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The Tyrant
"Galen, Virdon and Burke may be forced into a confrontation with General Urko while trying to disrupt the plans of an ape who is trying to take over a group of human farmers."
The Triangle
"Matt searches for Pam's uncle who went missing in the Bermuda Triangle."
On Now
Cream For A Day
A zit threatens Kelly's attempt at homecoming queen, but Screech's secret cream may help—or cause disastrous effects!
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The Mamas And The Papas
As a class project, the Bayside gang pairs up for mock weddings, but problems arise when Lisa becomes allergic to Screech, her mock husband.
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The Babysitters
When Kelly breaks her arm, the gang helps take care of her baby brother.
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Pinned To The Mat
Confident of Bayside's winning streak, Zack bets on a wrestling match, only to find that Slater's quit the team and has been replaced with Screech!
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Beauty And The Screech
After discovering she is failing in science class, Kelly is tutored by Screech, and soon develops a crush on him.
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The Zack Tapes
Zack uses his subliminal advertising course to get Kelly to go with him to the Sweetheart Dance. But when his plan backfires, the whole school vies for his affection.
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Daddies Anonymous
Fred and Barney join a club to avoid weekend chores, while their wives think they are out pushing baby carriages.
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Peek-a-boo Camera
Barney and Fred do an impromptu dance at a party and find that the frolic has been filmed for TV.
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Once Upon A Coward
Robbed without defending himself, Fred tries to prove to Wilma that he is not a coward.
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Flintstone & The Lion
Fred befriends what he thinks is a kitten, but which soon grows into a troublesome lion.
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Tiger, Tiger!
Bobby briefly leaves Tiger unattended and returns to find him missing. Soon there's a citywide search to track him down. Meanwhile, a string of burglaries in the neighborhood has worried.
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Lost Locket, Found Locket
Jan receives a mysterious locket in the mail. Pretty soon a manhunt begins to find the sender, the only clue being the typewriter used to address the envelope drops its ‘y.’ When the locket mysteriously vanishes, Peter suggests they re-enact exactly what they were doing the night it disappeared.
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The Great Earring Caper
Peter's new detective kit comes in handy when Cindy loses a pair of antique earrings that Marcia has borrowed from Carol. This leads Peter and Cindy on a search for the missing earrings, hoping to find them before an impending costume party, at which Carol plans to wear them.
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The Last Of The Big Time Malphs
Novice bookmaker, Ralph Malph, loses his shirt on a football game and must face his father to avoid the fists of a street tough named Bruiser.
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Fonzie's Baptism
After crashing in a stock-car race, Fonzie begins to worry about what will happen when his number comes up. Al suggests Fonzie seek the guidance of his brother, Father Anthony Delvecchio.
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Local Religious
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Local Religious
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Hard Cover
Facing a dating slump, Fonzie suggests that Richie go to the library to meet girls. Doing so, he meets Lori Beth Allen, who invites him to her dorm room.
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My Cousin, The Cheat
After Chachi is caught by a truancy officer, Fonzie and Richie arrange for Joanie to tutor him. He then gets caught cheating on a test and, as a result, gets suspended from school and gets in hot water with Fonzie.
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Obscene Call
Naomi feels her privacy has been invaded when she begins receiving obscene phone calls. Turning to the family for support, she is angered when they suggest that the way she carries herself has led to the calls.
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Ellen's Boyfriend
Ellen's attempts to keep her relationship with a younger man secret fail when the family stumbles upon the couple in a restaurant.
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Spider Serenade / Next Door Wife / Harder They Fall
"Gopher finds romance with a recently separated passenger--until her estranged husband suddenly shows up and announces his intention of winning her back. A woman tries to pry her soon-to-be-ex-husband away from his girlfriend by coming on the cruise and rooming in the cabin next to theirs. Two distinguished passengers, who squared off in a boxing match decades earlier, renew their rivalry. They schedule a fight on the ship to settle the score once and for all."
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The 4077th evacuation to a nearby cave to avoid US artillery fire on a Chinese target poses problems for Hawkeye, who has a claustrophobia problem of which Colonel Potter is not aware.
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Rally Round The Flagg, Boys
The sinister Colonel Flagg pops up at the 4077th again, playing his usual spy games, convinced that Hawkeye is a communist sympathizer after he saves the life of a North Korean soldier. Also, an American soldier is less than impressed.
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Any Old Port In A Storm
Columbo learns about wine-making and the not so brotherly relationship between Adrian and Ric Carsini in this telecast.
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Meet Rodney Shiflet
"Rodney Shiflett is the ultimate Batman fan, with a massive collection of over 2,000 Dark Knight-related items – all proudly displayed in his basement “Batcave.” His collection includes everything from comic books and toys, to lithographs signed by the co-creator of Batman, Bob Kane. An ordained minister, Rodney’s fascination with the Caped Crusader inspired him to create his own masked hero: Pastor Batman. As Pastor Batman, Rodney speaks at youth camps, makes hospital visits, and engages in random acts of kindness. Joining Rodney for this episode is his wife, and fellow pastor, Diana; and we’ve brought in toy expert Mark Huckabone to appraise Rodney’s collection. Mark also has with him two rare Batman-related items to see if he can make a trade with Rodney."
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The Safety Award
Ralph has an accident on his way to receiving his Safest Bus Driver Award.
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Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home Sweet Home
Rob and Laura's dream house has a not-so-dreamy rock.
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Anthony Stone
Rob and Buddy discover a secret about Sally's boyfriend that'll break her heart.
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I Dream Of Genie
A man considers several possibilities when offered one wish by a genie.
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Bed Of Roses
A date with his girlfriend turns into a nightmare for newly wed George Maxwell.
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World's End
Kimble answers a classified ad from Ellie Burnett, the daughter of his former defense attorney. They arrange to meet in Kansas City to discuss the information she received about a one-armed man from a private detective hired by her father. Gerard sees the
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The Bank
Alfred Belzig, a bank director in the "East Zone," takes money from those trying to escape to the West, disposes of them and keeps the money. Belzig plans to use the $3 million he's accumulated to support a new Nazi party.
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The Semi-private Eye
Eric gets himself a trench coat and a pretty secretary. Now he's ready to start his career, as he bumbles his way around town and interferes with the police department. He is called in by Janos Thorwald to bring in his easy mark of a son.
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Letter Of The Law
Nightclub Singer Julie Kent is murdered and the DA's son is the suspect. She also happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Syndicate boss DeSantis.