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Dynamite Blows Two Ways
Sometime-cattleman Bat Masterson wins a herd in a poker game. Ruthless rancher Roaul Cummings blocks his route to the Cheyenne stockyards. As he prepares to give battle, Bat finds a determined troop of other enbattled ranchers backing his play.
Stampede At Tent City
Laura Hopkins calls to Bat Masterson for help. She and others are herding horses and breaking them for the sale to the army. When turmoil leads to gunfire, the inevitable happens: a stampede of wild horses.
Gift Horse
Gilman's deputy is duped by two ingenious crooks.
The Vote
A confidence couple wangles money from women who want to help the suffragette movement.
Episode In Laredo
Kovak is reserving the entire hotel in Laredo, Texas for Sam Tuttle, a famous unbeatable gunfighter. After Paladin is forced to kill Kovak, Tuttle must challenge Paladin in order to keep his reputation intact.
The Posse
Paladin stops to ask a stranger for directions and is invited to share his campsite. Later, when a posse arrives, the man announces that Paladin is the murderer they have been looking for.
The Spanish Dancer
After scuffling with a pal over a dancer, Bart must do some fancy footwork to escape his plight: he's accused of murdering his friend.
The Cappy Darrin Story
Old salt Cappy Darrin is on the train with his orphaned grandson, Tuck. Cappy's daughter granted custody of Tuck to his uncle, but as their parting nears Cappy finds he is reluctant to let Tuck go.
Under A Dark Star
Jarrod is guilt-ridden because he helped convict Keeno Nash of a crime he now knows Nash didn't commit. When he is released, Jarrod offers Nash help, despite the fact that he had threatened Jarrod’s life at the trial.
Phoebe Strunk
Phoebe Strunk and her murderous clan terrorize Dodge.
Thunder Man
Little Joe's 19-year-old girlfriend is killed by a good samaritan, an explosives expert who had stopped to render aid to the woman's uncle after he suffers a stroke.
Incident At El Crucero
Rose Cornelius and her 10 brothers have fenced off the trail Favor needs to cross to get the herd to water.
Josh captures and returns a wanted recruit to an Army camp. The commanding officer re-instates the man and refuses to pay Randall his bounty money.
Death Divided By Three
Josh and Jason are on the trail of an outlaw wanted for murder in Arizona. The outlaw's wife is also seeking her husband.
The Fourflusher
A sharecropper enters his colt in a horse race, hoping to win enough money to buy his farm from the owner, who has bet on Mark McCain's entry.
The Jailbird
When Lucas hires an ex-con as a ranch hand, the man is the first one under suspicion when a robbery and murder occur in the area.
Woman Haters, Three Pests In A Mess, All The World's A Stooge, Matri-phony, Crash Goes The Hash, Boobs In Arms
"The Stooges are window washers who lose their jobs after Moe impersonates the dentist in whose office they were cleaning. On the run, they are hired by a millionaire to pose as children. It seems the man's wife wants to adopt some refugees to impress her society friends. Moe is Johnny, Curly is Frankie and Larry is Mabel. Everything goes fairly well as the lady shows off the Stooges to her friends, but they finally irritate her husband so much that he goes after them with an ax. "
Son Of Dracula
"Carpathian Count Alucard is invited to the U.S. by a young "morbid" heiress (Katherine Caldwell). Her boyfriend (Frank Stanley) and local officials are suspicious of the newcomer, who is interested in the "virile" soil of the new world. "
The Searcher crew invites aboard seven small crew members, not realizing the mischief they have planned.
They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be
An invisible alien sucks down the bone marrow of its victims while it makes repairs and looks for directions home. This is the only story where Kolchak fails to stop the "monster."
Revolt Of The Androids
Android Verda hides out with the Robinsons, lying low from super android OMEGA-IDAK, who promises to "crush, kill, destroy."
The Condemned
By presidential directive, Admiral Nelson and Commander Crane turn the Seaview over to a publicity seeking scientist who plans to break the crush barrier.
On Now
The Earthlings work with a sympathetic Giant college student to get a reactor for their spaceship, but when it malfunctions they are plagued by hallucinations.
 Remind Me
Merlin The Magician
In England, the time travelers try to help Merlin the magician secure the throne for young King Arthur.