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Teacher's Pet (s9, ep28)
When Ernie lands in an honors English class, his ogreish teacher makes him so uncomfortable that he can't concentrate on his work.
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Mother's Helper (s4, ep23)
A neighborhood cleaning woman, Mrs. Manners, gets a request from June asking her to help out a couple times during the week. Mrs. Manners is too busy herself but instead sends over her daughter, a girl whom Wally instantly falls for.
The Dramatic Club (s4, ep24)
After joining the dramatic club at school, Beaver is given the lead role in a play. However, after reading the script, he discovers he must kiss a girl and wants out of the production.
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Maybelle Returns (s7, ep14)
Maybelle's new phone sex business is a great success - until one her girls decides to moonlight as a prostitute.
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Baker's Dozen (s13, ep15)
Three baby boys are born on a stagecoach that arrives in Dodge just after being robbed. Their mother dies and Doc fights to keep the boys together instead of going to an orphanage.
The Last Vote (s10, ep6)
Hoss and Joe's bickering leads them into taking opposite sides in the Virginia City mayoral race. Their zealous actions divide Virginia City's citizens into two factions, causing nothing but arguments, fights and havoc in town.
Flowers By The Door (s3, ep16)
Lucas unmasks a killer posing as a door-to-door seed salesman.
Long Trek (s3, ep17)
Lucas and Marshal Torrance run into trouble transporting a captured killer back to face trial.
The Riley Gratton Story (s1, ep12)
Major Adams sets out to recover passengers' money that was taken by con man Riley Gratton.
Lady's Night (s7, ep16)
On today's patrol, Malloy and Reed try to corral cattle that are wandering into the downtown area, pull over a speeding bicyclist, chase down a man with a stolen guitar and break up a bar fight. After their shift is over, Reed and his wife witness a gas station holdup on their way to dinner with Malloy and his girlfriend.
Citizen With A Gun (s7, ep17)
Officer Wells appears to have met his match with a new partner who always insists on doing things his own way. Today's shift features a hot-headed husband who's decided he needs a gun to protect his home, and a neglected girl who causes a scare while playing.
Big League Freddie (s4, ep8)
Another baseball player wearing Fred's uniform plays so well that scouts sign Fred for a big league team by mistake.
The Price Of Tomato Juice (s4, ep15)
Radar gets the help of Hawkeye and B.J. to procure something Colonel Potter says he's fond of, but that's hard to come by—tomato juice.
Dear Ma (s4, ep16)
Radar writes home to his mother, as Hawkeye conducts the camp foot inspection, and Colonel Potter gets some shrapnel in his backside.
Prisoner Of Love (s4, ep18)
A lady prisoner woos Andy and Barney.
To Watch A Thief (s4, ep11)
Sgt. Carter puts a down payment on a watch for Miss Bunny at the PX, but Gomer mistakenly thinks he has stolen it and returns the watch.
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The Free Paint Job (s6, ep15)
Oliver's happy to let a paint company put a fresh coat on the house as an advertising stunt. But to everyone's suprise, the wood is so porous, it sucks up the paint as quickly as it's applied. In the kitchen, Lisa is taking three weeks to practice cooking spaghetti and meatballs for Oliver's birthday.
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Local Scheduled Programming (s3, ep17)
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Is There A Doctor In The House? (s3, ep18)
Klink's illness causes problems for one of Hogan's plots.
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The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Kaye Stevens And Audrey Meadows
"Guests Kaye Stevens and Audrey Meadows. Originally aired on 01/05/70."
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The Case Of The Borrowed Baby (s5, ep26)
A baby mysteriously appears in Mason's office along with a rare St. Christopher medal, which could help identify the baby's parents.
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The Trade-ins (s3, ep31)
An elderly couple visits the New Life Corporation, hoping to transport their personalities into youthful artificial bodies.
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Anniversary Gift (s5, ep6)
A man tries to murder his rich wife by giving her a poisonous snake.
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Dry Run (s5, ep7)
A syndicate boss decides to test an ambitious young man to see if he's good enough to join him.
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Desert Run (s7, ep5)
A woman hires Mannix to investigate the disappearance of her husband's plane in the Rockies, but then the detective learns that she is not the missing man's wife.
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Murder By Proxy (s3, ep6)
A dead man hires Cannon! The man's will requires than an investigator look into his death, so Christopher Grant hires Cannon to see if any of the man's scheming relatives might have helped him to an early exit.
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Dead Heat (s4, ep15)
A father willing to do anything for his son to be on the Olympic swimming team gets himself involved in a murder.
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False Confession (s4, ep11)
A man confesses to a crime he didn't commit to obtain the reward.
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The Big Explosion (s1, ep2)
A neo-Nazi psycho has planted a bomb somewhere in L.A. Friday and Gannon have to find it.