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The Big Gun (s1, ep15)
A Japanese widow is senselessly murdered, leaving her small daughter an orphan. Friday has a hard time controlling his emotions while seeking the killer.
The Croaker (s1, ep31)
Malcom, a frog that Chip got for a school project, has everyone's attention in the Douglas home.
Bonky Has A Blanky
"Bill reveals his secret to getting great sleep is his childhood blanket, but it's time to say goodbye. Themed cartoons feature Daffy Duck, Tom the Cat, The Pink Panther and Barney Bear--and they all have trouble sleeping. "
The Last Day Of School (s3, ep38)
The last day of school has each one of Miss Landers' students bringing her a gift. June orders some nice handkerchiefs for the gift and a slip for herself. Beaver mistakes the slip as the gift for Miss Landers and debates on whether or not to give her this very "personal" gift.
Beaver's Team (s3, ep39)
While coaching Beaver's football team, Wally makes up a secret play and Beaver just happens to mention it to Penny who inadvertently passes it on to the opposing team.
The Case Of The Lucky Legs (s3, ep10)
Marjorie Cluny wins a contest for best-looking legs sponsored by Frank Patton of Stellar Productions. Her prize is a trip to Hollywood and a role in Patton's next picture. Unfortunately, there was fine print in Marjorie's contract that she didn't read.
The Doctors (s1, ep)
When an abhorred doctor meets his end, four of his former medical students are considered likely suspects. Matlock, however, is tasked with defending the prime suspect, the man seen fleeing the scene of the crime.
A Small War: Part 2 (s6, ep2)
The police wage war against the big city drug dealers who have moved into Sparta. Eugene identifies the men who murdered his friend. And Bubba is teamed with and intrigued by a lady police lieutenant from Jackson.
Homecoming (s18, ep16)
Coming home proves difficult for two brothers on the run who just want to visit their sick mother. With a desperate and wanted friend along, they make choices they soon come to regret.
The Paiute War (s1, ep4)
How do you defer responsibility for sexually assaulting someone? If you're an underhanded trader named Mike Wilson, you simply place the blame on Adam Cartwright.
On Now
The Safe Guard (s1, ep8)
Floyd Doniger comes to North Fork, looking to start a new life. He's got a steady job as the guard at the new bank and he's entertaining ideas of settling down on a spread of his own.
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The Sister (s1, ep9)
Rebecca Snipe is returning to North Fork after a long visit away. Upon her arrival, Mark is smitten with her and gets it in his head to play matchmaker between her and his pa.
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The Nancy Palmer Story (s4, ep24)
A married couple use the wife's innocent face and winning way with children to gain the trust of their companions on the wagon train so that they won't be suspected when the husband pulls off a bank robbery nearby.
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Log 52 -- Good Cop: Handle With Care (s2, ep3)
Malloy and Reed see a man passed out in an alley and stop to lend assistance, deliver bad news to a young wife, apprehend a mentally ill man who then becomes uncontrollably violent in their patrol car, and respond to a robbery that needlessly becomes a tragedy. All along the way the officers have their every move second guessed by a pair of young, unethical freelance journalists who are determined to document police brutality.
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Log 23: Pig Is A Three Letter Word
"The officers are subjected to verbal abuse when they arrest armed robbers."
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My Fair Cousin Itt (s2, ep1)
Gomez has written a play that is to be presented for Wednesday's birthday. Morticia has been cast as the female lead while Cousin Itt has been cast in the male lead role. Soon, a director is hired, and Cousin Itt is coached on how to speak slower for his part, but soon the possibility of fortune and fame goes to Cousin Itt's head and he becomes hard to work with.
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The Other Guy (s9, ep6)
Fonzie and Roger are dating the same girl but don't know it. Meanwhile, Joanie is upset that she and Chachi don't go out as much as they used to, and Howard and Marion argue about love letters he wrote to her.
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House Arrest (s3, ep18)
Hawkeye hits Major Burns and Houlihan is a witness. Despite Hawkeye and Trapper's claims that it wasn't intentional, Frank makes allegations against Hawkeye, and he is put in house arrest facing court martial. A female colonel is sent to inspect the nurses. When she cries "Rape!" when Burns visits her tent, Houlihan recants her story, and Burns, not Hawkeye, ends up under house arrest.
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Opie Loves Helen (s5, ep1)
Opie develops a crush on his teacher, Helen Crump, at the school dance. He spends .74 cents to buy her a gift.
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Barney's Physical (s5, ep2)
Barney learns that in order to pass the mandatory physical for the deputy's office, he must weigh more and be taller. Andy and Aunt Bee try to stretch him and fatten him up, until Andy comes up with the solution.
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Gomer Captures A Submarine (s2, ep8)
The men are on a simple reconnaissance mission, but Gomer somehow seems destined to ruin it.
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Guess Who's Not Going To The Luau? (s4, ep1)
Peterson's Poi Juice is giving away a trip to Hawaii and Arnold Ziffel is chosen as the winner. When the ad agency rep meets Arnold and discovers he's not a human, he tries to disqualify the swine. Famous pig lawyer Oliver Douglas is retained to fight for Arnold's winnings.
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The Klink Commandos (s5, ep3)
Hogan and his men volunteer for a German suicide squad train bound for the Russian front in order to steal key documents.
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The Gasoline War (s5, ep4)
Hogan and his men plan to destroy a gasoline station that has just been built in camp.
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The Case Of The Baffling Bug (s9, ep13)
The suspected theft of industrial secrets leads to an investigation by Drake, spying and murder.
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I Sing The Body Electric (s3, ep35)
A widower buys a robotic grandmother for his three children.
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Bull In A China Shop
"A handsome homicide detective is befriended by four old ladies who invite him for tea and proceed to play out a variation of Arsenic and Old Lace for his benefit."
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Disappearing Trick
"Walter Richmond is a gullible tennis player with a nose for snooping. He meets a woman named Laura Gild and tries to learn everything about her. His curiosity does not pay off when she and her supposedly dead husband scam him for money."
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Medal For A Hero (s3, ep14)
Peggy’s dead husband, Marcus, was a policeman shot down in the line of duty. When suspicion arises that he may have been involved in a big corruption scandal, Mannix probes the evidence in hopes of clearing his name.
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Hear No Evil (s2, ep11)
Reporter Molly Stoner needs the help of her friend Frank Cannon. The police wants to take her in coercive detention. Molly affirms that infamous gangster Benje Canto has been murdered. Yet her source cannot be revealed.
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Sunday: Doomsday (s1, ep3)
Barnaby engages in a game of cat-and-mouse with a murderer who blames him for his jail time.
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Efficiency Secretary (s3, ep2)
Only Dan Mathews can outwit a cunning female thief who robs unsuspecting men.
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The Big Kids (s1, ep16)
A gang of juvenile thieves have been stealing petty items in order to gain membership into an exclusive club.