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Homicide - Who Killed Who? (s4, ep15)
A shooting case exemplifies how the police gather—and why they must sometimes withhold—evidence.
Rough On Dodie (s10, ep11)
Little Dodie has a difficult time adjusting to life with the Douglases.
Supertoony And Bill Man
"As Toony dreams of having his own comic book, Bill welcomes the owners of Challengers Comics… and their tiny doppelgangers!"
Lumpy's Scholarship (s6, ep24)
Wally is let down when he learns that he didn't get the sports scholarship from State University. However, he does learn that Lumpy did get one and this leads him to throw a party in Lumpy's honor. However, half way through the party, Fred calls with some unfortunate news for Lumpy, the scholarship is no longer available due to Lumpy's grades.
The Silent Treatment (s6, ep25)
Beaver is all set to go with Eddie and Wally to hook up a AM/FM car radio in Eddie's car but June stops him and insists he go to the grocery store to pick up the items he had promised. This leads Beaver to give June the cold shoulder treatment while playing up to Ward.
The Case Of The Antic Angel (s7, ep26)
A man is flabbergasted after seeing his wife—who died five years earlier! After he contacts her and she denies her identity, she soon ends up dead, and her husband is charged with the murder.
The Accident (s5, ep)
When one of two partners at a law firm is murdered after he is unable to keep a promise to a client, the other attorney is suspected.
No Other Road (s4, ep21)
Harriet tries to keep Eugene from giving up when his father faces the death penalty. And the police search for three suspects in connection to a robbery/murder.
The Star (s1, ep6)
A meteorite crashes through the roof of the Baldwin sisters' "Recipe"" room
Run, Sheep, Run (s10, ep16)
A man causes trouble for a young couple when he buys a ranch from them but refuses to pay for a year.
The Gold-plated Rifle (s12, ep16)
Jamie runs off after getting in trouble for breaking a special rifle that Ben told him never to touch.
First Wages (s4, ep2)
Lucas tries to find out why Mark has taken a job as a stableboy.
Sheer Terror (s4, ep3)
Mark and Milly are held prisoner in her general store when two gunmen attempt a daring robbery.
The Donna Fuller Story (s6, ep14)
"A woman and three companions in a runaway wagon are rescued by a winemaker and Charlie. They are against the consumption of alcohol and join the wagon train. However, she begins to fall for the winemaker until she learns his trade."
Citizen With A Gun (s7, ep17)
Officer Wells appears to have met his match with a new partner who always insists on doing things his own way. Today's shift features a hot-headed husband who's decided he needs a gun to protect his home, and a neglected girl who causes a scare while playing.
Rainbow Bridge (s3, ep2)
As Hawkeye and Trapper are planning to leave for Tokyo, an unusual offer to swap POW patients between the Chinese and the 4077th comes in. Henry, after much debate, agrees to send Hawkeye, Trapper, Frank, Radar and Klinger into enemy territory. Frank almost botches the swap when he brings a squirt gun to the exchange. Fortunately, the Chinese Dr. Lin Tam has a sense of humor.
Officer Of The Day (s3, ep3)
While Henry is away in Seoul, Burns and Houlihan are in charge, and Hawkeye is the officer of the day. His refusal to release a wounded Korean soldier, wanted by US Intelligence, leads to a confrontation with Colonel Flagg.
Iron Guts Kelly (s3, ep4)
General 'Iron Guts' Kelly arrives for an inspection, and ends up dying in Margaret's tent. Hawkeye and Trapper help the General's aide smuggle him out of camp. The next day he is reported killed at the front, as that is where he would have wanted to die.
The Jinx (s2, ep17)
After a series of mishaps, Henry Bennett gets a reputation in town as a jinx. The more Andy tries to dispel the rumor the deeper the hole gets, until Henry decides it would be best if he left town altogether.
Jailbreak (s2, ep18)
State police come to town in search of payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way, but end up needing them more than they thought.
Jed Foils A Home Wrecker (s2, ep35)
Drysdale tries to save the cabin for the Clampetts, but his wife calls a professional home wrecker to tear down the mountain shack. Meanwhile, Ginny Jennings and her sociology professor come back to visit the Clampetts and see that they are still occupying the cabin.
The Spring Festival (s3, ep23)
Everyone in Hooterville, except Oliver, is overcome with spring fever; even Sam Drucker is wearing his spring toupee. Deciding to revive the Hooterville spring festival, Lisa visits the neighbors to drum up support. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to do his planting with Eb who can't understand how to work the automatic planter.
The Return Of Major Bonacelli (s4, ep25)
The Italian officer who studied under Klink helps Hogan photograph an air base.
Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan (s4, ep26)
Hogan's men plan to surprise him for his birthday by blowing up an ammunition dump.
Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Jim Nabors
In The Hollow Hero, the Queen and King try to give their Hollow solider a blue pony. Then, in The Family, Eunice finds out her husband went into a massage parlor.
The Case Of The Angry Dead Man (s4, ep18)
Willard Nesbitt faked his drowning death in a boating accident so his wife could collect the double indemnity life insurance money.
Uncle Simon (s5, ep8)
After her mean-spirited uncle dies, an old maid inherits the crotchety inventor's estate, with the stipulation that she cares for his latest invention, a robot.
Disappearing Trick
"Walter Richmond is a gullible tennis player with a nose for snooping. He meets a woman named Laura Gild and tries to learn everything about her. His curiosity does not pay off when she and her supposedly dead husband scam him for money."
Lamb To The Slaughter (s3, ep28)
A woman is surprised to learn that her husband has fallen in love with another woman.
Silent Target (s7, ep7)
On a fishing trip, Mannix has his car break down in the desert. Searching for help he stumbles across the headquarters of a modern day Murder Inc.
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Perfect Fit For A Frame
"Cannon gets hired to protect a girl but when her supposed pursuer is found dead he finds himself charged with murder."
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Academy Of Evil (s7, ep12)
Betty investigates a series of mishaps terrorizing the faculty of a private girls' school.
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Ex-con (s2, ep10)
Dan Mathews tries to prevent desperate ex-convicts from harming a woman hostage.
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Burglary - The Son (s4, ep16)
Friday investigates a woman's claim that her husband is an armed robber.