Were these songs on the P.M.R.C.'s "Filthy 15"?

Can you pick out these tunes?


If you weren't paying attention to events in 1985, we don't blame you. The Breakfast Club had just come out, so we're sure that you were very busy buying multiple layers of clothes to dress like Judd Nelson. For those of you who were paying attention in 1985, you might remember a little organization called the P.M.R.C, which stands for "Parents Music Resource Center" Their goal was to create a new system that would label inappropriate music as such. In their crusade, they released a list they called the "Filthy 15," which was a list of songs that were considered the absolute worst of the worst. 

In this quiz, we'll give you three different songs, and you 've got to tell us which one made the list!

  1. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  2. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  3. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  4. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  5. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  6. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  7. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  8. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  9. Which of these Prince songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?
  10. Which of these songs was on the "Filthy 15" list?

Were these songs on the P.M.R.C.'s "Filthy 15"?

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jimmyvici 1 month ago
5/10…this quiz was kinda lame
chris70 1 month ago
Most of these songs on the list would be considered tame compared to a lot of the garbage they try to pass off as music today.
Fred_Clampett 1 month ago
7 of 10. Anyone who's heard "Darling Nikki" would know that one made it. "Let Me Put My Love In To You?" Naw!! The only reason I got the last one was because they show the album cover. That one surprises me a bit.
Wendy57 1 month ago
I’m surprised that I scored that well.
Not my sort of music, but, I’ll take it.
Just a lucky score.
MikefromJersey 1 month ago
"You got 6 out of 10. Uh-oh! Maybe listen to a few of these songs to jog your memory!"

Any such list that doesn't include The Bugs Bunny Overture is asleep on the job.
That music celebrates a show that is downright naughty.
Bugs, Daffy, Tweety, Fog Horn Leghorn. the whole bunch go around without any pants on.
Nudists, the lot of them. At least Mickey Mouse wore pants.
And how many times did Bugs dress up as a woman and kiss Elmer on the mush?

Today we can laugh at the buffoons of the "Parents Music Resource Center", they are indeed
a bunch of embezzles and ultra-maroons, to quote Mister Bunny.
On the other today we have people burning the bio of Jackie Robinson, WW 2 army vet and
captain plus he played a little baseball. Probably the same bunch only they got older and
JCMorales 1 month ago
5/10. I should've done better. I listened to all these artists and then some, mostly heavy metal. Long live those 80's. 😃
cperrynaples 1 month ago
Bonus Question: What ALMOST First Lady ran the PMRC?
hrcopter cperrynaples 1 month ago
Tipper Gore 😅
cperrynaples hrcopter 1 month ago
Yep, Al won the popular vote, but his opponent's father owned the Supreme Court...LOL!
MrHaney 1 month ago
1/10. Never heard of most of them.
MikefromJersey MrHaney 1 month ago
Excellent choice for a name, Mister H. I think he was one of the great comedic characters
of TV, there isn't anyone else remotely like him.
justjeff 1 month ago
6/10... but who is Phil Collons?
Bigwheel1 justjeff 1 month ago
That's the guy from Jensis 🤣
BorisK justjeff 1 month ago
For this quiz, Feel Colons.
cperrynaples BorisK 1 month ago
No thanks, I'm not a protologist...LOL!
MikefromJersey justjeff 1 month ago
Good catch. That's the problem with the elimination of old style editors, they would have
caught that mistake. As opposed to Spell Check, which can't recognize that "Phil Collons"
isn't the correct name.
bmoore4026 1 month ago
6 out of of 10. Then again, I've never heard of the "Filthy fifteen" and guessed for the most part.
Zip 1 month ago
While many of those songs rightly made the "list," even though all it did was give them free publicity, I still can't figure out why "We're not going to take it" would be on it. We even played that song at a little show we did at our church's connected school auditorium back in the day.
KJExpress 1 month ago
5/10. So what are the other five songs?
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