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Dan Mathews rushes to the scene when a woman kills a wanted thief.
The Shooting Board
Friday lands in hot water after a thief he attempted to apprehend, and in the process shot at, turns up dead and SID can't find evidence that the man fired at Friday.
The Badge Racket
Three con artists have been swindling businessmen from out of town by posing as a prostitute and two policemen. The detectives set a trap as Gannon pretends to be a manufacturer from Lincoln, Nebraska.
Jed Cuts The Family Tree
Mrs. Smith Standish is spending more time with the Clampetts, desperate to find out whether the family did in fact precede the ‘Mayflower.’ And Mrs. Drysdale is tortured with old-fashioned chores and a goat, which eats her hat, causing her to get very sad, making` Jane and Drysdale think she has been drinking.
The Toupee
Bub is in a panic to cover his bald spot when the sister of an old buddy comes to visit.
Captain Jack
Beaver and Wally send away for an alligator and they secretly keep it in the bathroom. When the alligator falls ill, the boys get some advice from Captain Jack, an owner of an alligator farm. However, keeping him a secret is going to be hard; the alligator is growing and they need a new place to keep him without June and Ward finding out.
The Black Eye
Beaver comes home with a black eye and Ward is upset when he learns that Beaver didn't fight back. This leads Ward to teach Beaver how to defend himself. Little does Ward know, the person who punched Beaver is a girl, Violet Rutherford, the daughter of one of Ward's co-workers.
On Now
The Case Of The Stuttering Bishop
Bishop Arthur Mallory is met in his hotel room by Wallace Lang, an associate of a wealthy man named Charles Burroughs. He is warned through physical violence to stop looking for Burroughs' granddaughter.
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The Legacy: Part 1
When Brian Martell is arrested and charged with the murder of Arthur Kendall, Matlock gets involved because years earlier his own father, Charlie, had been a suspect in the murder of Arthur's father.
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The Landlord
A drug dealing slumlord is murdered by his accomplices.
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The Obsession
Mary Ellen starts taking pills to stay awake, and then to sleep.
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Big Man
"Pat Swarmer gives Kitty a hard time at the Long Branch. Matt comes in and hits Pat and makes him leave but Swarmer says he’ll be back and get Kitty. When Pat is beaten to death Jud, who was drunk at the time, thinks he saw the Marshal do it. Matt has to prove it wasn’t him that did it."
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Little Girl
"Matt & Chester come upon a burning house. A man is dead but his step daughter is alive and now orphaned."
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The Auld Sod
To save town drunk Danny Lynch from a world of embarrassment, the Cartwrights let him pretend to be the owner of the Ponderosa when his mother visits from Ireland.
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Mark's Rifle
Sharpshooter Marty Blair tries to persuade Lucas to buy Mark a rifle.
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The Most Amazing Man
Fast-draw artist Wade Randall is less than anxious to display his prowess.
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The Sacramento Story
At the end of a long journey, lives were lost. Some made it with their dreams intact. Flint tries to help one of the passengers and almost bites off too much. Politics are involved as well as unsolicited trips to the Far East.
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The Sweet Smell
A clumsy elderly woman spills a large bottle of perfume in Malloy and Reed's patrol car, resulting in a most unpleasant work day. Meanwhile, a reported burglar in a church office results in a comical case of mistaken identity, a well-meaning man is accused of kidnapping his granddaughter and a young boy asks for help locating his stolen bicycle.
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Trouble In The Bank
While on a quiet patrol, Reed decides to spend part of his lunch break doing business at his bank while Malloy waits in the patrol car. Unfortunately, he walks into the clutches of a pair of ruthless robbers who take him hostage.
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Sleep On, Sweet Fred
While using a "sleep-teaching" method to make their husbands be better spouses, the girls get both families arrested.
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Dear Sis
Father Mulcahy writes a pre-Christmas letter to his sister, who is a nun. He recounts his frustrations at not being more effective at the 4077th.
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B.j. Papa San
B.J. almost becomes the surrogate father to a Korean family. Finding them a substitute for his own absent family, B.J. spends so much time with them that his medical efficiency begins to suffer, and Hawkeye worries about his health.
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Guest Of Honor
As a sort of publicity stunt, the town decides to pull over the first car that drives through Mayberry and make its occupant the town's guest of honor. That lucky driver? A recently released convict.
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Gomer The Carrier
Sgt. Carter is quarantined with the German measles. He enjoys his time away from Gomer, who visits him in the hospital and soon ends up his roommate.
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The Wealthy Landowner
In a personals ad, Eb advertises himself as a wealthy landowner. He begins communicating with a woman with a Park Avenue address, prompting him to exagerate his worth even more. By the time she arrives for a visit, Eb is passing the Douglases off as sharecroppers who work for him.
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A Tiger Hunt In Paris: Part 1
"Tiger," a female underground agent, is arrested while trying to document secret German bases and is held in Paris for questioning. Hogan and LeBeau become stowaways aboard Klink's staff car and head for Paris to free her.
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A Tiger Hunt In Paris: Part 2
While trying to free the underground agent "Tiger" in Paris, Hogan seeks help from a Parisian fortune teller and also enlist the aid of a man who is a lookalike for Nazi Police Chief Heinrich Himmler.
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Guests Karen Black And Paul Lynde
"Guests Karen Black and Paul Lynde. Originally aired on 03/22/72."
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The Case Of The Murderous Mermaid
After a swimming stunt goes horribly wrong, a young woman is charged with orchestrating the mayhem, and Mason must set the record straight.
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You Drive
Driving home one rainy evening, a man accidentally hits a boy on a bicycle. Determined to hide his guilt, the man flees the scene—but his car has other ideas.
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Ten Minutes From Now
An apparently insane performer is suspected of making bomb threats to a local official.
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Race Against Time: Part 2
Mannix travels to a Latin American country and gets himself involved with a revolution against its dictatorship.
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House Of Cards
"The accountant of Eden Corporation has disappeared and along with him three million dollars. Does unscrupulous branch manager Sheffield have to do with the plot? Cannon comes across a discovery and suddenly local reporter Julie Foster also plays an important role."
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Alpha-bravo War, The
A test missile misfires, causing a death and raising Barnaby's suspicions.