an associate of a wealthy man named Charles Burroughs. He is warned through physical violence to stop looking for Burroughs' granddaughter.
The Last Laugh (s8, ep)
Matlock is on the case when a comedian is accused of murdering a rival comic who had insulted him on stage.
Shine On Sparta Moon (s4, ep14)
A bottle of spiked moonshine leads to an accident that claims the life of one teen and blinds another.
The Competition (s4, ep8)
Mary Ellen and Erin both fall for a forestry student
"A secret Army payroll is stolen and two soldiers killed. The Major threatens Matt with marshal law if the thieves aren't caught. Matt suspects Jenny Lane, a new girl at the Long Branch of being involved."
Overland Express
"Matt and Chester track Nation for a killing in Dodge. Nation kills their horses then gives himself up. They wind up having to take a stage back to Dodge. Nation recognizes a man on the stage and helps Matt prevent a robbery."
Lothario Larkin (s6, ep30)
Ladies' man Lothario Larkin is taken in by Hoss after Sheriff Coffee runs him out of town.
The Silent Knife (s3, ep13)
Lucas and Mark try to persuade a persecuted young mute to return stolen money.
The Annie Macgregor Story (s1, ep21)
The MacGregor clan decides to come to America and start a new life. The wagon trains going to California have had a hard time dealing with their different customs. Can Major Adams' be any different?
Log 64 -- Bottom Of The Bottle (s2, ep15)
Malloy and Reed see the same drunk twice in one night, respond to a bar fight and engage in a high-speed pursuit with good samaritans who make a bad decision. They also search for a biker who tries to coerce a woman to repay a debt by riddling her apartment with buckshot.
Log 54 -- Impersonation (s2, ep16)
Malloy and Reed hope to find an impostor as they investigate a boxing promoter's accusation that a police detective stole $350 from him. In the meantime, they deal with a disgruntled wife who is in the process of destroying her own car in the middle of a downtown street, investigate a gun theft from a pawn shop, drive up on a home burglary in progress and obtain critical information while interrogating a suspected car thief.
The Young And The Restless (s7, ep18)
A lecture on the latest techniques by a young surgeon from Tokyo, and a later demonstration of his surgical skill, turns Winchester into a drunk and Potter into an invalid, whilst bringing home to Hawkeye and B.J. that they are out of touch with new medical practices.
Hot Lips Is Back In Town (s7, ep19)
Radar, who is smitten with the cute new nurse, Linda Nugent, relies on Hawkeye's expertise on how to cope with the situation. Hot Lips, meanwhile, celebrates her just-granted divorce by taking a step that arouses Colonel Potter's ire.
C*a*v*e (s7, ep20)
The 4077th evacuation to a nearby cave to avoid US artillery fire on a Chinese target poses problems for Hawkeye, who has a claustrophobia problem of which Colonel Potter is not aware.
Rally Round The Flagg, Boys (s7, ep21)
The sinister Colonel Flagg pops up at the 4077th again, playing his usual spy games, convinced that Hawkeye is a communist sympathizer after he saves the life of a North Korean soldier. Also, an American soldier is less than impressed.
Bailey's Bad Boy (s2, ep15)
Rich kid Ronald Bailey is jailed when he blatantly defies the law. As Bailey waits for his influential father to bail him out, Andy teaches him the lesson of self-responsibility.
Corn Pone Picassos (s6, ep16)
After Mrs. Drysdale buys a statue named "Ecstasy," which is nothing but a huge pile of metal scraps, the Clampetts decide to get involved in art to help their neighbor in the contest she is entering. Jed and Jethro buy an authentic Rembrandt, a Sam Rembrandt, and Granny uses her artist cousin as influence to paint Mrs. Drysdale a for-sure winner, thinking the statue she bought has no chance.
Everywhere A Chick Chick (s4, ep14)
Oliver gets into the chicken raising business with the purchase of 1000 chicks. Nothing goes as planned, with Lisa trying to raise them as human children and the brooder breaking down.
The Big Broadcast (s6, ep12)
Hogan uses Klink's car radio to sneak a message to London when a pair of radio detection trucks enters the area.
The Gypsy (s6, ep13)
In an effort to transport a German anti-radar to London, Hogan passes LeBeau off as a fortune teller after convincing Klink he was struck by lightning.
Guests Tim Conway And Jack Jones
"Guests Tim Conway and Jack Jones. Originally aired on 03/18/68."
The Case Of The Deadly Debt (s8, ep25)
A man suspects his father was killed by a gangster to whom he owed $10,000. When the gangster turns up dead, the timing couldn't be worse for the bereaving son.
The Silence (s2, ep25)
A talkative man takes a $500,000 offer to keep silent for a year.
Father And Son (s2, ep36)
Sam needs the money his father will not give him so his girlfriend can marry him.
Indestructible Mr. Weems (s2, ep37)
An apparently dying man is offered the first plot at a brand-new cemetery.
Make Like It Never Happened (s1, ep7)
Mannix is hired to get an innocent man, and father of a young girl, off death row. Meanwhile, he romances the mistress of a wealthy industrialist he is investigating.
Photo Finish (s3, ep17)
Frank agrees to look into a murder, convinced the Indian suspect did not commit the crime. His investigation unearths dozens of missing Indians and a drug smuggling ring.
Murder In The Key Of C (s8, ep16)
Barnaby is hired to find a composer's fiancé who disappeared running away from unscrupulous music publishers.