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A botched gas station robbery results in murder and abduction.
The Hit And Run Driver
Friday and Gannon use newspapers, radio and TV to publicize their clues to the identity of a hit-and-run driver.
The Big Bookie
Friday goes undercover with the department's chaplain in order to bust a gambling ring.
Ricky's Movie Offer
A Hollywood talent scout is coming over to the apartment to audition Ricky for a movie role, but Ricky won't be the only one looking to attract the scout's attention. (Who's that gal in the Marilyn Monroe getup?)
Sam Gets A Ticket
Sam gets a traffic ticket in Mt. Pilot and is ready to fight it.
Aunt Bee's Restaurant
Aunt Bee invests in a new Chinese restaurant but soon realizes she is not up for the stress of being a business owner.
Teacher's Daughter
Wally's latest girlfriend is Julie Foster, who just happens to be the daughter of a Mr. Foster, who teaches English. Meanwhile, at school, a new semester lands Wally in Mr. Foster's class and he quickly finds himself feeling uncomfortable—especially after Eddie tells him that his relationship with Julie will determine his grades.
Ward's Millions
Wanting Ward to become a millionaire, Beaver buys him a book called "I Became a Millionaire in Twelve Months." Ward thanks him for it but Beaver quickly learns that Ward is just being polite as to spare his feelings.
The Case Of The Angry Mourner
Carla Adrian is having trouble fending off amorous neighbor Mark Cushing. When another neighbor hears a shot and a woman's scream in Mark Cushing's cabin, it's not long before the police discover Cushing's dead body and arrest Mrs. Belle Adrian.
Seduction, The (aka The Quaterback)
"Matlock is hired to defend Brad Bingham, an aging football star with a reputation as a womanizer who was about to be cut from the team. Charlene is resistant to her father's choice, as she believes everything the tabloids have to say about Brad...not only that, but years earlier, he'd had a brief relationship with her friend Ellen Hawley, who had tried to kill herself after they broke up."
Murder Most Ancient
An unhappy wife asks her lover to place a bomb in her abusive husband's truck.
On Now
The Baptism
A famous evangelist visits Walton's Mountain to preach and baptize converts
Kitty Caught
"The Gunner brothers rob the bank in Dodge and take Kitty hostage."
 Remind Me
"Ollie Ridgers is a free spirited man who hates towns and lives free on the prairie. His friend Jim Branch convinces Ollie to go into Dodge for a good time at Miss Kitty's saloon. While Ollie is in town, two men kill Ollie's hogs and mule. Ollie goes after the two men thus killing one of the men."
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The Gunmen
Joe and Hoss arrive in the town of Keowa Flats, Texas. They are immediately mistaken for two gunslinging brothers, the Slades. Joe and Hoss soon find themselves involved in a feud, realizing they are the only ones in a position to stop the fighting before it gets any worse.
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The Trade
Outlaw Sam Morley falls in love with a young woman who has a serious illness. He asks Lucas to turn him in for the reward and then use the money to pay for her medical care.
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The Wrong Man
Young Mark McCain is eager to help lawman Jay Jefferson, who has arrived in North Fork intent on killing an outlaw for the reward, whether he is the right man or not.
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The Clarence Mullins Story
"Duke and Charlie leave the train for supplies and to see Duke's old friends at a fort. One is a minister who was cashiered out of the Army who is trying to create peace with the Modocs despite a Major who only wants to kill all Indians."
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Log 93 -- Once A Junkie
A former convict and informant who Malloy helped give a second chance is accused of assaulting a priest, dealing drugs and stealing a gun after being fired from his dish-washing job at Duke's Longhorn Café. Malloy and Reed set out to determine if his story, which is full of suspicious coincidences, is actually true.
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Log 123 -- Courtroom
Reed feels a strong sense of accomplishment when he stumbles upon a large stash of narcotics as he secures a residence after executing a traffic warrant with Malloy and Officer Ed Wells. He's in for a rude awakening at the trial, however, when he's cross examined by the defense attorney.
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Curtain Call At Bedrock
Barney pretends to be sick so Fred will overcome his stage fright and play the lead in Wilma's production.
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Boss For A Day
Gazoo grants Fred's wish that he could be boss at the quarry for just one day.
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Hot Lips And Empty Arms
Margaret revaluates her life, deciding to leave Frank and ask for a transfer, which is granted. She gets drunk at her goodbye party, but is sobered up in the shower when wounded start arriving. She changes her mind when she realizes how loyal her friends are.
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Officers Only
Klinger pretends to be pregnant. Hawkeye and Trapper operate on General Mitchell's son, and the General gives them three days in Tokyo, and Henry keeps getting calls from Tokyo about what Hawkeye and Trapper are doing.
Those Gossipin' Men
After Andy teases the fairer sex about gossiping, Aunt Bee pulls a prank to prove that men are gossips, too.
The Pickle Story
It's canning time again, and Aunt Bee has put up another batch of pickles. After realizing the only thing they're good for is killing flies brave enough to land on them, Andy and Barney decide to substitute store-bought for her homemade.
Come Blow Your Top
Sgt. Hacker bets Carter that he can't go 24 hours without losing his temper, and then enlists Gomer's aid to win his bet.
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A Star Named Arnold Is Born: Part 1
Arnold's performance as a British police dog in the Hooterville theater production of Who--the marquee wasn't big enough for Who Killed Jock Robin?--turns him into an overnight star. Lisa is so impressed, she arranges for an old friend to give him a Hollywood screen test. The Douglases are soon Tinseltown bound, escorting the hammy actor west for his big showbiz break.
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The Missing Klink
Hogan plans to kidnap Burkhalter to trade him for an underground agent but ends up with Klink.
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Who Stole My Copy Of Mein Kampf?
Hogan plans to eliminate a beautiful allied defector who is giving Klink an award.
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Guests Barbara Feldon And Joan Rivers
"Guests Barbara Feldon and Joan Rivers. Originally aired on 02/02/70."
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The Case Of The Nebulous Nephew
A scam to swindle elderly relatives and a pang of conscience leads to a murder.
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The Mind And The Matter
A book on the power of thought enables an irritable man to re-create the world exactly as he wants it.
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The Pearl Necklace
A young man convinces his girlfriend to accept the marriage proposal from an old, sick and very rich man.
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You Can't Trust A Man
Guilt and fear plague a woman when her husband returns from prison after serving time for a crime she committed.
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The Man Outside
Mannix is hired to retrieve compromising negatives showing a retired U.S. general stolen by a spy ring. His mission is to buy the confidential documents—no matter the price.
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A Well Remembered Terror
"Mobsters kidnap Judge Hayes's daughter, on the orders of their boss who is on trial in Hayes's courtroom. Cannon must find and rescue her before the judge is forced to preside over a miscarriage of justice."
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Blind Terror
A blind girl is Barnaby's only lead in his search for a missing coed.