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Gone With The Wind: Part 2
Spring break takes a turn when Blair falls in love unexpectedly.
Rashomon Ii
Drummond, Willis and Arnold bravely subdue a burglar who had been holding the family at gunpoint, but the arresting officer is befuddled when the three "crime fighters" relate differing versions of the apprehension.
Trick Or Treat
The Clampetts are feeling homesick. They are mostly all alone in Beverly Hills. And none of their neighbors are visiting them. So they decide to go visit their new neighbors. Little do they know, it is Halloween, a holiday they have never heard of. They visit many different houses, and in the end they get bagfuls of candy and treats.
Chip And Debbie
Chip and his high school sweetheart Debbie plan to marry, but when the young lovebirds babysit Katie and Robbie's triplets they begin to have second thoughts about marriage.
The Paper Route
Wally and Beaver want to get brand-new bikes so they ask Ward for some money; however, he suggests that they earn the money. This leads Wally and Beaver to get a job delivering papers. Later, while trying to help the boys out, Ward and June inadvertently almost get Wally and Beaver fired.
Child Care
After Ward's bragging about Wally and Beaver being responsible, Herb and Janet Wilson assume that it would be alright to leave their four-year-old daughter in Wally and Beaver's care while they go out to a party with Ward and June. However, the trouble begins when the youngster locks herself in the bathroom.
On Now
The Case Of The Provocative Protégé
Washed up pianist David Carpenter is knocked out and pushed over a cliff for insurance money. Carpenter's beautiful protege, Donna Ross, immediately comes under suspicion by the police.
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The Outcast: Part 2
Matlock retires from law after bungling up a case. He heads out of town to do some fishing, but after a hitchhiker he encounters dies mysteriously, Matlock decides to stick around and investigate.
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Death By Extermination
The body of a real estate agent is found in the walk-in closet of Mark's sister's new house.
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Hard Choices
Eugene tries to protect a friend who was an unwilling accomplice to a robbery and in doing so endangers his probation -- and his life.
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The Miracle Man
Con man Bob Sullivan tries to swindle a widow with the tale of a fake cattle herd, but instead ends up falling in love with her and her children.
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A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town
Hoss comes to a small town looking for a robbery suspect with the initials J.R. Problem is, there seems to be two brothers with those initials and they aren't talking.
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The Score Is Even
Lucas looks for help when he is shot after witnessing a murder.
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The Mescalaro Curse
Lucas is marked for death: he was foreman of a jury that convicted an Apache.
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The Clara Beauchamp Story
A cavalry colonel's wife tries to foment a war with Native Americans as part of a convoluted scheme to get her husband promoted and transferred back east.
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Let Our Angel Live
While tracking an embezzler, Kelly is badly wounded and taken to the hospital. Bosley and the other Angels keep a vigil for Kelly, and reminisce about her adventures with the group.
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More Power To You
When Mama refuses to pay the electric bill she is disputing, the electric company turns the power off—and the timing couldn't be worse.
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The Separation: Part 2
The Jeffersons and the Willises strain to reunite Lionel and Jenny.
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Patient 4077
In need of a special surgical clamp, Hawkeye and B.J. hire Mr. Shin, a local jewelry dealer, to make it. Days later the clamp is used to save the leg of a wounded soldier. Mr. Shin goes into the surgical supply business.
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Tea And Empathy
With British and American casualties heavy, the 4077th's supply of penicillin has been stolen. Father Mulcahy discovers, from Corporal Bryant, the location of some penicillin, and he and Klinger go out in search of it. They are shot at, but safely return with the drug and save the day.
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Gomer The House Guest
Andy takes Gomer in after Wally fires him for not doing his job right. Gomer proceeds to drive Andy, Aunt Bee and Opie crazy with all of the noise he makes.
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A Black Day For Mayberry
Andy and Barney are to protect a shipment of gold passing through Mayberry. It's critical that they keep it a secret, but Barney spills the beans immediately and soon all the town knows.
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Gomer Overcomes The Obstacle Course
Gomer tries to pass an obstacle course to earn the respect of Sgt. Carter.
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Our Son, The Barber
Eb's latest career choice is that of a barber. He talks Oliver into paying his tuition to MIT, a mail-order barber college. Eb's sent a dummy head and hair to practice on and receives his grades by mailing the trimmed toupees back to the school. Lisa is excited about Eb's education while Oliver is irritated by all the hidden costs he keeps being asked to pay.
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Monkey Business
Hogan gets a stray chimpanzee to deliver radio parts to the underground.
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Drums Along The Dusseldorf
After Hogan mines a bridge, he learns that a truck of Allied prisoners would be the first to cross it and a new plan is born which includes a flaming arrow from Sioux Indian Carter, aka Little Deer Who Goes Swift And Sure Through Forest.
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Guests David Hartman And Paula Kelly
In Nora Desmond, Carol plays a washed-up, silent film actress who goes to dinner for the first time in years. Then, in George and Zelda, Carol questions a doctor's methods to treat her sick husband. Finally, in This Is Your Lifetime, a parody of "This Is Your Life", Carol is embarrassed when she's caught on camera at the gym after gaining weight.
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The Case Of The Silent Partner
Harry Bright and Chuck Clark were once best friends and business partners, until Margaret entered the picture. Margaret, a young woman on the make, entranced Chuck into marrying her. When Margaret is found shot to death, Harry is arrested.
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Showdown With Rance Mcgrew
While filming a scene in which Jesse James shoots him in the back, the star of a Western TV series suddenly finds himself in a real Old West saloon—with the real Jesse James.
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A Bottle Of Wine
A judge tries to prove that his wife’s lover is a coward.
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Malice Domestic
Carl, a newlywed, suspects his wife is trying to poison him.
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The Inside Man
Traveling to New Orleans, Mannix goes undercover in the Big Easy to protect an informer and avenge the death of a pal.
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Stone Cold Dead
The reopening of the cold case of a salesgirl reveals that a bicycle she sold may be a clue to her death.
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Death Leap
A man attempting suicide is really a diversion for a jewelry heist.