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Hare-less Wolf (1958), Honey's Money (1962), Year Of The Mouse, Me Feelins Is Hurt, Whoa, Be Gone
"The wolf from Riding Hoodwinked gets forced by his wife to hunt down some rabbit. , Sam marries an ugly, mean widow for her money. , Jerry and another mouse give Tom a rough time as they pull pranks on him., Popeye learns Olive is through with sailors and has gone West, "where men are men.", The Coyote tries different plans and different devices to catch the Road Runner including a rocket, a trampoline, a rubber band and dynamite. "
Beaver's Old Buddy (s4, ep19)
An old friend of Beaver's spends the weekend at the Cleavers and Beaver is all ready to have a great time like they used to. However, Beaver quickly discovers that people change and in this case Beaver's old buddy has indeed changed.
Beaver's Tonsils (s4, ep20)
When Beaver becomes sick, the doctor thinks Beaver may need to have his tonsils taken out. Ward quickly puts Beaver's fears to rest by telling him everyone will bring him presents when they visit him in the hospital. This leads Beaver to tell everyone that he's going to have surgery, but then he finds out he may not need the operation after all.
The Case Of The Fatal Fortune (s9, ep2)
A fortune teller gives a series of accurate predictions regarding a woman's future. But something goes wrong when she's charged with murdering her new husband.
The Outcast: Part 2 (s6, ep)
Matlock retires from law after bungling up a case. He heads out of town to do some fishing, but after a hitchhiker he encounters dies mysteriously, Matlock decides to stick around and investigate.
Your Own Kind (s7, ep12)
A sniper fells a girl involved in an interracial romance.
The Rebellion (s5, ep14)
Another woman begins to play the church organ instead of Grandma which upsets Grandma
Rope Fever (s13, ep13)
Falsely jailed on charges of murder and bank robbery, Festus is ordered to lead an aging sheriff and his zealous deputy to the missing loot.
The Real People Of Muddy Creek (s10, ep4)
Ben gets virtually no help from a town filled with cowards when he is put in charge of a vicious criminal.
The Illustrator (s3, ep12)
Lucas encourages a drunken artist charged with murder to use his talents to identify the true killer.
The Silent Knife (s3, ep13)
Lucas and Mark try to persuade a persecuted young mute to return stolen money.
The Mary Halstead Story (s1, ep10)
Mary Halstead joins the wagon train to search for the son she deserted years before. Could a wounded young man picked up by the train be him?
Pot Shot (s7, ep12)
While paying a visit to the laundromat before going into work, Malloy encounters a man using the facilities to dry something much different from clothing. On patrol, he and Reed deal with a minister-in-training who uses a very unorthodox method to get his message across, try to reunite a Finnish-speaking child with her family, mediate a strange dispute between feuding neighbors and engage in a high-speed chase with a well known drug dealer.
G.t.a. (s7, ep13)
Malloy and Reed investigate a large car theft operation that targets older cars, then stages them around the city as abandoned vehicles so they can be towed and scrapped. Meanwhile, they try to figure out why the son of Malloy's girlfriend is getting bad grades, search for a suspect who robbed an elderly woman and attempt to rescue two foolish teenagers who enter a house that is being fumigated.
Of Moose And Men (s4, ep11)
Hawkeye tangles with a tough Army colonel, Colonel Spiker; B.J. helps Zale, who's received a Dear John letter; and Frank looks endlessly for Korean saboteurs.
Soldier Of The Month (s4, ep12)
Frank has a fever and makes a will, leaving all his money to his wife and all his clothes to Hot Lips.
Opie And His Merry Men (s4, ep12)
When Opie and his friends find a hungry man in the woods who tells them the story of Robin Hood, the boys begin to steal for the man.
Barney And The Cave Rescue (s4, ep13)
Barney is the laughingstock of the town after he mistakes the owner of the Mayberry Bank as a robber.
And A Child Shall Lead Them (s4, ep8)
Gomer and Sgt. Carter try helping a Japanese boy who claims he's lost.
Charlie, Homer, And Natasha (s6, ep13)
Oliver won't take Lisa to New York for a big party, but the issue isn't over. She conspires with Eb to invent new invisible friends, hoping the scheme will end with a trip to the city to visit a psychiatrist.
An Evening Of Generals (s3, ep13)
Posing as waiters, Hogan and the gang scheme to get rid of a room full of German generals.
Everybody Loves A Snowman (s3, ep14)
The guys must smuggle a U.S. bomber crew out of camp while under surveillance by Hochstetter.
The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Garry Moore And Durward Kirby
"Guests Garry Moore and Durward Kirby. Originally aired on 12/15/69."
On Now
Four O'clock (s3, ep29)
A bitter, self-righteous man believes that he can will every evil person in the world to shrink to two-feet tall at four o'clock.
 Remind Me
The Crystal Trench (s5, ep2)
A woman heads for the mountain in Switzerland on which her husband died while climbing.
 Remind Me
Appointment At Eleven (s5, ep3)
An angry young man accurately predicts an impending death.
 Remind Me
Little Girl Lost (s7, ep1)
Mannix tries to help a girl who witnessed her father's murder and was driven over the edge mentally by the event.
 Remind Me
Hounds Of Hell (s3, ep4)
Frank travels to a small ranching town to help out a writer friend charged with a double murder. Frank's only clue is a cryptic note left by the man's wife.
 Remind Me
Final Burial (s4, ep13)
A woman hires Barnaby to find her missing husband and the detective's investigation uncovers bigamy, blackmail and murder.