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Reformed Criminal (s1, ep9)
Dan Matthews investigates when a courier with a criminal record disappears with money.
D.h.q. - Medical (s4, ep4)
Friday and Gannon investigate cases in a hospital emergency ward.
Burglary - Mister (s4, ep5)
The police zero in on a rat: a forger, bigamist and thief who even robs from the blind.
The Power Of Suggestion (s11, ep12)
Against his classmate's better judgement, Ernie uses the unwitting Douglas household as Guinea pigs for an experiment assigned by his psychology teacher.
Mob Lobster's Greatest Hits
"Mob Lobster is guest cartoon curator, showing some of his favorites cartoons about crime. With Bugs, Tom and Jerry and Rocky and Mugsy. "
Beaver, The Caddie
"Beaver has gotten a job as a caddy and is quickly running around the golf course chasing balls. However, all innocence is broken when one of the guys, Beaver is caddying for cheats in order to win a bet. Soon, Beaver begins wrestling with his conscience over whether or not to tell anyone."
Beaver On Tv (s6, ep22)
Beaver comes home with the news that he applied to appear on a local television show called 'Teen Forum' and has been accepted. Beaver gets out of classes for the taping and all his classmates are treated to being able to watch him on TV during class. However, what Beaver, his friends and family don't know is that the show tapes each episode a week in advance.
The Case Of The Negligent Nymph (s1, ep12)
Mason and Paul Drake are on a fishing trip when they spot a young woman being pursued by vicious guard dogs on an island estate. After the two men pull her from the ocean, it is discovered that in her possession is a note intended for her employer, accusing him of killing his rich uncle.
The Divorce (s7, ep)
Duncan and Clara Farmington want to have the perfect divorce. What starts out as a simple division of property turns nasty as Leanne represents the wife and Matlock the husband.
Anniversary (s3, ep6)
After being released by his captors, the chief discovers that his abduction is part of a plot to assassinate a visiting civil rights leader.
The Empty Nest - Part 2 (s7, ep2)
Grandpa Zeb has died and everyone is mourning.
The Innocent (s15, ep10)
Festus acts as guide and driver for an eastern missionary teacher en route to her first assignment. The only problem is trying to stay ahead of a murderous hillbilly family following them and planning an ambush.
On Now
Return Engagement (s11, ep22)
Smitten with a beautiful actress, Hoss is the prime suspect when her jealous leading man is found murdered.
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The Sheridan Story (s1, ep16)
Frank Blandon, a man with only one good arm, wanders onto the ranch. Lucas gives Blandon a job to "hire him and Mark a clear conscience." General Sheridan and his patrol wander by and Lucas offers to let them stay the night at the ranch. Blandon once pulled a gun on General Sheridan; as it turns out, Blandon was a Confederate soldier who once had General Sheridan in his gun sight during the war.
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The Retired Gun (s1, ep17)
Wes Carney and his wife, Clair, want to settle down and they figure North Fork might do fine. Wes is a well known gunfighter, who has promised Clair that he would hang up his guns for good. The Carney's want to live a simple, honest life and the Feed and Grain Store, which is up for sale, seems like it might work for them.
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The Last Man (s2, ep19)
Scouting for a better pass, Flint finds a mountain man, hungry and half out of his mind. With no memory, his strange behavior may endanger the entire wagon train, especially when everyone begins to think they know who he is.
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Log 155 -- I.a.d. (s3, ep16)
Officer Tony Johnson finds out he has been accused of a shakedown just after saving Malloy's life during a shootout. Reed and Malloy set out to find a bar girl named Ginger who Johnson says will prove his innocence, but her story leaves Malloy with an uneasy feeling.
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Log 66 -- The Vandals (s3, ep17)
Reed and Malloy have a gun pulled on them after stopping a car that turns out to be stolen, but the contents of the trunk link the two suspects to an even more sinister crime. Afterward, a recently widowed father and his teenage daughter report that their home has just been toilet papered, which ends up being a prelude for a much more serious incident.
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Cousin Itt And The Vocational Counselor (s1, ep32)
Cousin Itt has been down in the dumps lately and Gomez and Morticia feel that he should begin looking for a career to occupy his time. After a failed attempt at marriage counseling, Gomez and Morticia bring in a vocational counselor to assist with finding
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Nurse Doctor (s8, ep7)
A beautiful and ambitious young nurse, Harris, who plans to become a doctor when she leaves the Army, finds herself in a misunderstanding with Father Mulcahy. Meanwhile, the camp's water supply is depleted, and the rest of the 4077th is more concerned about where their next shower will come from.
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Private Finance (s8, ep8)
A South Korean woman misinterprets Klinger's motives when he tries to help her daughter financially. Meanwhile, Hawkeye wrestles with his conscience over a promise made to a dying soldier, Eddie Hastings.
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Opie's Newspaper (s5, ep26)
Opie and his friends decide to start a newspaper. The early issues don't sell well, so the boys begin eavesdropping and printing local gossip in the paper.
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Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau (s5, ep27)
Aunt Bee begins to feel that she is preventing Andy and Helen from pursuing their relationship. She then conjures up a beau for herself—trouble is it's the butter and egg man and he's already married.
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Car For Sale (s5, ep1)
Hacker plans to get even when Sgt. Carter sells his car to Gomer instead of to him.
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Operation Tiger (s6, ep11)
Hogan and his men try to rescue an underground leader on route to Berlin to be executed.
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The Big Broadcast (s6, ep12)
Hogan uses Klink's car radio to sneak a message to London when a pair of radio detection trucks enters the area.
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Guests Peggy Lee And Tim Conway
"Guests Peggy Lee and Tim Conway. Originally aired on 03/30/70."
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The Case Of The Reluctant Model (s7, ep6)
Crude but wealthy art connisseur Otto Olney throws a party to celebrate his purchasing a painting by famed artist Gauguin. However, a party guest, art expert Colin Durant, says that the painting is actually a fake.
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You Can't Be Little Girl All Your Life (s7, ep7)
After a woman is attacked, she tries to hide from the incident.
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The Old Pro (s7, ep8)
A professional killer tries to retire from his job.
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Bird Of Prey: Part 1 (s8, ep18)
Mannix's client hires him to find the man who saved his son's life. The search takes him to an island near South America, and then the next link in the chain turns up dead.
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The Set-up
"Cannon is a victim of mistaken identity and later almost killed."
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Damocles Gun, The (s6, ep5)
The victim of a hit-and-run disappears as the sole witness calls an ambulance.